Dead Can Dance - Rakim Lyrics

Favoured son
Turn in the garden
Shades of one
Sins forgotten

Favoured signs to find hope
In the rounds of life
Favoured rhymes to find hope
In the sands of life

Favoured son
Fence in your heart
Savored son
Sins forgotten

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Dead Can Dance Rakim Comments
  1. San-Rei-Karate online

    I heard this group dead can dance the first time and its sooooo nice wow👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Rakim is soooooo coool and a nice song

  2. Ingrid Rykmans


  3. Normal Person

    "Fillya marya dushar ke dio
    Fillya darya dushar ke diao
    Fillya marya dushar ke dios
    Fillya drama kokar ke diam
    Fillya morra liamaneya eyamar
    Fillya marya dushar giageyamar
    Fillya morra laura manaliamer
    Fillya marya dushar giageyamar

    Fillya marya dukhar ke dius
    Subra darya doshar ke diam
    Fillya marya morra ke nius
    Suva darya dushar ke diam
    Fillya morra liamaneya eyamar
    Fillya marya dushar gialeyamar
    Fillya morra laura manaliamer
    Fillya darya dushar giageyamar

    What does that mean?

  4. Luis Guzmán

    wich idiom is that?

  5. Aleista RA SephardicJew


  6. juliop1710

    De la primera vez que los escuché me encantaron y nunca más dejé de escuchar su mágica música que me transporta a otra dimensión

  7. Salacious Crumb

    beautiful and haunting at the same time.

  8. -arc-

    this is so rainbow rhythms !

  9. 19lance20

    Most of their songs are healing rituals, the rest are related to cycles of human experience in relation to sacred geometry in every aspect which of course brings out the most humbling of comments from some really nice people :)

  10. Thomas Braemer

    Mehr geht nicht

  11. Kevin Bennett

    great love to BP and LG and others of DCD

  12. Kevin Bennett

    talk to all global reverend mothers. i want my nicole back.

  13. Migrant 42

    What's the meaning of Rakim?

  14. Salaheddin Al saghir

    that’s flashback take me to 1998 when I used to listen to this on my Walkman in the desert of the old city of palmyra in Syria,majestic

  15. Patrick McFarland

    This is so rainbow rhythms

  16. Belphegor 1963

    So Stark...

  17. Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts

    Fascinating fur traps from scouts I've seen around. They have an interesting rhetorical spring.  They're probably skilled at both signs and untrailed wilderness and barely drunkards.  It's probably an offset trap.  You would lift the trap-arm, swing it over the spring, and set it down carefully behind the jaws. I think they camp about 3 miles NE of here...

    Kevinhero66 H

    Eh? Really?

  18. Александр Лис

    Довольно таки весьма ебанестично!

  19. Chiringuito Del Comic

    Hermosas composiciones........mirada moderna de la musica con raices antiguas

  20. Laura Windspell

    40 today listen to you since the age of 14
    You are beyound all music
    Full stop

  21. Penny Ritter

    Cannot wait to see them in Denver on my birthday in 2020. There isn't a better gift.

  22. Ivan Ivanov


  23. Donna Rawlins French

    I was backpacking and staying in New York when this live album was released - I remember going to Tower Records on Broadway and listening to this through the shop headphones. Watching the usual traffic and mayhem through the shop windows was wonderfully contrasted with this fantastic otherworldly soundtrack. I'd expect nothing less from Dead Can Dance! Thank you, Lisa & Brendan! & fans, check out the concert DVD - it's a treat.

  24. Zili Ohneland

    ,like the oriental flow what i cant describe... just feel

  25. Aarond Anton

    Wow so beautiful I know those eyes at the beginning I have seen them in so many kind souls that were begging for help.
    The beauty in the world gets trampled way to often for power praise Glory to gain riches.
    I give all praise thanks Glory power peace love truth and grace to God the Father and Creator in Heaven amen
    I love and only serve and worship God the Father and Creator in Heaven of all things good in the beginning amen, God the Father and Creator in Heaven of all things Good in Earth and in Heaven is the only God before me amen.

