Dead! - We Are Dead Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Welcome to tonight's main event
We are Dead!
You are the Damned and Restless Future
Enjoy tonight's show
One, two, one, two, three, four

Well what a place to speak under the circumstance
You say the earth is like a saying of romance
In the space between darker shades of his heart
Well he just wants to know what came up from the start

So he said:
"Here's to everyone I've met
Who I have filled up with regret
With a sense of irony
That we love what we see
I would walk across this earth
At the peril of my worst
You can wreck the bones in me
But these words will always be"

The crowd looks at him with a shade of mild consent
So we swim through a line up of all the days that we've spent
In this quiet town that we call our home
Longing to get out of all that we've known
The crowd looks at him
Only confirm that is hard to say
Is "fuck the future"

So he said:
"Here's to everyone I've met
Who I have filled up with regret
With a sense of irony
That we love what we see
I would walk across this earth
At the peril of my worst
You can wreck the bones in me
But these words will always be"

He hears his voice inside his head
One step closer to the edge
This won't be the end for him
This won't be the end for him
He hears his voice inside his head
One step closer to the edge
This won't be the end for him
This won't be the end for him

No, oh no you didn't

So he said:
"Here's to everyone I've met
Who I have filled up with regret
With a sense of irony
That we love what we see
I would walk across
This earth at the peril of my worst
You can wreck the bones in me
But these words will always be"

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Dead! We Are Dead Comments
  1. Максим Коробкин

    Жаль текста нет

  2. Максим Коробкин

    Это просто охуительно!!!

  3. Frieden auf Erden

    Pretty good tune.

  4. Julie Thomas

    This song is bad-ass!!!!!

  5. Johnnie B.Goode

    The worst song Metla's done. So sad.

  6. KyleJPie10

    Originally thought this was the weakest song on the album but this chorus fucking BOPS

  7. NickVasilev 123

    Metallica never die!

  8. Christian C. Sotelo Albarracín

    Min 5:01 es un deleite de Riff, ESPECTACULAR!!! esto es un orgasmo para mis oídos LITERALMENTE. Saludos desde COLOMBIA.

  9. bad niekita

    Luv u ❤️❤️

  10. Russ Corry

    I don't know about you guy's opinion but the lead singer of Metallica just doesn't look right with short hair.

  11. 주누누

    nice song

  12. Steve Di Fidio

    I don't know why this song bring me tears, especially on the last chorus. Very strange.

  13. Blake Hull

    It's ok song

  14. Bitter Comments

    Surprisingly I like it a lot. They still got it 👍

  15. Kainen 789

    ahhh hellz yea... THE BEATLES....of METAl......long let it fn live!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This music video is very anticlimatic

    Metallica needs to get its shit together seriously

  17. slamet widodo

    metallica pancen o ye..

  18. Ross R


  19. Leedy Scalemodeller

    That tom , fill thing , yeah nah

  20. Chris Bruce

    I still love this song, but it was what was playing when I got hit by a 18 wheeler in my Challenger....

  21. Daniel Calamatta

    I enjoy no other band as much as I enjoy Metallica. Lifelong fan.

  22. Christopher Regan

    Despite all the criticism and the memes that Metallica has received, like James's vocal style and YEAHEAH, Kirk's excessive wah-wah solos, Lars's drumming capabilities, snare fetish and Napster incident, and their historically bad luck with bassists and Dave Mustaine, I wouldn't have it any other way because these things define Metallica's true core. Love it or hate it, these features are what distinguish Metallica from everyone else, and what has kept them chugging along since the early 1980s!

  23. Kristie Clark

    I love my boys Metallica always and forever my boys

  24. OS KAR

    пустышка ебаная

  25. Луан Луоайоханссон

    Однообразные композиции какие-то

  26. Phouvan Vihaphat

    Soy el verdadero tom cray no tom cruise generales de todas las Naciones 77 países alidos a mi no me me voy a tatuarme en [email protected] espalda el disfrazado tiene tatuajes en la espalda el tom cruise me voy tatuarme en pecho un simbolo doble tival

    Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín

    Estas bien?

