Dead Can Dance - Spirit Lyrics

I thought I'd found a reason to live
Just like before when I was a child
Only to find dreams made of sand
Would just fall apart and slip through my hands

But the spirit of life keeps us strong
And the spirit of life is the will to carry on

What have I done to you
To cause this reclusive silence
That has come between me and you?

And the spirit of life remains in light
And the spirit of life remains inside, inside

I never thought it would be quite like this
Living outside of mutual bliss
But as long as the veins in our arm still stand up
The spirit of life will keep living on

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Dead Can Dance Spirit Comments
  1. manyonezerometalsmyth 66

    Welcome ... to Satan's table. My name is Belfuery. I'm a minor demon of simple chores, a messenger, and a prince of Hell. I'm so pleased you could come. Here, on Earth, we deal in slaves. We deal in slaves of economics! We deal in slaves of religion! We deal in slaves of nature! We deal in information. And, we deal temptation, mostly banal... we deal work, we provide dreams and inspiration but really we control system slavery and watch everything. This concludes our meeting for the time. Have a pleasant day...

  2. Benjy Nina

    Best album and i have all, tks

  3. Luciano Secundino

    Não existe nada mais lindo que DCD

  4. Lil Nugget

    I thought I'd found a reason to live
    Just like before when I was a child
    Only to find dreams made of sand
    Would just fall apart and slip through my hands

    But the spirit of life keeps us strong
    And the spirit of life is the will to carry on

    Adversity what have I done to you
    To cause this reclusive silence
    That has come between me and you?

    And the spirit of life remains in light
    And the spirit of life remains inside

    I never thought it would be quite like this
    Living outside of mutual bliss
    But as long as the veins in our arm still stand up
    The spirit of life keeps living on

  5. Samer Elzahr

    Beautiful song specialy how it ends awesome..

  6. Bunny Bugs


  7. Eric de Forest

    A great song from the duo. Mesmerizing in it's aural message and musical simplicity. I love the sonic heritage sounds & historic variety DCD provide on their albums, but I would take an entire album of songs that they both sing with intent to provide more like this as well. Glad they are still active out there and working on projects. Thanks for posting this gem.

  8. Lordflyer of dragons Ruston

    Why would they ban this from certain countries that shit makes no sense blood still pumping my veins Powered by my heart our spirit is alive

  9. laurence cope

    Love the single snare drum.

  10. Maja Euthymia

    Lo star bene è per poco,
    Ma è invero non poca cosa.

    (Being well is for a while,
    But it is indeed not a small thing).

  11. Guillermo Armando Salgado Gaeta

    Chales que hermosa!

  12. Alexander Riot

    Heaven is an idea-Life is a fact ; God is an ideal- the animal is a fact! ; Language is an idea- The Holy Ghost is a fact?

  13. michael holmes

    DCD Doors Can Dance love this song

  14. Egon Nagler

    ohne Worte ..... nehmt es mit der Seele auf Freunde....

  15. viveladecadence

    This song starts out so grim with the line "I thought I found a reason to live" (past tense!) and it ends with "the spirit of life will keep living on" and it's so beautiful, powerful, and hopeful that it's been kind of my mantra for years.

  16. hosanna23

    I love this song...........

  17. Philippe Cirse

    You end up in a cold room, dark and empty. Closed windows, locked doors. Your eyes have adapted to the small light that seeps into the holes of your curtains. You stand in the middle of the room and you have finally become that "nothing" you had seen in a dream!

  18. generic bleach

    My mom is listening to this song and i ask her ooooooooooooooooooooooohh do you wanna listen to a good song and she said no oh wait i am😆😆😆😀😄

  19. Eric Z

    Complex instrumentation beautifully executed.

  20. Alfredo Boutet

    Over and over for 5 hrs no matter after years and years. Love for ever

  21. gABRIEL aRCE

    Una de las mas bellas canciones

  22. Saso Karapancev

    Deep therapy for the grey cell.

  23. Pancha Villa

    🖤🖤that voice man...🖤🖤

  24. Stein von Beuningen

    Best Sound of 2001! Summer in Germany Lüneburger Heide!

  25. Catherine Hart

    One of the best lines of all time is "Adversity what have I done to you / To cause this reclusive silence /That has come between me and you..." Ugh! The agony and extreme beauty of this amazing piece of music.

