Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'N' Stuff Lyrics

It's been so long, I've been out of my body with you
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true
She took me to a place where my senses gave way
Turn it 'round, shut it down, what the people say
Climbing up, killing time, let 'em give you some
Take my hand and let it come, let it come, let it

Take it back when she knows that you're doing it right
'Cause everybody else knows what they're taking tonight

But I just wanna play it right
We are gonna get there tonight

It's been so far, I've been walking the line on my own
Lift me up to the stars, we are coming home
I only had a taste but we're out of time
We have sold in the cold, physical design
Set me free, set me out on the run
Lift me up to the sun, to the sun, to the

We are burning down, we are burning down
It's the way that you fake it, I know it's too late

But I just wanna play it right
We are gonna get there tonight

I just wanna take you down
We are gonna bring you 'round

I just wanna play it right
We are gonna get there tonight

I just wanna take you down
We are gonna bring you 'round

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Deadmau5 Ghosts 'N' Stuff Comments
  1. Golden Galaxy

    *super mario in real life*

  2. Ignacio

    finally found it

  3. phyoewai thaw

    low cost cosplay ghost be like...

  4. RaRaRasputin

    "I will deal with this one myself."

  5. Genesis Osuna

    Damn good times

  6. Francesco Cilona

    0:38 i've never noticed those two clocks

  7. Lalo Gutierrez

    Somebody in 2020?

  8. Teresa Severiano bro team

    They say if you die all of earth die we will be on god events: earth mars sun the end in 2100 and more people can join but my is 2100 I can he save

  9. Teresa Severiano bro team

    You know the ones upon a time I form the pass and then I am a kid

  10. Edgar Portuguez

    Wee, la Parka. 😔

  11. Jacinto M Ramirez

    Love this song, but the first thing in my mind when listen is the Emperor Palpatine doing sick moves.

  12. Glory Drawz

    Ghosts N stuff, Now with lyrics!

  13. Teresa Severiano bro team

    If I die this how I came on all days 2020 days ya

  14. San Francisco

    Proof ghosts exist. 💀🤯🙈😵😀

  15. 2. 9

    What is this aspect ratio

  16. LewisMG

    Super Mario soup

  17. poof you have problems

    *S O U P*

  18. Fire puppies

    So this is the power of the Dark Side...

  19. Sentinel7

    Grandpa after I replace his meds with perc 30s

  20. THE SHAW

    Nfs shift got me here

  21. Ahmed Salim

    2020 anyone ??

  22. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Bro honestly this shit is well past my time 😂 I’m in an entirely new decade this is of the past it’s still good though 😂

  23. ISIC

    Must I do everything myself?


    I understood that reference. ;P

  24. David AR

    I will keep playing this song until the world ends!! 😂😂

  25. yoda gaming

    laoo in real life

  26. Violeiro T

    welcome to 2020!

  27. Nicholas Donni

    2020 is the year this song returns


    I kinda doubt it.
    coming from a guy who used to bop to this, the "pizzaz" is just not there anymore :(
    if we wanted to, we have to use a different way to get the song back to mainstream vision.
    the song itself is just not that funky anymore
    and not trying to be a hater, but the only time I can _really_ bop to this today is when I'm bord out of my skull

    latonx jenkins

    @HasPrivilege Really now? i discovered deadmou5' music only last month, but i've had all his stuff on repeat the entire way through, and this song is my absolute fave of all his work. Opinions differ mate :p


    latonx jenkins of course you'd think that. you're still new, of course you still enjoy it
    but really it's like a Boomer in 2053 listening to 21pilots for the first time going *this is revolutionary*

    just come back next decade (2030) and tell me what you think about this song specifically
    side tangent but if I were to saw your comment like a few years prior, I'd bet you I'd say
    _ikr this song is so epic, definitely needs a second coming_

  28. Kristall Black

    Ultra Classic ❤️💀🐀

  29. Bearded Emperor

    Grandpa after replacing his meds with Perc 30

  30. timothyfloogle

    Can't float, cant run through walls... being a ghost... well... this sucks more than anything that's sucked before

  31. DanDareXXI

    10 years later...

  32. Roni

    Anyone 202... No stop with that pls!

  33. chris kim

    anyone in 2020 listening to this?

  34. Angel Luyo Espino

    Marshmello se copio de Deadmau5

  35. RK TR

    my dumb ass didnt know it was him on the bed -_-

  36. Jordan Gallant

    All these guys talking about super Mario in real life. But I have seen emperor Palpatine get down to this in galactic dance-off.

