Dead Or Alive - Special Star Lyrics

You're out there somewhere with a hundred friends
And what I need to know
Is when will I see you again
Smile and say that there's a place and time
And that you'll soon be mine
And what I need to know is when

You are what I dreamed about
You're a wish I made
When the lights went out
You are my special star
The one I want
The first in line
You are the special star
Let it, let it shine

I sit and dream
And I stare into space
And what I wouldn't give
If I could only see your face
You'll never know
And if you did you'd laugh
I couldn't count the times
That I have kissed your photograph

You are what I dreamed about
You're a wish I made
When the lights went out
You are my special star
The one I want
The first in line
You are the special star
Let it, let it shine

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Dead Or Alive Special Star Comments
  1. Emil Kiełczyński

    Dead Or Alive is criminally underrated

  2. Drex Mason

    My favorite Dead or Alive song.

  3. Lilit Vardanyan

    You are what i dreamed about!!!😂😍😍😍😘😘😚❤❤❤❤

  4. aldo alda

    Who make music like Dead or Alive today .... Dead or Alive means unique.......

  5. Mademoiselle L.

    This song is so beautiful and pure and makes me feel so feels like home, everything is just where it needs to be 😭😍 I can’t even describe how exactly I feel, it’s just so beautiful

  6. ldognz

    so great

  7. natashinithegreat

    I am still grieving. All i want to do is just meet you and say ' i am the fan of yours who likes your songs 'hooked on love' and 'thats the way'. But i can't. I wish my friend in london lights a candle on your grave someday. I miss your music.

  8. Kari Peñaloza

    Mi estrella especial por siempre!!

  9. David Bernal

    Love this song! The whole album was very good...I had the cassette. Takes me back to the 80's.

  10. aboutdesign

    from the day he died, i still cannot figure out how to watch this without crying 😢

    RIP to our special star, i hope you’re in a better place❣️😢

  11. Sila Paredes

    Pete burns mi artista especial por siempre

  12. szarnyasmajom

    I want this song to be played at my wedding one day ❤️

  13. Chris h.

    I just can't believe that Steve Coy is gone, too. Someone please bubble wrap Boy George. The world would be a different, unrecognizable place with him gone, too.

  14. Jonathan Sabido

    Hola buenas tardes y cómo estás y cómo andas y espero que estés muy bien y otra cosa estás rolas están muy chidas de los especiales like de los gigantes del high energy de 1988 y es mi idolo cuando yo iba en la secundaria y lo tuvo de invitado dead or Alive de los gigantes del high energy de 1988 y con el sr.tony barrera con el sonido Polymarchs de 1988 en el barrio del molinito. y ahí fuimos todos a verlo dead or Alive de los especiales like de los gigantes del high energy.1988.

  15. E・F 92


  16. Lino Andrade

    Dead Or Alive.... not dead.....Alive in my heart 4 ever grateful!

  17. Vikki Ovchinnikov


  18. Samuel Rummer

    :(. This should have been a single. I really miss you Pete!

  19. Pisando leve

    I Love Pete Burns Forever.

  20. evo Burto

    So good.
    Much missed. Xx

  21. sunshine of rays

    You are what I dreamed about , you're the wish I made when the lights went out....💔 loved him so much💔xxxxx

  22. Amie Mckelbey

    He was talented. Rip. But y'all sound like a bunch of grave diggers. That man is gone.

  23. Mark Tirado

    Unrated song, should have been a single!

    Donn Spanninga-Steenkist

    Instead of KIsses or Hooked on love! Actually, Even think this should have been the first release from the album

    Djordje Milenkovic

    not really underrated song it has 2x more views then hooked on love which is one of their best songs


    "You are what I dreamed about
    You're a wish I made
    When the lights went out
    You are my special star
    The one I want
    The first in line
    You are the special star
    Let it, let it shine" 🌟 💖

  25. Safe And Elegant

    Hermosa canción de un álbum fantástico

  26. Mary B. Hopkins

    We now have two Special Stars up in Heaven now! In case everyone hasn't heard, a week ago today Steve Coy passed away!

    Zmrzlina Kopečková

    Yes 😰

    WW Fan

    Two Special Stars ⭐️ ⭐️

  27. mickfizz1

    Rest in peace Steve Coy, from Dead or Alive ... He sadly passed away around May 4th, according to his wife on FB and it has now been reported widely online . He was 56 yrs old and it has not been revealed as yet as to how he died.