    Melissa Schiller

    Sounds like a hint to stop causing adversity!

  26. denimlabels

    And the spirit of life keeps living on.

  27. 44,100Hz Social Club

    i feel blessed that this people did such a strong infuence to whole my life music taste

  28. Konstantinos S.

    Dat Bass

  29. Pablo Ferrolterráqueo

    deAd T●p dAnCe!

  30. Holly Thomas

    I lived this album back in the early 90's.  It was a soundtrack to my life.  Still gives me chills.

    lee Thomas

    Holly Thomas got into dcd during a mixed up time in my life Rollercoaster of emotions carnival is over favorite . by the way great last name be well out there in the world.

  31. Christopher M Glow


  32. Пиксель Хоуми

    Все готов отдать и даже то, чего не имею, что бы вернутся в то время

  33. Sergy Volodimirov

    Full amazing music in!Greats powered!

  34. Michelis Léna

    I feel honesty in this melody.

  35. Antony M

    best band in the universe.......

  36. Maja Euthymia

    Sì! Questa fede tutto mi riempie.
    Dell’umana saggezza, ecco l’estremo senso:
    Merita libertà, merita vita,
    Solamente colui che, in ogni giorno
    Con aspra lotta,
    Conquistar le deve.

    (Yup! This faith fills me everything.
    Human wisdom, here is the extreme sense:
    He deserves freedom, deserves life,
    Only one who, in every day
    With bitter struggle,
    Conquer the must)

  37. joy division

    .....and indeed. Dead can dance . .what a fantastic song.....

  38. Maria Kouroupi


  39. Ja!!! Mistyk

    sorrrrrrow!!!!!!! last level off.......

  40. Katey Wolfy

    that Basssss :3

  41. Vinícius Youtube

    a masterpiece

  42. Lisa Woods

    for middle east etc

  43. JamesVibe

    I recently almost died, and now I'm on the mend. I keep hearing the lyrics of this song " the spirit of life, keeps us strong, and the spirit of life is the will to carry on!" We must push through adversity! I wish peace to everyone.

    Jane Worrall

    Stephen Faherty
    Yep. Having trouble with my iPad charger. Need a new one. I'll ask my friend then I'll try a search. If you do the same would you kindly let me know?

    Stephen Faherty

    Jane Worrall they’re playing at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 4th and 5th of May

    Jane Worrall

    Stephen Faherty
    Thanks for that. I'm usually in France by then!

    Stephen Faherty

    Jane Worrall well, there at Grand Rex in Paris on the 10th and 11th. So all’s not lost:)

    Jane Worrall

    Stephen Faherty

  44. Kevin Mccoy

    Just telling a young man about DCD now after listening for 25 years. The cycle continues!

  45. Michael Albrecht

    passionate and discipline

  46. Nick Morris

    Limited release, extra track on compilation lp, 1 of mi FAv DCD trakz.

  47. Meningococco

    great...great... great

  48. Gopagana Dasa

    The Joy Divisioniest so far.

  49. Kelsey Clark

    The words of these songs say it all !!!

    cache marzipan

    +Kelsey Clark i just agree !!!

    Maria Kouroupi

    Kelsey Clark so true

  50. FLoading00

    Tão bela!

  51. Maria Kouroupi

    His voice is amazing!<3

    Erwin Klement

    Maria Kouroupi you are right greetings from germany to greece


    And it's got better with age. :)

  52. José Souta

    Que saudades...

  53. gustavo gonzalez

    Wonderfull music i liked it!!!!!!

  54. S.M. Stasiak

    Superb song !

  55. Josiane Production

    Dead Can Dance   I love your music........

  56. ana c

    uuuuufffff... que recuerdos!!! que agradable sorpresa encontrarles aqui! 

  57. Jean Hachey

    Those that couldn't hear the music thought that those that were dancing were crazy.

  58. Noventaydosgrados

    Una de las mejores canciones que he escuchado en mi vida!

  59. Velimir Horn

    This just song of my life... Sorry friends for my bad english...

    blaine stevens

    This 'is' just 'the' song of my life. xP You're good, dude. Your English is pretty swell.

