Deadmau5 - Sunlight Lyrics

They're working in the sunshine through the sun...
Light, light, light...
They're working on the sunshine through the sun...
Light, light, light...

They're working on the sunshine through the sun
I've been here on the place where you belong

They're working on the sunshine through the sun
I've been here on the place where you belong

They're working on the sunshine through the sun
I've been here on the place where you belong

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Deadmau5 Sunlight Comments
  1. Bu5hm45t3r


  2. dog

    it's ken ishii

  3. Matse Wunderlich

    Deep Sunlight

  4. Effy Gutiérrez

    Techno bomb 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Austin Ayers -Ayersforce-

    Gallya has been dropping 💣🔥🔥

  6. Blaze Gaming

    techno banger vibe love it

  7. ohmaygah 3000

    gallya is that dream 2am hardafgetluckytechno. this hoarder is very grateful for tastemakers. 😍

  8. SetoSokotsu Nicole Moudaber feels, I LIKE, XD!...

  9. miles Ofsmiles

    Гале много добре, винаги съм знаел, че в теб има много повече от обикновенно теч хаус звучене :)

  10. Kokki

    I love it!!

  11. Harley Hinnegan

    Shit makes me wanna go 150mph in a 20mph zone. Just me?? Lol

  12. Efterpi Zerva

    this is the most retarded comment section i have ever seen

  13. Menacer Yassin

    Madnessssssss <3 <3

  14. Crazyblox

    Nevermind reading the description, read the title????

  15. Steve Barrios

    The 1:01 sound reminds me of a falling rainbow meteor.





  17. Mohit Soni

    I'm watching in..... (No one cares)

  18. TheGreenKnight

    I would subscribe if he didn't block people on twitter for saying hello

  19. Alef Soares

    Caralho que som foda!!!! DEEP 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  20. Igor Giovanni

    Gallya and Raito need to collab NOW

  21. jack carbell

    Like 👍👍👍

  22. Dynassote

    Okay, the start of this just screams a passive-aggressiveness

  23. Daniel Laurence

    This is gold ! 10/10

  24. Cureable Quacks

    hey deadmau5 can you make avideo about marshmellow how you hate him because he needs to know that

  25. Cureable Quacks

    yo this song is fucking good

  26. Swervo The God

    Bruh this sounds amazing on my skull candy extreme bass headphones

  27. Edgard La Mouette

    OMG 666 likes

  28. J4FP

    Parece echo por Carl Cox, solo falta un Oh yes Oh yes

  29. 俺はマジでそうさフランケン


  30. novanoprod

    Thank you deadmau5 , very cool


    Why is everyone so fucking dumb? Can you not read? The song isnt by deadmau5

  31. Mischa W

    If deadmau5 is so great, why isn't there a deadmau6?



  33. Camila DS Ramirez

    Y love you deadmau 5 ❤


    Big dead Mau !!!!saludos desde chile

    Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Aquí tienes otro chileno aquí xD


    @Geometry Dash Mau5Kids jajajaja wena choro!!!

  35. nuvaproductions

    This is what I hear when I edit my videos,
    you are amazing deadmau5


    nuvaproductions deadmau5 didn’t produce it


    @Tuifuzu thanks for the info :)


    nuvaproductions np

  36. MANBULL69

    Puff Re manija todo el techno 🕺😍 que no pare la fiesta

    No techno, No party

  37. copito 2019


  38. Sndr D

    This is the techno I want to hear

  39. Aneury Trinidad Santos

    Deadmau5 !!🎶🎼😊👐

  40. DjTeckjøon

    soo tripp

  41. Jho Avagell

    Sólo falta que el gei de Skrillex saque un álbum nuevo. >:'v

  42. Xziinto

    Aye wonder whens Boss Lv

  43. Ben Seal

    Happy thanksgiving 🦃

  44. treeman Micool Jacksonn

    gallya and Joel have a good thanksgiving time to get that blubber on. Thx for the track!

  45. helostcontroll

    wrong channel

    Jyotiska Das

    No no right channel. Joel's promoting the album

  46. TVG



    Had a similar vibe

  47. Nptn

    the best one

  48. FERJO

    Esta es una canción de gallya o de deadmau5?

    Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Obviamente de Gallya

  49. Matteus Parreira

    Like for Gallya, this track is on 🔥🔥

  50. 12DAMDO

    not my taste

  51. Elektro Morales

    Very good track.

  52. Tom

    Tem BR Aqui?

  53. Renaldo King

    Gallya, ur seriously killed it with this Sunlight beat😎👍


    read the title, it's not deadmau5, it's gallya

    Renaldo King

    @eyeris happy now?


    @Renaldo King ye

  54. David Hernandez

    Like deadmau5

  55. D F

    PSA: THIS IS NOT DEADMAU5!Gallya is a known Tech artist and deserves the credit for this.

    Blake McNary

    it literally says Gallya on the tittle.

    D F

    @Blake McNary A bunch of people don't know how to read and were saying it was deadmau5. Also,tittle is my new favorite word,thanks.

