Dead! - Enough, Enough, Enough Lyrics

Turn off the lights so I can sleep all day
I've got designer bones with boutique pain
I would be a cliche if I cared enough
I've had enough enough enough
If all this THC & late nights make
a broken man with a crooked face
should have handled it better when things got tough
I've had enough enough enough

The clouds hang like skeletons holding up the Earth
I will do all I can to make this worse

Why am I so afraid of you now darling?

They say I'm only human that's news to me
And I miss my old shows on the BBC
When I was just a kid I never hurt enough
I've had enough enough enough
I say I do this because its what I need
Shrug away the claims of vanity
I'm just a hypocrite who sings of love
I've had enough enough enough

See I, I am a crash course in choices that you shouldn't make
But you'll make them anyway you're stubborn like that

I've had enough. Yeah

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