Deaf Havana - Epiphany Lyrics

I want all my tattoos erased
I want a haircut that fits my face
I want a good job that really pays me
So I can finally act my age
I want a big house in the suburbs
I want two kids, one boy, one girl
I wanna wear a suit and tie to work
And on Sundays take my kids to church
I wanna befriend couples and drink wine
But two glasses, not bottles this time
I wanna work out and watch my waistline
Be faithful for my whole life
All I want is to begin again
But now I'm up here on this ledge
I know at times you wanted to kill me
But let me save you the trouble and feel me

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Deaf Havana Epiphany Comments
  1. Menthex XBL

    Listening to this record on vinyl and just started crying when this song played, what's wrong with me.

  2. John Handy

    Really love this song, Its NASTY how it just ends, and really hits home for someone my age (26) who is going through this shit haha. Keep it up James and Co. Ive listened since your first album and grown up with you.


    This hits home so much it fucking hurts. And I have it on repeat. 💔

  4. Hannah Wickens

    Only saviour tops this track on the record for me, so good

  5. ddaengiu

    So emotional