Dead Or Alive - Turn Around & Count 2 Ten Lyrics

So turn around and count 2 ten,
Before you lose the only one who really loves you
Somebody who likes you just as you are,
Not how you might have been, Oh! baby
When you turn around again,
I might be with someone else who really loves me,
And now I'll say what I don't want to say,
I'll have you back again, I want you back!

We've both been acting strangely,
And you can hardly face me,
And I can see no fire in your eyes,
We both know the answer,
But one of us won't say it,
Love's the only game in town,
You sure know how to play it,

The future of our love is on the line,
The both of us could lose more than we find,

And if we think about it,
And come to the conclusion,
That I want you, and you want me
We've come to the solution,
And I cannot deny it,
You were my perfect lover,
If paradise is half as nice,
I'll never find another.

And now it's time, for making up your mind,
The future is ahead don't look behind,

I want your love in my hands,
Where I can feel it,
Love in my heart, where I can keep it warm,
Turn up your radio now,
I'm calling out your name,

The love we've got cannot be left behind,
It's time for you to tell me that you're mine,

So turn around and count 2 ten...

I want you back, in my life where
I can hold you,
Back in my dreams, where I can
Keep you warm,
Here on my lips where I can
Taste your candy kiss.

So turn around...

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Dead Or Alive Turn Around & Count 2 Ten Comments
  1. 二郎マカロニ


  2. Nismo

    Now I’m straight as an arrow, but he looked pretty good here. A lot like Elaine from Seinfeld who I think is hot.... now I’m confused lol. But really he’s a good looking guy and should have kept this look instead of all the major surgery later on

  3. TheBoss Estilistas&Barberos

    Genial canción 😊

  4. ironman katsu

    青春ど真ん中。一番大好きな曲。このころに戻れるならば・・・ 友人たちと夜通しの日々へ

  5. David Hammond

    Jesus, this is fucking horrendous.

  6. 藤原りんごちゃん





  8. 山本ジョニー


  9. Pablo aucatoma

    Jojo's confirmed Is Is biutefull is owesome 😊😊😊 😆😆😆

  10. Nik Ashby

    This was no1 in Japan for about 20 weeks! This song was massive for DEAD OR ALIVE in Japan

  11. やまもとねこ


  12. F Gingu


  13. Makc Bass

    Очень энергичный красавчик

  14. yycchhaann


  15. Mister BreadCat

    JOJO Reference

  16. 薫木村


  17. Arthur Leyrat

    Peace, love, happiness and be yourself 🙏🏻🕺🏻

  18. 加藤忠之


  19. E L i o t t E L I o t t

    PETER BURNS and STEVE COY Siempre estaran en nuestros corazónes 😳

  20. Fisher Sam Fisher

    Did Pete died because of too many plastic surgeries?

    Konstanttiina Boehh

    No, heartattack

  21. Fisher Sam Fisher

    Any DJs out there - imagine this is what pop music used to be and yet it has 135 BPM - that's like insanely fast.

  22. leandro50163

    pobre tipo, que vacio interno tenía, estaba haciendo un buen trabajo de exito, eso no lo llenaba parece...

  23. Michaela Jurčová

    Fantastisch mensch forever

  24. Michaela Jurčová


  25. Dance LoverGC

    Gone 3 years but not forgotten....RIP Pete....

  26. 285 steelblue

    His sidelong glance is sexy. I love it! and also love all DOA songs, RIP Pete.

  27. Michaela Jurčová


  28. Rafael Correa

    His Name (Pete) IN Argentina Will be so funny

  29. よしなに


  30. あやあやあやあや

    No matter how many times you listen! I love Pete ♥ ️

  31. uriel torres herrera

    I want a shirt like pete Bruns

  32. Momobear


  33. Dixie Rae

    Such an amazing fashion phenomenon as well. God bless high definition. It's so awesome to be able to watch these old videos in such perfect quality. This really is a visually Beautiful video.

  34. tim redfern

    Wow brings back so many memories RIP PETE X

  35. Alain Jestin

    Nobody better than dead or alive

  36. dodon pa


  37. AirKangLocker

    Look at all these jojo villains

  38. t a



  39. chima chibi

    They were really huge in Japan when I was a kid. Pete’s images were like all over the place. He was so beloved and adored. Looking back, it was an extraordinary cultural phenomenon coz no other foreign artist has ever been so adored in Japan like Pete Burns. Not even Michael Jackson. And it happened organically. He always came across as a sweet and polite person. How he could be totally acerbic and combative on British TV has astonished me. This is by far the most famous song of theirs in Japan. This is the definitive Dead Or Alive for us not ‘You Spin Me Round.’

  40. 溝部公太路


  41. Pablo Rubin

    Dead Peter im verte sad nice singer androgino im andrógino too

  42. Ian Nijhof

    is this jojo part 9?