  26. Nathan Beecham

    Man that's just fucking beautiful I've hit replay like a dozen times

  27. Jon Ilaw


  28. Klaus klaus

    Coole Nummer

  29. Mercedes Peces

    Jahrelang gehört, jahrelang genossen...

  30. Kevin Brodeur

    Rahim merciful kindness

  31. Jeff Ravage

    A really excellent video. Just stunning both visually and aurally. But then, its DCD.

  32. Alex Barry

    Wonderful music paired with beautiful images. Danke, Engelherz!

  33. victor van dyke

    Just fucking amazing!

  34. Roseand Stem

    No other sound transports me into a universal journey the way this music does.

  35. M Mikeworth

    Rakin is a song about a man sung by a man. NOT women

  36. Cunty McCuntface

    VERY nice.

  37. The111Queen

    I can feel myself moving in and out of different dimensions as I listen to this magic created by dead can dance

  38. Eva Matulewski-Carter

    My parents got married to this song. It seriously leaves me awash in shivers and tears every time I listen to it. I don't know how Lisa and Brendan do this.

  39. Ace Alderman

    This is so Rainbow Rhythms

    (I've known DCD from before I saw Peep Show, but it was a pleasant surprise to hear them on TV)

  40. Abara Nihei

    All time fav of mine!!

  41. Germán Joya

    but this song had another video. What hapenned?

  42. kostas EFTHYMIADIS

    Saw them live. Best 15 euros spent in my entire life.

  43. Tony Evans

    Have listened to DCD for years, am 63 in September and they still make me think I’m still a kid x❤️

  44. Nestor Zaraza

    Beautiful music fot9 soul

  45. darin gonzales

    One of the most beautiful music ever heard

  46. Nikolly Hainz

    🌒🌑🌔 🖤

  47. Gustaw III

    Lisa Gerrard THE BEEEEEEEEST!!!!!

  48. hubert wasserman

    What's backround this musicie is?

  49. Andrzej Wasowicz

    I listened DCD first as as was 16, now 44 but am still within the realm....

  50. Morris Getman

    DCD create worlds with just a verse of their songs.

  51. venture bullettrain321

    Time and space window machine

  52. venture bullettrain321

    Many worlds feels

  53. Robert Neatherland

    I'm going to listen to this played loud in my garden and dance for the Lord. I love him.

  54. Olivier Maffli

    Depuis 35 ans ce merveilleux DUO enchante la planète et même au delà. Universellement Cosmique👽

  55. Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts

    *Newton, Freemasonry, God, Masks of an Eden and Ozymandias*
    God was the product of wise men in late BC in their early scientific understanding. They called demons also. Jesus was a man who paid for that principle. Religion became an illusion. God is nothing but Monad, the number 1 as discovered in math at the same time as the gods became one god. The Romans took this from the Greeks like Jupiter was Zeus. The Greeks stole from the Egyptians. Pythagoras was known for this. The books were destroyed in Ptolemy but many survived. Metalsmithing and beer are BC products. The math system became Arabic after other symbology at the same period. Jesus was an Essene and mixed with some principles of the period but wasn't really wise to their books if he existed at all. Some say he was created as a form of Dionysus or Bacchus. The Greeks had public arguments which were highly contrived in BC. These were the philosophers like Aristotle and Plato and Socrates. Saxons were wanderers of the period. It unfolded on their heads, so to speak. The Egyptians were really civil and friendly. They created the first school system. Egyptians like Anaximander and Thales of Militus created the first bound book, the apeiron, which is the first recipe of life and the universe, and the early math system and were seen as gods just like Thoth was Hermes Trismegistus and created alchemy. Cats were given the status of gods in the Egyptian community. This was prevalent in Templars and Freemason of later periods. People gave up money and stuff to join Pythagoras who formed the first math community and believed in minimalism in BC. He was big on medicine, transmigration, and created the musical harmonic system as a medicinal scope to align the senses mathematically. The Jews were classically denied the system but made some contributions anyway like distillation from Mary the Jew. The antidiluvians had a calendar before the Julian system based on the same basic understanding. They migrated from the Tower of Babel near the flood with Abraham and lost the recipe. Eternal life was all the rage but really related to the Philosophers egg of the alchemists which is a highly contrived bit of metal. Archimedes was a physicist around then, sure, and created some of the first physics and the recipe for measuring gold...