  37. PAKUA TV

    Pakua tv

  38. Junior Chavez

    Decade later this song still fuckin Bumps!!! 2020

  39. hugh william

    Who's here in 2020 !

  40. carlos reyna

    ay se mancharon con el fantasma

  41. Face McShooty

    Super Mario in real life


    Stop it

  42. King Charming

    Kid: Super Mario in real life

    Kid: SPAGHETTI!!!



    Stop it

  43. mynameis bob

    I remember this from Kinect star wars lol

  44. Влад, Борисов

    Кто здесь из-за танца Вейдера и Палпатина?


    deez nuts

  45. Bjärk



    Stop it

  46. Kayla M.

    Plus you can't see gose 2 there not real

  47. Kayla M.

    The gose is fake you can tell there is someone in it. 😑

  48. Eternex 221

    Deadmau5 will go down in the decade as the craziest dj to ever emerge

  49. Pro Takes

    I must be tripping because this reminds me moxxi's music from borderlands

  50. Clangon



    Hyperfry no

  51. ragnarock0100


    er mario in real loif

  52. Natalia AF

    Ésta canción suena igual que el mejor día de mi vida.

  53. Rise65487

    When the dark-side defy you to a dance-duel

  54. MrHellGnome

    I just came here because I've heard this song in a game and thought it was good. Didn't know it was used for a meme



  55. Contested 死去

    anyone 2020?

  56. Jackstez Savage


  57. Rafif Ardian

    This music is great for halloween party

  58. Speak 1

    tech tip

  59. Shen Cobra

    Decade is almost over, who’s still listening?

    [ NBanbury18 ]


    AiDeN FrIeDmAn-YeTtAw

    Me. Deadmau5 for life


    Me, i love this song!

    FrootBox YT

    Of course!

    Raphael Mejia

    Shen Cobra it’s over bruh


    Miami palmetto middle school🎒throwback🎒

  61. Евгений Кравченко

    deadmau5 is the best and after 10 years!

  62. Antarctic_Gaming 224

    Say what you want about Kinect Star Wars, they had good music

  63. sugarwasp xo

    He's doing his best

  64. MicaelHD

    Sooper mahreo in riel loife


    Don't stop me now!! I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball...

  65. Danielbro55

    1:34 WTF... Is he CJ?... Nmms


    alv si cierto :v

  66. Me & Ma

    And it's still a tremendous gem...
    No doubt a very energetic song and a very creative video

  67. FrootBox YT

    Man I seriously love this song to this day

  68. bahubali do Prédio

    10 years wtf

  69. Ines Andrade


  70. An enemy stand

    I've only heard the star wars kinect version of this song up until now. And no I am not ashamed to say that.

  71. Oscar

    TDU2 Anyone?

  72. SertoniX

    super mario in real life

  73. Pvt. Groundmiss

    Ngl, this song aged like a fine wine

  74. MAXI P4D

    Giving me 009 sound system vibes

  75. Legomaw

    soy el unico que recuerda la cancion por el rubius?

  76. a y s h i a k e r s e y

    does anyone know this song from playing the dance game on ps3?

  77. funnypersonlol101


  78. Roxana Joseline Flores Villalobos

    Este video. Es. estúpido. y. la Canción. es. un. asco 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  79. Shelling Vega

    DEADMAU5 >Marshmello
    Marshmello it's trash Dj of Kid Mouse saludos desde Perú :g

  80. Gego Buju

    Soup mary real life amiright lol (laughing out loud) hah

  81. Юлия Торубара

    Come back please

  82. Why Bother

    i cant help but think that its the KK.....

  83. DJ Kunal Pune

    Love this song in 2019 memories💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎄🎆🍾🍻🥂🎼🎛🎤🎧

  84. Darkyi

    Asmongold <3

  85. brett h71


  86. Jibblesjibbles Lord Xbox

    Holy shit it’s been 10 years

  87. Bushman 343

    wasn't this on the original forza horizan

  88. lords misery

    my name is ken doll

  89. Im Not Afraid Of You, Bitch

    My name is candle
    👁️ 👁️

  90. DiegoLaPapaXD30


  91. Gisele Diniz


  92. toni

    10 years going strong!

  93. Tophat Plays

    Gods of electronic music:
    Deadmau5 and daft punk

    Stop 12

    Eric Prydz, armin van buuren