  43. Sけんけん


  44. Laura Gomila Domenech

    Cómo puede ser una canción tan increíblemente energética y dinámica. Gran grupo y cantante, esencia de los 80 total!!

  45. 聡JakeAlee


  46. Magda7088


  47. 中内誠一


  48. おくたんぱるる

    Prince、David Bowie、エマーソンと

  49. Adrian Victor

    Much better than YSMR!


    Dead or alive are and always will be fantastic fabulous and amazingly talented I love them

  51. 堀川佑太


  52. Jimbo Tuazon


  53. moppy285

    RIP pete burns - you talented beautiful soul ! - i miss you and will cherish your contribution to music !!! Thank you for being by my side as i came out to a hostile UK in the 80s ! XXXX

  54. Ross Jones

    STUNNING video!!!

  55. Aimee Thomson

    ...all has been

  56. Airiys


  57. 黒屋肉三郎


  58. noble heart

    Pete❤️Happy birthday🎵
    I love you Pete❤️

  59. Iker Hernandez

    Polo look jajaja

  60. Silvia Barberia

    Recien me entero de su fallecimiento, muy tarde, pero un gran cantante que se lleva con el una parte de mi adolescencia y mis primeros años de adultez.

  61. Juanka Zarich

    R.I.P. (Return If Possible) Pete forever!!!

  62. Suga MF

    WTF? This song is awesome. One of my favorites now.

  63. Tasty Twesty food

    supper ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;danc

  64. Alessandro FeitosA

    Just amazing.

  65. noble heart

    ピート💋私、人生停止して時 ラジオからこの曲が流れてきて、これって⁉️DEAD OR A LIVE⁉️30年ぶりに聴いて自然に体が動いてた🎵元気もらったよ、頑張ろうと思えた🍀ピートありがとう❤️整形前の美しさに陶酔したけど、整形してもしなくてもピートが大好きです❤️天国でも美しくゆっくり休んでね😌❤️❤️

  66. Sou Nano

    666 dislikes :o
    Y qué Gays se ven todos

  67. Sam Wells

    I think I saw that coat that Pete is wearing for a bathrobe in the Unspun documentary. I wonder if it was ever sold and who bought it.

  68. Zmrzlina Kopečková

    I miss Pete and Steve 😰😭

  69. miyuki majima

    10代だった頃に1番良く聴いてたDEAD OR ALIVE…今は居ないなんて…😢

  70. okey key


  71. M r


  72. you

    歌詞わかってなくて当時聞いてて どっかで見て歌詞の訳をこんな才能に溢れまくってたのね✨

  73. Victoria Shine's Show


  74. mrs tiggy

    if sucided girl 17years old in olanda, she hear his dead or alive music and see his energy angy energy, she can live again. i think so.

  75. Hawk of a Victory


  76. E・F 92


  77. 大門秀之


  78. 恋虹

    Just watching the video,
    I will go back to Japan disco 30 years ago
    2:06 Ah ~ yeah! yeah!
     (I raise my voice) (lol)

    2:06 ア~イヤイヤァ~!!

  79. ぺんぎん


  80. jtaka1982


  81. Alain Jestin

    Pete burns so beautiful

  82. Mister BreadCat

    I want a Dead Or Alive reference in JJBA


    Finally someone said it, it would be cool if it were a stand name or a character loosely based

    ANT Foxy

    Well,the spin in part 7 kinda is

  83. Hexy Ko

    Does anybody know the name of the models?

    Eric van den Brink

    James Hyde is the guy holding the boombox with the sunglasses. Not sure of the other models.

  84. 315 niigata


  85. akkko 93

    Remember when I was listening with my friends♪

  86. lasy 1

    This is soo 90's

    Dance LoverGC

    Funny....since it's from 1988 lol!!

  87. On High

    6.49 super. that's cool.He is effective Most admirable trance. Charming songs

  88. 信実愛子


  89. Tomas Milne

    4:49 - 4:51 that hair though

  90. vicky rako

    What year was this he’s Gorgeous and Sexy OMG


    The video was recorded in 1988.

  91. ローンウルフ


  92. Ricardo Nantes

    Época boa hein, anos 80! Eu vivo numa época triste :c

  93. vicky rako

    He was just Beautiful Inside And Out RIP Angel

  94. saori yoshida


  95. Selena Jackson

    Art pure ♥🌞👌.

  96. ManueL CG

    Toda la esencia de los 80 fue capturada en este vídeo por esta espectacular banda, la moda ,el ritmo,el sonido,los colores,la locura y el desenfreno.Sin duda una inolvidable época.
    The whole essence of the 80s was captured in this video by this spectacular band, fashion, rhythm, sound, colors, madness and debauchery. Without a doubt an unforgettable era.

  97. leandro josé

    Só eu de brasileiro aqui pra elogiar essa excelente música?