Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over Lyrics

Outside the storm clouds gathering
Moved silently along the dusty boulevard
Where flowers turning crane their fragile necks
So they can in turn reach up and kiss the sky

They're driven by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye
Someone's calling

I remember when you held my hand
In the park we would play
When the circus came to town
Look over here

Outside the circus gathering
Moved silently along the rain swept boulevard
The procession moved on, the shouting is over
The fabulous freaks are leaving town

They're driven by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye
Someone's calling

The carnival is over

We sat and watched
As the moon rose
For the very first time

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Dead Can Dance The Carnival Is Over Comments


  2. Marek Jabłonka

    The storm clouds gathering,
    Moved silently along the dusty boulevard.
    Where flowers turning crane their fragile necks
    So they can in turn
    Reach up and kiss the sky.

    They are driven by a strange desire
    Unseen by the human eye
    Someone is calling.

    I remember when you held my hand
    In the park we would play when the circus came to town.
    Look! Over here.

    The circus gathering
    Moved silently along the rainswept boulevard.
    The procession moved on the shouting is over
    The fabulous freaks are leaving town.

    They are driven by a strange desire
    Unseen by the human eye.
    The carnival is over

    We sat and watched

  3. Jeep masters 4WD

    I wish I knew people who appreciate this and all music that pushes the boundaries. But a common connection of us who LOVE pure inspiration as this,so beautiful

  4. Alventura De la Cruz

    The video is so...nostalgic and magnificents, this is my favourite music video

  5. Lee Parker

    When we first heard this band breaking in on the scene, not a few of us were convinced that the Male vocalist was Jim Morrison of the Doors returned from the "dead." PERIOD.

  6. Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts

    *"I'm Aware of You" Or, "Forget Erasmus With These Scum" or "Machiavellian Stabbers"*
    I just know it's me. That there is a whole slew, even a colony, or a legion of bullies and psychopaths who are somehow secretly obsessed with me. They are biding their time waiting for me to slip or do drugs so they can kill me. And, that there are hackers and spies and government agents watching me on the computer and spreading information about the globe. Why? Because I am me, and I know me, and I know them. Well, just know that I know and I am watching YOU! "If one only parries they will be harmed regardless of their skill" I made a ring inscribed with the characters in "The Hen With The Golden Eggs" and it tells me whatever secrets I want to know...CSL, I'll be Lucifer himself stirring or see them dead two-steps back before I give up my worldly paradise. NK. Even if it's political It'd be a slew of Dine' and Nazis. Don't worry, I'm two-step from atomic warfare with the keys...but I think its closer to social suicide...It'll come...claiming evil...villains, evil secrecy I can't allude to, and Hollywood..."can't explain me"...left-brain, esoteric nut says I'm "Jesus" or like Jesus...okay, mix in some sugar, gay men, and youth says I have a "princely demeanor"...I look like an IT kid, after Pennywise, the natural courts of humanity which have never conspired, and Viola!

  7. Quico Reed

    I can say that I had the pleasure to see DCD twice in concert. Their shows were powerful, much more powerful than their studio recordings indicated. Gosh what great presence on the stage. Dead Can Dance is still one of my all time favorite groups, and 4AD brought us some of the most innovative groups in history.

  8. Oz DeVil

    My mind when people are talking about themselves:

  9. John Dee Is Me

    I wish this was in HD

  10. Pam Mathers

    One of the very best concerts I’ve had the privilege to see and hear and feel!

  11. HermanLoud

    I want people to play this song at your funeral.

  12. Zanna Du


  13. Elisa Vieira

    I love he's voice

  14. joe fran

    If this song could turn into substance, it would be pure liquid!

  15. Clévão Skt Punk

    DMT trip!

  16. Marc Skalecki

    Cette musique est une longue plainte, je pense à un être cher en l'écoutant.
    Je l'écoute souvent.

  17. Никанор Сапегин

    Я обязательно сделаю для "Старкона" костюмы под эту песню и клип.

  18. Бергал

    АхуититильнА ;0)

  19. coquijean

    still here 12/2019

  20. Richard Roberson

    A song on a album that transcends reality. A masterpiece.

  21. Kristen A. Cranford

    Heard it first from Samantha Darko. Now it somehow reminds me of Majora's Mask. But I love the song and gonna look up more of Dead can Dance's songs

  22. Orpheas Nestos

    I sometimes wonder if after I die , the only thing left behind of me will be electronic texts....Not that I haven’t done anything worthwhile...


    Seek the infinity within rather than the wilderness without.

    Orpheas Nestos

    drperiwinkle Thanks for that . I do try. Have a great New Year!


    @Orpheas Nestos God Bless!

  23. Dead Weight

    1993 have this on cassette.Great band.

  24. Tom Ripsin

    I've loved these folks for a long time, & what an excellent video! The surreal images, and the dreamy, flowing music combined with the jerky movements is fantastic.