    Blake McNary

    @D F You're welcome kiddo

  56. JERONIMO 7


  57. Sujay95

    Gallya is my next favourite techno artist on mau5trap after Matt Lange.

  58. Worm1009

    It’s Turkey time

    güăđïaňżmøšţđöpəšţ SwAnĶ


  59. blue text on white background

    sounds a lot like timo maas. love it!

  60. Rodrigo R

    Here in the comments we can see that most of the music is good just because it came from a famous artist. People saying, oh yes dead maus, and is not from him the song.

    Stone Edge

    ye some people don't even read the title ^^

  61. Blak3 Nikos

    Guys this isn’t Joel’s song. Read the title and give the real artist credit.

  62. Bethany McNew

    keep up the dope beats

  63. Ben P.

    Sounds great

  64. Stryk3r Sandwich

    Merry christmas

  65. Thomas Run

    ну такое


    ты чё, самый годный, особенно слова бабы идеально вписались, очень классный трек

  66. Linus Mohr

    techno yeah!

  67. Pilgrim Пилигрим

    ахах ору, ГАЛЯ



  68. Moonbeam

    Joel please produce some good music ... we dont want mau5trap artist upload here

    not an alt account

    Uday Mhaske lol jesus christ man fuck off


    Uday Mhaske if you can’t appreciate good music no matter the artist than you don’t even deserve to be here


    deltaholding3 you deserve to be in your moms womb ... no one is asking for your opinion

  69. Cam x Cam

    People can't read for 5h1t.

  70. Adzy

    Why are there so many people in the comments thinking it's deadmau5's track? They do the same with the remixes too

    Alberto Garcia

    Adzy I think it’s people new to EDM. Honestly. Still though learn how to read titles is what I think when I see this.

  71. Stevo1361

    Why are people saying this is deadmau5? Is it?


    No. They dint read the title, just saw the uploader.

    blue text on white background

    nope, it's gallya. joel has his own label, so it's probably one of his promoted artists.

    D F

    Because people are lazy and don't read. Gallya is a Techno beast and deserves the recognition. They put out music on another label previously ,so they're established.


    to be honest you are halfway right at first there was written deadmau5 in the title

  72. AfroArtista Films

    I miss the melodic Deadmau5 . This is too minimal for me. 😐

    Cam x Cam

    Thi5 i5n't mau5, br0.

  73. Sidhu Superman

    Before 500 views and first dislike is me yay!..

  74. Hotra

    Somehow I find tracks like this sound a lot better on headphones than in a club or festival...


    I think in his Masterclass series Joel said something along the lines of:
    "If you want to appreciate the audio quality, stay home, where you have a good audio setup, and don't have to deal with sweaty bros all around you. Live shows are about the spectacle, it's a different experience"


    Because clubs are so bass heavy and tend to also jack the HI up to ear damaging levels, so its just painful at times.

    Stone Edge

    I would certainly appreciate this in a club (in fact I find it very clubby compared to most tracks), but I get what you mean, sometimes you just can't find the same feeling that you have with nice headphones

    Ricardo Castro-Garcia

    Agreed. But there is no doubt in my mind this sounds fucking crazy live. That baseline is shattering


    Hotra I guess your ear doesn't pick up all the sound at a festival when there are people screaming

  75. Arjun A M

    Ok this is epic

    BUDS 215

    Arjun A M you always say this tho Lmao 😂

  76. Trivial

    Y Derrepente un comentario español :V


    Angel Aguirre ohhhh me sentia solo ekis D

  77. Jason Song

    Why is "gallya" uploaded on deadmau5's channel?

    Jack The bum tickler

    Jason Song because its in his new album

    Jyotiska Das

    He could be promoting these artists


    Because the managers are in this Channel now


    The reason is because the mau5trap owner made a new album, and he released some songs to the album and then uploaded instead of mau5trap to his own channel.


    Sorry, if i am late.

  78. Kenflo GD

    deadmau5 is love XD

    Jyotiska Das

    Gallya bruh


    This is not Deadmau5's track lmao


    Deadmau5 is back

    Jyotiska Das

    It's gallya not joel

  80. Saitama 1

    It’s alright.

  81. alexis delarosa

    Can't believe you done this

    Jyotiska Das

    Because it's gallya not Deadmau5

  82. Rhidlor

    I'm loving the uploads

  83. Adriel Ryan

    Joel Zimmerman produced this track for Deadmau5.

    Adriel Ryan

    @Jyotiska Das Referred the channel. But true.

    Dank Xaos

    Joel Zimmerman IS Deadmau5 lol dafuq?


    Adriel Ryan gost producer Xd

    Lucky Raspberry

    @Dank Xaos now that you mention it i've never seen the two in the same room before 🤔 big if true


    LMAO Joel Zimmerman is Deadmau5.

  84. SubZero

    Love it!

  85. H.L

    Upload overload early Christmas:D

  86. Agustín Ramires

    I've already listened to level 2 on Spotify but I have to come here anyway

  87. Trackformers

    Damn it almost first

  88. corollafrenzy

    Yess another!! 😆😆😆

  89. EETATO


  90. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Interesante techno :)