    Goodbye Steve Coy! ♥

  29. MR PALOMA kukurruuukukuuu

    this is not a gay music its dedicate to a women or Mans(if you are gay)

  30. ShipDeckSurvivor

    I used to think this was the worst of mad bad and dangerous but after all these years I accept amongst all the others

  31. 2週間乾燥させたチンゲン菜のようなほうれん草






  32. Skip- Ad

    The one I want, the 1st in line

  33. 萩原久美子




  35. MasterPWL

    My beloved angel ❤️

  36. Sensenmann Wieder

    Pɛtɛ = Mʏ Sքɛċɨaʟ Star

  37. MasterPWL

    This is the best song

  38. Dimitry Давила

    RIP Pete always be my star ⭐️

  39. 井村智美

    I'd like to find my spacial star!

  40. MasterPWL

    A full emotional song ❤️

  41. keith coleman

    i realized i was gay at 16,my friend was 15,we spent our first night together to this song! i wish i know where he was now!! always a special song in my heart! xx R.I P . pete!!! xx love you xx

  42. Romina Goldberg

    The cover of this album is beautiful, I'm lucky for having it in my house :)

  43. Valeria Hernandez

    My special star ♥

    Always Pete.

    You are a Ángel now ♥

  44. Vale Weakness roses adventures


  45. T S

    The most underrated great band.

    aldo alda

    Almost two years now...... We lost Pete and 3 month ago Steve Coy. But Dead or Alive will always be part of our life.

  46. иди нахуй тот

    R.I.P Pete. I cry((((
    You will remain in our hearts forever!!!

  47. OfficalSteve CoyDOA

    RIP.. 2016 was a horrifying year... its over now..


    True, some great musicians died that year


    Rip Steve coy

  48. Riccardo Bollani

    I do love this Song. thank you Pete. grazie

  49. Casey Edwards

    Your the special star pete love you

  50. Yvonne de Boer

    You are my special star always

  51. mario guzman

    love this. you are that special star Pete.. with love.

  52. kikio olaya gonzalez

    es ya mi favorita.......

    Valeria Hernandez

    La mía también ♥

  53. Marcelo Clemente

    😩 RIP, I will never forget you Pete, I hope you will find your mother in heaven.

  54. MrDarenhayes

    "you are what i dream about youre the wish imake when the lights go out, you are, my special star, the one i want the first in line..."

  55. Leu Han 士

    RIP Pete burns... You're my star

  56. Makiko MASUGUCHI

    You are my special star, now and forever...

  57. fernando toro

    special memory of my adolescence.

  58. Monika Radzaj

    And now... out there in the night sky... there is a beautiful, lovely, wild, special star... shining down on us from the heavens.

    R.I.P. Pete Burns. I still miss you. :'(

    aldo alda

    I was 12 when You spin me was on the radio... That song changed my life and last october Pete died... Something in my house was my tradition hallowing night. I will miss Pete to the end of my life. Fuck he was a Dali of music. Far too hard to find someone like him. Will miss you Pete, you made me cry dude... thanks for that...

  59. やまはる

    学生の頃、聞いてました。 とても、カッコいいですよね

  60. MiguelDante

    One of my favorite DOA sad that Pete is no longer with us... :( :( :(

    aldo alda

    Pete was my idol since I was like 11. But it was about music The back singers, the keyboards the bass , drums and that voice. We lost a great one When I listen to this song and many others I realize that Pete is not with us anymore. There is this sadness with me but I do not have any one to share with.

  61. Frances Stickel

    Gone too early! You will be missed!

  62. rip sweet pete


    R.I.P. Pete Burns

  64. Brent Smith

    You are now my special star in the sky Pete. R.I.P. Pete Burns

  65. Brutal07

    R.I.P. Pete. ❤️

  66. lena sousa

    RIP....mais uma estral no céu!! :(

  67. Petri Kakko

    This song has always made me very sad and melancholic. Todat it got new meaning. One of my biggest musical heroes is gone!. Please be safe in your paradise PETE! We, Your fans keep your music and legacy Alive!

    aldo alda

    The voice of Pete was SOOO unique. DOA deserved so much more. We will never let their legacy die. I cannot carry one was the one that make me so melancholic. Honest hug Petri Kakko.