  25. Gabriela Iacoponi

    No alcanse a comprar las entradas en chile se agotaron de una 😢😢😢😢

  26. Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts

    The more I become bookish and as more, I'm refined I find dangerous and savage humans along my side.
    The sensibility and beauty of a mathematical discovery after the feelings of stress and tension lead to countless breakthroughs of this kind.
    I only have a look at my side and see my neighbor sitting there his face turned into a mask and his intentions are plain.
    The ones of pure anger as though he would kill me.
    So, I leave my chair as if he follows.
    Then I exit right out the door.
    I am gone.
    He is there.
    -F. Nienow

    The Pragmatists:
    On, pragmatic buckets and laws,
    that rush my sensibility,
    their fatalistic engulfed flaws,
    are a nightmare of savagery

    Their constant is one that's painful,
    not a pretty, or a curious thing,
    they permeate Platonic Forms,
    unjustly shaped polyhedra
    -F. Nienow

  27. RichardCyberPunk

    Simply Beautifull

  28. Apfelwolken

    My favourite DCD song... Brendan's exceptional voice is killing me every time! <3

  29. Luccas Matos

    I feel like some magic is moving behind the human suffering with an innocent chid's delight. As a play!

    These emotions seems to me to be pointing to something beyond. I can't describe in a way more satisfactory. It's just how i feel. Almost a mystical experience.

    (Sorry bad english)

  30. j l

    that voice

  31. Sarhang

    man, what a blessing they are! im a lifetime fan.

  32. TCromps 96

    Literally the only good part of S. Darko

  33. hecubot

    One of the most beautiful videos ever made.

  34. Video Vault TV

    I sang this song at my American Idol audition

  35. Sean Brookshire

    over IF YOU WANT IT TO be

  36. Catreece MacLeod

    I really can't get over how much Gorillaz's Empire Ants sounds like this song, makes me wonder if The Carnival Is Over was a direct source of inspiration for the Gorillaz song. It may be coincidence but the resemblance in the feel between the two is so close it's hard not to assume there may be some correlation there somewhere.

  37. ADHD Synth

    This is pain and longing manifest into art.

  38. Simon bolivar

    Masterpiece greetings from Morocco ♥

  39. Sweet Nothing

    So fucking depressed

  40. Randy Kourvelas

    They're driven by a strange desire.
    Unseen by the human eye.

  41. Michael Kane


  42. sugar kane

    there is no better song

  43. Xfiles Foxisdead

    Carnival is over...sums up my life

  44. bearmanmr

    Luv DCD

  45. Steve Allen Cagle

    Oh how sad. losing the love of your life sucks

  46. C Rojas

    I think is time to upload this in the quality it deserves

  47. Delta Zen

    Es un privilegio escuchar está música tan majestuosa

  48. Robert Neatherland

    Haunting. Yet, dear.

  49. jellyguy96

    First heard this song when the movie S Darko came itself wasnt as memorable as Donnie Darko but this song and scene it was in certainly was.

  50. Kurt Baynes

    This song is beautiful, but brings me too much sadness

  51. imbis253fois

    This was, along with the album part of one of the most exceptional trips I ever encountered listening to it at 4Am in a council flat off the old Kent Road London, then hearing the first sound of morning a nightangale, and then the first planes of the morning, way back in 1994

  52. Rafał Górczak

    Do I only associate some fragments with
    Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saëns ??

  53. Sophie Mircastein

    Aún me recuerdo escuchando en la radio con mi uniforme de la secundaria The Carnival is Over en el año 93, desde ese momento me enamore de esta joya 💗...

  54. cs chaka

    Hi Lisa and Brendan, I just want to thank you for peaceful, equilibrium-bringing instrumentals like Nierika's. Such instrumentals and Brendan's soothing voice make me untouchable. Nothing can get to me of this mad world when I listen to you guys. So thank you for such masterpieces that bring balance to my soul. And by the way, The Carnival Is Over is my favourite song from you guys :)

  55. MegaMikss

    БРАВО / BRAVO !!! 🖤❤️🖤

    Hails & Cheers from Serbia 👍🏻🇷🇸🍻

  56. nate feitz

    What the fuck is happening

  57. Batter

    god his voice and the pan flute give me fucking CHILLS this is incredible

  58. hal schild

    I edited this video. It's still my favorite project that I worked on.

  59. DeadCanDance

    i remember that my father showed this to me when i was 4 or 5. he’d always put some emotional songs like memories of green (blade runner soundtrack by vangelis), long nights (into the wild soundtrack by eddie vedder) or simpler and sweet songs like junk (by paul mccartney) and time in a bottle (by jim croce) for sleeping, but even at this age i was touched by those songs and didn’t hold my tears.

  60. Wioletta Paradowska


    Tomasz Malinowski

    Soft Parade cześć

  61. Leslie Schmidt

    one of the COOLEST videos!