  56. Kevin Bennett

    yeah. no shit. allies. I wanted Aryan babies. but no one would listen.fuck them. death is better. too fucking crowded. damned fools; traitors all my life!that's why I am where I am. damned Yanksbloody rebels from the startever paranoid someone would take awaywhat they so unrigteously acquired in the first place....we have always loved Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard that love goddess in the flesh.....amor vincit Omnia and cacoe thes our hearts and minds there is only LOVEand in our minds.....BEAUTYEVERYWHERE

  57. Ronja Rose

    Ist ja mal mega gut 🌹

  58. Jan ZA

    I recommend listen to the group Vas, they influenced DCD music. Their arab instruments and singing were influence to them . Azam Ali is also a great singer.

  59. Dudley Beach

    What language is lisa Gerrard chanting in the song Cantara

    Stuart Ravey

    Apparently she makes her own language and lyrics.. If it sounds good she sings it I've heard!

  60. Darryl Hetherington

    powerful montage of images fused with DCD unique...congratulations

  61. Jesus Mind

    After spinning in my own faith in my own solitude I rediscovered and try again to hold my head above the water of this sandy plane and so this is my daily reminder...this music...this song...lest I forget.

  62. gbronzich

    Marvellous group! I have always loved them, and I agree with the comment below that Brendan Perry is a genius.

  63. Alex Blok

    Thank you Mist for introducing me to DCD, one of my top 5 'bands' of all time. Pink Floyd being in a fight for No.1 with DCD and Jean Michel Jarre. This track is just so powerful. It is what quality headphones and decent separates HiFi component systems were made for. No puny speaker dock or sound bar can capture the fidelity and dynamic range of this masterpiece in human achievement. Damn, that was good.

  64. roccoco666

    a što ove ilustracije za njihove pesme mora da budu ovoliko jadne?

  65. GoodVibesOfficial

    ♪♫♥ ;)

  66. Josecorrea Photo

    man, i remember the first thing i heard from DCD was this song, it came on a VHS release of the album (oldie huh?) in the early 2000s since then i love them

  67. C w C Lites

    Desires attained in the garden of eternal bliss, with your bird of plumage

  68. Isobael Liu

    The opening notes of this song ALWAYS give me the chills, even after all these years.

  69. Petar Ruzevic

    Rakim's just great. Keep going. Eric B.

  70. Abhainn M

    ᚠᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷᛠᛁᛖᚠ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᚱᛖᚦ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷᛠᚱᛞᛖ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷ ᛁᛋᛖᚠ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᑼ ᚥᛄ ᖎ ᚱᛚ ᚳᛖᚱᚪᚻᚱᚫᛖ
    ᚠᚱᚩᛞ ᛗᛞᚫᚷ ᛇᚱᛚ ᛇᚱᛗᛖᚾᚷᚢᚦ ᚩᛚᗗᛖ
    ᚠᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛚ ᚻᚷᛠᚱᛞᚠᚱᛁ ᚳᗗᛖ
    ᛞᚱᚩᚳᗗ ᚻⳊᚱᛚ ᛝᚻᚱᛞᚠᛁ ᚻᛚ ᗗᛖᛠᛖ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷᛞᛚ ᚩᛚᗗᛖᛠᛖ

    ᚠᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛚ ᚳᚷᚱᚳᗗᛞᛁᛖᚠ
    Ⳉᗃⲹᚩᗗ ᚥᛄ ᖎ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷᛠᛁᛖ

    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛞᛠ ᚣᚱᚷᛠᚱᛞᛝᚠ
    Ⳉᚩᚩᛞ ᚱᛖᚳᗗ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷᛠᚱᛞᛖ
    ᚠᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷᚥᛔ ᚷᚩᛞᚠᚩᛚᚳᗗᛖ ᗗᛖᛠᛖ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᛞᚫᚷ ᛠᛚ ⵣᚻᚷᚠᚱᛁᚦᚾ ᗃⲹ Ⳉ ᚪᗗᛖᛠᛖ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᛟᛘᛋᛁᚫᛞ ᚷᚩᛞᚠᛝᚷ ᚻᛚ ᗗᛖᗗᛚ
    ᛞᚱᚩᛞ ᚱᛖᚦ ⵣᚻᚷᚠᛁᚷ ᛠᛚ ᗗᛖᛚᛖ

    [Celtic Yodeling]

    Favored son, turn in the garden
    shades of one, since forgotten
    Favored signs to find hope, in the rounds of life
    Favored rhymes to find hope, in the sands of life
    Favored son, fence in your heart
    Savored son, sins forgotten

  71. Yiğit Çobanoğlu

    which language?

  72. lukeslc

    I would like to invite anyone who might read this to read The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Thank you

  73. Kevin Buekenhoudt

    One of their best ever...

  74. Alberto Manuel

    Envolvente ....magica ....entranha....huuummm

  75. Troy Kilmister

    The dead can only dance if they know how..Until then they will always remain dead....

  76. johnny wolf


  77. asshole

    What the hell does this have to do with the God Rakim?

  78. Kevin Brodeur

    The numerical value of rakim in Chaldean Numerology is 1
    The numerical value of rakim in Pythagorean Numerology is 7

  79. Servicio Picasso


  80. jorge cordova

    DCD es demasiado deberían de estar patentados para la humanidad

  81. virgo B

    Je replonge dans mon adolescence il y avait trop longtemps que je n avais pas écouter c est trop bon 😏😚😌💖

  82. lostfan1978

    Enigma and DCD 4EVER <3

  83. Yaroslav Lyzenko

    Как сейчас помню,свои студенческие годы, каждую ночь,засыпали только под, ДедКенДенс.... огромная уважуха музыкантам,которые сделали этот проект....

  84. Sergio Baldi


  85. ripley8 aliensmom

    Love this song .....great music

  86. Enduro Camaro Dusty

    This Is Perfection! If Seven Of Nine Love`s A Band, She Love`s Dead Can Dance!

  87. c w

    so touching. it sings to me of being forgotten yet hoping to be found. Feels like a song from our original home calling out in the night to us that we are not forgotten - Hope & Love, Colin.

  88. Marcelo Benitez

    La gente que dice que la mejor banda es los bitle...deberían escuchar esta obra...

  89. marcus Thomas

    I’m 59 love it Almighty Simon City Royals

  90. Shakespere Zen


  91. R.L. Trismosin

    One of the greatest and most memorable moments of my life was seeing Dead Can Dance live in 2012. I was transfixed for nearly 3 magnificent hours and to this day I still think about that experience

  92. tracylynnw

    I used to have this cassette, wore it out.

  93. Gretchen

    Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, and Cocteau Twins are not just 3 amazing 3AD musical groups. They are Game Changers, They are Spiritual Movements. I started listening to them in my late teens when some really amazing things were happening to me. I often listened to them when I'd take psychedelics where things happened that I can't even describe. Dead Can Dance, especially, for me, marks experiences of self realization,bonding with ancestral ghosts, a deep-psychic neuro- muscle memory, a spiritual overhaul.

  94. Sow was

    Eddie Vedder voice on it makes me cry


    Umm not Eddie, but Brenden....

  95. Stuart Ravey

    I'm sure this is what heaven will sound like!!

  96. esox lucius