  27. Newcomer Jason

    This is a great driving song........ the intro that builds then BOOM!!!! So good!!!

  28. Damien Roy

  29. ZZfranchise

    Some of it sounds like Seek and Destroy....which isnt a bad thing.

  30. Sheev Approves

    Will we ever get another album ,a last album might be if it is at all

  31. Bruno Binci

    speed 1.25 rlz :)

  32. zeze do bone

    Is good that finally you recognise that you and your plans are DEAD!!! Completely DEAD!!!
    Bye bye Johny!.... Enjoy your trip!

  33. Erwin Kos

    I think cliff is be ashamed when he hear this shit

  34. Devils Joker

    Ffff ye all that not love this Metallica sonng

  35. ick don

    Lars, I know you’re in denial about your hair situation, but lose that hat man. It’s not you.

    Live pirates life 10

    ick don lol..

  36. Arthur Wong


  37. Konrad Wójcicki

    Metallica can live forever no matter what happens.

  38. Matthew Gentry

    I can't quit playing this song i did three comments on it just that good

  39. Juan Vistra

    I never ever love this band until I listened this song. \m/

  40. Running way

    metallica music works much better then coffee in the morning for me .


    Why not both?

  41. Sangar Sarkawt

    I cant believe it they at this age are still so cool .....

  42. Cheryl Delos angeles

    Metallica is the best band for me , the way that we'll be perform very appreciated...since before untill now. Waiting to you're next album this 2020 guys.

  43. Lui Shmudog

    This band will always be the best no matter what james come back strong brother

  44. clark pail


  45. Dimitri175 1495

    Yeaaa 🤘

  46. Fahd Raza

    Such a soothing music, love you, this is so much relaxing than any kind of therapy. Please rock on..!

  47. Roastar


  48. Fyrth

    Guys at around 5:05 in Enter Sandman, you hear a similar sound to the main riff of this song. Perhaps they incorporated that into this song?

  49. Rotten to the Core!

    Bland, average... shite!

  50. Matthew Gentry

    I cannot think of a better pre Game chant then this song

  51. Cuervokid Mark

    I'm Sorry !

  52. Альбина Кашникова

    Straight to 1991. Love it. Welcome back, James!

    Rotten to the Core!

    They were going down the shitter by '91 and were completely done by '94... the rest is a joke!

    Sss Hhh

    Someone's cranky ^^^^

  53. Praveesh Prassannan

    James i love you

  54. Aaron Kelley

    Now that I'm a civilian! Lol dead civilian same thing!

  55. Aaron Kelley

    I can't express how much I hate this civilian run 🌎! And love war I so miss death life and easy living

  56. Oussama Belghiti

    i really really reaally can not understand the dislikes!!

  57. Marjol Edelijn

    My Favorite Band EVER 🖤🤘❤!!

  58. Morgan Ratliff

    What a fantastic album. Why? Because it isn't amazing, it isn't mind-blowing, it isn't revolutionary -- it's just four dudes with such an obvious love and passion for the music they play jammin' hard. They don't need to reinvent the wheel; they already have and now they're having fun with it. They're playing for the sake of playing and it's a real pleasure to see and listen to.

    Rotten to the Core!


    Sss Hhh

    Someone's cranky ^^^

  59. alex saccone

    Qualcuno mi ammazzerà per quello che sto per scrivere ma è ciò che penso ... Questa se non alla pari ma quantomeno è ai livelli di MASTER OF PUPPETS ... Meravigliosa l'ascolterei 24/7

  60. Shane Starrette

    When darkness falls I collect bees!

  61. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    . . .say no more <3

  62. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    . . .now, THAT. . .is a TRILLION DOLLAR TRACK <3

  63. JoeyGames

    Anyone watching this in 1983?

    Rotten to the Core!

    In '83, James hadn't been completely arse-raped by a Danish gremlin; that rollercoaster shitstorm happened after Burton's death.

