Dean, Billy - You Don't Count The Cost Lyrics

It happens to a mother when she is giving birth
Her heart is filled with joy, while her body's filled with hurt
She holds her baby close to her despite the pain he caused
When it comes to love you don't count the cost

It happens to a soldier fighting for his home
Fear wells up inside him and yet he still goes on
Even though he knows he may be the next to fall
When it comes to love you don't count the cost

You don't count the heartache, you don't count the sacrifice
'Cause all that counts is what you feel inside
And it doesn't really matter what is gained or what is lost
When it comes to love, oh you don't count the cost

It happens all around us each and every day
Someone's giving all they've got for someone else's sake
And if you ever doubt it just think about the cross
When it comes to love you don't count the cost

You don't count the heartache, you don't count the sacrifice
'Cause all that counts is what you feel inside
And it doesn't really matter what is gained or what is lost
When it comes to love you don't count the cost


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Dean, Billy You Don't Count The Cost Comments
  1. Diana Hayse

    I Love the message in this song.

  2. Dell Tah Bangyay

    When it comes to love u dont count the cost

  3. Joshua Brooks

    This song came out during the Persian gulf war, but it fits the same way in every war. Thanks to the men and women that fought and died for my freedom.

  4. James Lamon

    2019 here

  5. Franklin Warner

    So Nice.

  6. Debbie Horn

    Love this song ! Seen Billy perform it in Warsaw Indiana several years ago ! What a special meaning this song has .What love truly is all about !

  7. Aleisa DeMichael

    Kristi, Jayme and I miss you and love you David Boland Jr copied 💝❤️🏈🇺🇸👍💜♊️🏆🌅💚

  8. Debra Winter

    Love this song! So true are the words.

  9. anonymous oo

    God is the awnser

  10. Aleisa DeMichael

    All country music has a history behind it folks and theres only one Aleisa I do not care copied 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈💝💝💝💝💝🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️♊️♊️💜💜🏆🏆💚🌅

  11. Aleisa DeMichael

    Think about my cross folks copied 💝💝💝💝💝🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️♊️♊️💜💜🏆🏆💚

  12. Alabama Fisher Of men

    2:17 got me crying

  13. JAMES Pierce


  14. Elizzzabethmlb Baker

    When countries leaders learn to love and lead with love and not ego. We will all be truly free

  15. Richard Ryan

    Great song, great artist. Don`t see or hear near enough of Billy Dean.

  16. David

    ya might want to get the lyrics right before you post.....just sayin

  17. mike mouse

    We should all value life like this.

  18. James Reinholdt

    I wanna know who the 17 heartless haters are

  19. June Portenier

    What an awesome voice this young man has love it...

  20. AngelusVxV

    At least be respectful and spell it right. Its YOU, not U.

  21. kenny khamar khayad

    didicate this song to the brave44

  22. DrJohn1946

    "You" not "u" stupid.

  23. Dave Wollenberg

    Billy hit #4 in Billboard, 11-30-91. God bless you, Larry, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!

  24. Sandra Sutphin

    Eddie Sutphin...One of the best songs ever...about LOVE'S true and everlasting spirit!

  25. Joy Palmes

    great song I would like to dedicate this song to the brave SAF 44

    johnmel delgay

    Joy Palmes, Sir. They are the reason why we are free... Mabuhay Philippines!

  26. gee gorgeous

    brilliant!!! I like babies

  27. Cliff Pogi

    No One DISLIKE This One Thumbs Up :) 

  28. TheKhormaksar

    first heard this by Ricky Skaggs and loved it, and love this version too.

  29. Sáng Nguyễn

    Such a full of meaning song! heart this song so many times from 2009 up to now :)
    Thanks 4 sharing!

  30. fahadkhalidce

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    He who says he can't isn't willing

    Joshua Brooks

    What on Earth does this comment have to do with this song?

  31. Ranz Mayzerofive

    Very nice song...very true meaning...

  32. Larry Carreon

    Thank you for viewing.

  33. Larry Carreon

    Congrats! Thank you for viewing this simple craft of mine.

  34. Larry Carreon

    What an amazing story... thank you for viewing this video clip of mine.

  35. Larry Carreon

    You are definitely right DThor53, thank you for watching this video clip. Its me the maker of this video clip. laradeth.

  36. Larry Carreon

    I am, Laradeth the maker of this video... thank you for viewing this video clip.

  37. kisstherain73


  38. WonderfulCullens

    i think of my best friend with this I have always had social anxiety, so i literally never left my house. i was either at work or at home, no exceptions. After a couple of years at my job, a co-worker decided that just didn't work for her. i am twenty six, and i had my first 'girl's night' a year ago. i couldn't love this girl more if she were my blood, b/c my family accepted who i was, but she taught me i could have so much more. we may not be related, but she'll always be family.

  39. SAXT Productions

    Very good video and words that are so true. I know when my wife gave birth to our four year old little girl she never counted the cost. Even while I was going ready to clear the hall for an emergency C-Section. Long story short, doctors kept my calm, Samantha was delivered just fine and she has had this daddy wrapped around her little fingers since before she was born. Not once have we counted the cost. There isn't one. Her love is given freely. She is such a joy.

  40. Tracy Wilder Garmon

    Whose the guy @1:45?!?

  41. renger29

    Surfing on YT you sometimes find totaly unexpacted a diamond. This happened to me to-day as I landed on this clip. What a wonderfull singer. Such a gentle voice, so clear and pure. I immediatly added him to my favorite list. Years ago I used to be a showmanager and memories flew as I heard this unique voice.

  42. Betsy D.

    Tom, I miss you :(

  43. Ron Chin

    @IndraSunrise lol

  44. Dave Wollenberg

    Billy hit #4 in Billboard, 11-30-91. God bless!

  45. IndraSunrise

    Pregnant woman, mom and baby more moms and baby. Love love. still watching.
    Soldier charging, soldier dead, soldier grave, sad soldiers. Love love. still watching.
    Drunk sluts. WHTFFFFFF?????
    @ 1:25. Because nothing says love like dead soldiers and drunk sorority chicks.