    .. should of been a Single 👍

    aldo alda

    Hey Petri how are you It is 3 years since Pete left us. Dead or Alive will always be part of my life it has been 36 years of love to DOA

    Simon and The Big Circle

    I cry when I hear this song

  68. Leprechaun Jackson

    RIP Pete! I still can't believe he died! This is the first song I went to :(

    Leprechaun Jackson

    Back here again... now Steve Coy is gone too just 18 and a half months later :( RIP 2 very special stars :(

    Zmrzlina Kopečková

    True 😰

  69. Mark Sandland

    RIP Pete - always was a Special Star xx

  70. Marcelo Clemente

    Dead or alive had great musicians, including Wayne Hussey.

  71. Del Franklin

    My favourite DOA song and they did some cracking tunes

  72. Pawel Dlubala

    lovely thanks kissssss

  73. Gaetana Fiumara

    wowww eri bellissimooo

  74. alejandro rodriguez

    very ERASURE it should have been the lead single, best song of the album , a missed hit

  75. FDJT

    ☆☆☆☆☆ special stars
    Great tune, great album, great band

  76. Tek Rah

    god i love this track.....good memories...

  77. TheRealLeybra

    "Mad, mad and dangerous to know" album was a greatest hits all by itself. Too bad people here in Canada never understood at that time what a masterpiece was.

    keith coleman

    i was in canada at the time! it was their best album! all my friends loved it! xx

    holy cow

    TheRealLeybra l agree that this was one hell of an album

    aldo alda

    At least in Puerto Rico Brand new lover and something in my house were huge hits. But after that they were forgotten. Mad bad and ... is incredible I have the lp and the art is like mystic.

    evo Burto

    My fella asked me what I wanted from Canada...
    I said dead or nuclearpatra wasn't available in UK at the time.
    My treasured CD....

    WW Fan

    I understood. I have the album, played it everyday after school....”You are my Special Star, the one I want , the First in line..⭐️❤️”

  78. Romina Bisio

    thanks for this video.: )

  79. mageemusic

    Gotta be one of my favourite songs ever. I heard it for the first time in the nightclub at the top of the CN tower in Toronto..., brings back so many great memories. thanks for making the song available.

  80. mageemusic

    Gotta be one of my favourite songs ever. I heard it for the first time in the nightclub at the top of the CN tower in Toronto..., brings back so many great memories. thanks for making the song available.

  81. bonnie bianco

    the best doa cd with 9 tracks that all could've been singles. nude has 9 brilliant tracks too.


    bonnie bianco Right on!

    bonnie bianco

    i wish they finished "lovetoy" it woulda been gr8.

  82. James Pooler


  83. James Pooler

    the first in line

  84. James Pooler

    you are my

  85. James Pooler

    you are what i dreamed about.

  86. Michael Champion

    I love this song! thank you! <3 

  87. aldo alda

    Love this song since I was in high school 25 years ago yeah time pass... Pete made so much emotion with those songs....He did things like big daddy of rithm, then there was you, unhapy birthday, pete was an artist creating all the time always ahead of times Pete Burns always ahead of people like boy george who i adore but to cesar what is for cesar and to god what belongs to god

    bonnie bianco

    +aldo alda i'm gonna add : come inside,baby don't say goodbye,i cannot carry on , your sweetness,

    aldo alda

    Special Star, Picture this, Stop kicking my heart, My heart goes BANG , Do it. Please add more... Thanks Bonnie!!

    bonnie bianco

    sleep with you, lucky day, i dont wanna be your bf,son of a gun.why didn't they finish lovetoy.

    aldo alda

    Bonnie you r killing me please tell me about this lovetoy. Something in my house flamenco, Brand new lover 7 inches, wish u were here, Misty circles (the bass in the middle of the remix just killed me). To be honest maybe Misty is my favorite, Baby don't say goodbye cheers vocals. Thanks share ur opinion of the remixes. Now its easy to listen the songs and mixes on the internet but nothing beats to have the original records. Thanks 4 share ur passion for Dead. I am very open and willing to learn more about Dead. I do not have anyone to talk about this. I am grateful.

    aldo alda

    +bonnie bianco Hey Bonnie Hope u r doing great just wanted to say thanks for your shares of Dead.

  88. Lulu Lu

    never heard this one till now, i really like it though!

  89. Mel Sensei

    OMG! that's what I call lucky!

  90. mattpopfavourites

    I totally understand your YouTube username now :)

  91. Attention to Details in Nature

    really? is it lesser known than kisses?

  92. kieranbathory

    amazing <3

  93. eric hudson


  94. qrawzer

    so sweet!

  95. Donn 020

    best song on the album. Fact lol

  96. rles65

    careful with "D.O.A."; it can also mean Dead On Arrival..... ;)

  97. Ruy Rios de S-M

    THis is my favorite song from the album