    Bell Liberty

    don't worry bout the english our spirit knows what u mean

  60. vampirella67

    Been a fan since the 1980's love DCD <3


    references ?! cheers! :-) formed 1981, before that they were both on different project, him, a punk band. wiki and their website, I do listen their music since their first album went out in 1984. Will listen till  probably death bed, but will be mostly "silence" at that moment.


    Been a fan since the 15th century


    +IraqiNoob Then you must need a nap !  LOL !


    +vampirella67 for all of you idiots that love to correct over and over they had separate projects - and they had other projects in the 1970's - SO go fuck yourselves you are all so big and brave behind your computer screens -


    +vampirella67 chill out douche! And why did you change your original comment? Fucking unnecessary cussing assface

  61. a30w


  62. Noventaydosgrados

    Un Clima simplemente espectacular!!!!...

  63. Cherrypoppins18

    She doesn't like it because he sounds like Frank Sinatra, or you think he sounds like Frank Sinatra? I'm seriously starting to doubt your mom's musical tastes ;)

  64. michael gierer

    HYPNOTIC...downloaded it immediately...

  65. Sandra Key


  66. Łukasz Farys


  67. Ancient Cult

    The "standing up of the veins" is a formulation that signifies a specific kind of will inherent in all that has life, human or not. This will is much more intense and fiercely driving man's life than a mere will to survival does - it is - a will to expand oneself, one's influence onto the world as far as the genes allow. In other words, as long as a living entity is following it's inherent drive to conquer it's environment and dominate with creative force, it can be said that it is fully alive.

    Frater Ergo

    We perceive it as dominance and conquering in reality it is expansion. We are in a constant struggle and many of the factors for that struggle are man made but this passing on the genes is.just the song that is sang for god, which is expansion, having the name-life

    John Grunwell

    PRECISELY! The Universal Creative Force.

  68. genogriego2011

    For those of you who have ever contemplated the enigma of "the meaning of life" The answer is contained in the line "As long as the veins in our arms stand up". It is simply to survive.

  69. BJ Sebastian

    uno de mis temas preferidos.

  70. Pantelis Vourakis

    Peace Of Mind

  71. michell doddis

    Teaars of Joy :')

  72. VilleGardian

    This is great song to listen while driving a car:)

  73. Carla McCujo

    Just great!! *___*

  74. Ángel Benito

    Spiritus! A daemon sprite, or especially a ghost?!

  75. Ángel Benito


  76. Ivana Lucic


  77. Аясніё Моояэ

    SUNDAY at Syd Opera House - yes!

  78. AudioSurfGuy420

    Video uploaded on my birthday !?!?! I love this YouTube user and Dead Can Dance !

  79. Zoydian

    Such a beautiful song!

  80. damghan1 awsomearvin

    dead can definatly dance with this song.just beautiful.tnxs

  81. Fabian Andres Garcia Rojas

    Excelente cancion nada mejor...

  82. LATERALDUS Rodriguez

    Reason to live

  83. Dawn Ceppetelli

    I remember this song from early 90's but it sounds even better now!I don't care that my mom dislikes the guys vioce~sounds like Frank Sinatra lol, I find it spiritually mystically calming..

  84. devalah

    I'm not found of arguing on youtube and I did check your link and I did like the cover but to say in capitals that it is 'way way too much better' than the original for me it means to be in a capital error and to have missed the deepness of the song altogether - the tribute is awesome indeed but the feeling, the subtlety even in voice are missing; to embellish a song doesn't necessarily makes it better.

  85. devalah

    here comes the spirit of life through music...

  86. anita s

    beautiful voice and wonderful music..

  87. Noukz

    Could this song be about Brendan and Lisa?

  88. Alexandre O Grande Senna

    the born of trip hop
    fucking awesome

  89. Filia Syros


  90. Rahciah

    te nagranie to jakaś masakra ,szok

  91. 12 34

    @spaarkplug66 and not dancing. ;)

  92. 12 34

    Humongous song for me. Well... For us.

  93. mrswray1

    I was also born late 50s. Kinda invokes Jim Morrison, as I listen, also the Moody Blues, but lyrically much different....more thought provoking.

  94. MIrko Tamina

    time for ever......

  95. TuesdayAmy Blackmon

    dlishously GrOOvy :)