    Sss Hhh

    Someone's cranky ^^^


    0:10 the sound of MACHINE GUN ...... !!!!

  65. Jason Elliott

    John 3:36

  66. SpartanVirus

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ our Messiah brought to you by the Kings of Metal!!

  67. Paul McClain

    I like the old Metallica with long hair n metal bangers not this soft ass shit

  68. Tristan Ingram

    Sellout fuckers

  69. Kori Hoornstra


  70. Matthew Gentry

    You know of all the great songs they've done this is like a true masterpiece

  71. Scott Glover

    Best band in the world

  72. Koroush Ghaffari

    Make 1.25 times faster and you'll hear a classic Metallica

    Berke Kaya

    make the spped 2.00 you got a complately different song

    Cinzei você xD

    But it ruins the sound quality

    Leedy Scalemodeller

    Holy Crap , cheers bro :)

  73. Kevin DiDomizio

    Why is this so Metallica!!!! \m/

  74. ZSilent HunterZ

    Who is listening in 2020? haha im so funny (kill me)

    lps tj hell collie

    its makes me feel happier that someone else is to but ive been listening to their music since i was 4 but just now hearing this song

    Solo fighter 21

    You are not alone too


    And the next 30 years someone will write exactly "Who is listening in 2050?"

    Jordan Howell

    Ive listened to them since load and reload, still one of my favorite artists of all time, so much good music

    Vasil Ivanov

    Heyyo 🤘🏻

  75. José Francisco Paula

    Em Varginha-MG, Brasil ouvindo essa excelente banda!! Feliz 2020 para todos!!

  76. Melodi Marvin

    To Maggie Ledford Jeffcoat RIP

  77. Rick Forsythe

    Motherfucking Legends! \M/

  78. spoqo

    that s actually dance

  79. Juvera Juvera

    Sounds like priest

  80. Augusto Paulo

    Aquí en Nicaragua tomando mis cervezas ,escuchando Metálica y esperando al 2020 in my house

  81. John Gulotta

    love this band like no other for 35 years


    John Gulotta Same . 35+ years . Nobody like them

  82. Martin Firestein

    There's just something so hopeful and optimistic that James was trying to say with these lyrics.

  83. Riccardo Red

    0:05 epic

  84. usa Sayian 111 J.o.s.h KIng

    FUCK texas

  85. Wrestling Thoughts

    we really need more new music, this album was amazing and Id love to get more of it

    Jude Misura

    They have 9 other albums a covers double record and a record with a symphony (a second is looming for release next year)

  86. david bell


  87. kiel bicanek

    I can listen to metallica for the rest of my life and I can't say that about any other band

    david bell

    I first heard metallic in 1984 and I have been a fan since.

    Rayce Suzo

    Overkill newest

    oliver howard

    Slayer,megadeth,korn. I'll never stop listening to them

  88. Pacific Coast Survivalist


  89. James Chastain

    It's 6:48 a.m. and I'm blasting this as loud as my speakers will go. It's not loud enough!!!!

  90. Bronwyn Hamilton


  91. nancy hamilton

    Love love love .. I want to see you guys before I die... I am getting 64yrs young, play bass, flute.. Come to Scotland PLEASE! Die Hard fan keep BLASTING

  92. Steel Maiden

    I hear a bit of Motörhead influence in here

  93. Arda Özbakan

    In best of songs in Harwired to Self Disturaction.

  94. Fernando

    please!! I need the live version of this!

  95. Nick Varhol

    On 1.5x faster speed it sounds like something from Kill 'Em All


    holy shit! this song is over three years old and now I barley tried this! but Yeah It definitely carries that vibe from Kill'Em All, almost like recycling the riff from No Remorse or something! good call!

    Nick Varhol

    @Murphy08 by speeding up whole Hardwired album you can get really old-school vibes

  96. David Leon

    Outstanding Riff construction from the 1st chord to the 1st lyric.metal at its best and Prayer type lyrics seems like giving the middle finger to satanism in metal.rebellion at it's best in the name of life.