  62. Rolando Castañeda

    Great, awesome song, horrible video.

  63. David G

    ¡¡Amo esta canción!! Tiene una carga de sentimentalismo que fascina..

  64. Duan Torruellas

    I like the old DCD , or should I have said the esoteric DCD the earlier stuff , the chants and vocals that sounded like magickal incantations sang in some dead middle eastern language. The stuff that made you feel like the Angel's and demons were singing together in one choir , just for you.
    This track is ok , but when you've tasted heaven well...

  65. Maja Euthymia

    Quinci sian le nostre viste sazie?

    (So are our views satisfied?)

  66. Ciera Rae

    The piano tunes..I heard them in my dreams. I woke up to this song and had to check it out. How my brain could know? Childhood memories awakened by deep sleep, deep deep dreams...have to have heard it playing the background of my childhood.

  67. PanchoPantera10

    I always end up crying at the end of this video... the visuals are just BEAUTIFUL, the music and vocals just soothe me and send me to heaven.

  68. Reynard the Fox

    I believe this song is not exactly about a circus. Circus performers aren't "driven by strange desires unseen by a human eye". The song whispers about something, or about someone who "is calling". What or who he is we don't know. Sometimes we are only driven by a strange desire to tell about something hardly known. Something forgotten long time ago, but still remembered vaguely. We can use endless trains of metaphors and still be to far from knowing. Circus is just a tool to point to something unspeakable which disturbes our minds from time to time without any obvious reason.
    Actually, all DCD oeuvres are profoundly symbolical. They are addressed to a preternatural reality. Probably this reality is hidden outside of us in a parallel universe or we should watch within ourselves and look for something in unfathomed depths of our psyche. Nobody knows. Anybody will ever know. We can only listen to the whisper, we can only sing...

  69. PETRA M.

    Woooooowwww... the ❤ ... is melting 😯❤😯❤😯❤

  70. PETRA M.

    Always... incredible 💞😯💞😯💞😯💞😯💞

  71. Alex Torell

    Track is good. But I hate clowns.

  72. Liam Alepta

    I actually joined a carnival, worked for a few years traveling all over the nation, this song reminds me so much of my experience of making people happy. Perfect Carnie song.

  73. Gattsu

    Wow I finally found this beautiful song 😍, I love the voice! A fantastic new artist to listen ^_^. I heard this song years ago in my brother's random playlist, but never knew the artist. Thanks Spotify 💖!

  74. Damiano Cancedda

    What a beautiful song

  75. Manel Oumuamua

    O carnaval acabou. Hoje é quarta feira de cinzas

  76. James Lenahan

    I could weep from the beauty of this song and this video.

  77. Laurent Quintana

    Did you get the reference to joy division?

  78. Sarah Herzog

    My all time favorite song. My number one since I have heard it for the first time. So many things happened in my life, I grew older, but the song stayed. A miracle.

  79. hitdannyboy

    this guy has a voice like Andy Williams died

  80. John Smith

    What minds wonder in a world of Muse, the begging of end in emotions that run as slow as these verses. To wonder what our minds think when we hear Dead Can Dance.

  81. blobcity

    this song is a tremendous bummer.

  82. Garrett J. Frick

    You should have spliced a much better audio track with this music video.. no excuses.

  83. Garrett J. Frick

    This is one of the worst on youtube.. sad that it has this many hits

  84. Miroslaw Czarachewicz


  85. Erwin Klement


  86. Arkadiusz Malesza


  87. Roberto Velez

    This was my one of my mother's favorite groups and this was her favorite song.. I remember her enjoying this song and we used to dance it together, I remember seeing in her eyes such sorrow yet such happiness, I couldn't understand it, how could I, I was just a kid... It's been 12 years since she passed away, and this song brings such sorrow and happiness every time I hear it.. It's true dead can dance. Bless the universe this group they are amazing, trascende time and even 14 years or more they are still avan gard.

  88. briyant alvarez

    I am sooooo hiiiiiiiiihgghhhhh

  89. Mart Lua

    Every music of Dead Can Dance is a masterpiece.

  90. androidstar

    Very nice indeed!

  91. Jorge Azocar

    2018 👍👍👍

  92. Ken David

    This is why since a teen alternative music reigns Supreme, dcd, cocteau twins, enigma,etc.80s were fantastic, pop was ok,but European music was and is ahead of its time

    Duan Torruellas


  93. Daryl Constance

    I've listened to this song weekly, at minimum, for about 12 or 13 years, and can honestly say I'm not even nearly tiring of it.

  94. daudi dåudi

    This song is super addictive, you can't to listen to it once!

  95. pius stefo

    Oh, that excruciating moment when a song rises painful memories of happy romantic moments, and you can't avoid to combine two feminine countenances, because everything seems to resemble, in your mind. Oh.

  96. Ilse

    This song makes me cry
    through the time and always;
    They are a example of how the music could be and must be the best discovered for the young people . . .