Dead Can Dance - Mesmerism Lyrics

Frail of heart
Renounce all fear
Locked away inside
All these years
Remain in the light
Renounce all fears
For you have been
Break this spell
Of silence

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Dead Can Dance Mesmerism Comments
  1. didier soret


  2. Richard Roberson


  3. lisa woods

    Hollywood disordered shows in time

  4. Alec Misra

    At the time i did not recognise the occult symbolism of the cover. I interpreted it as a prophecy of renewal of the industrial wasteland of britain at the time.

  5. antigen4

    really MISS this version of the group! when they were into this kind of primal celtic thing or whatever you wanna call it - all over the first album

  6. Juli Demun

    I am flying

  7. nick1428

    Fuck your head up music

  8. Beez Cerbopls

    Welcome back #DCD we missed you....

  9. papa gato

    esta cancion es hipnotica es una obra de arte

  10. Alba Carrillo

    So powerful so amazing <3

  11. tbeat03

    Franz Anton MESMER!

  12. Tomasz Wójcik

    As the man who two time escaped from the embrace of the Beautiful Lady I DON'T WANT TO SEE HOW SHE DANCES as long time as possible...

  13. Opium Workshop

    flor arteria!

  14. 井上知夏

    I’ve just been mesmerized...

  15. lithographer64

    it was staged by photographer Colin Grey, in Salford on the outskirts of Manchester's city centre, outside an old dock warehouse that explosives had failed to bring down, leaving it slumped to one side. The star tuned out to be a piece of rubbish that had been discarded on the ground.


    Put smile om me, but good.

  16. вася ивашкин

    Шедевр !!!!!!

  17. babylon333

    Still the best

  18. Lilith Gilded


  19. İsmail Özçelik

    I love kind of every mystic music!

  20. skin walkers

    took my breath away...

  21. Ralph Dimagiba

    Did they ever perform this live?


    They're playing this on tour now. Just saw them live last night in Lisbon. They killed it! Perfection!


    🔔 d-_-b 🔔

  23. Poupée Gothique

    I keep forgetting how much I like this song.

  24. AgeOfFire

    can't think of a more fitting song title

  25. Jurresp Dougsp

    Eu gosto de todos os albuns do dead mas para mim o anastasis e o melhor..

  26. The Gothic Nerd


  27. Jaime Vásquez

    This building is real ?

  28. Zeynep KÖSE


  29. Alter Ami

    F U Millennials, this is what real music sounds like.

    Sebastiano Montrone

    Millennials are those born in the 80's and 90's... This came out in the 80's...
    You may have wanted to say Gen Z...


    Are you stupid?

    Dragostea Din Tei

    I'm 26. I used to listen to Dead Can Dance since I turned 14 or so. So shut up))

    Arthur Challat

    OK boomer

  30. Zoydian

    Frail of heart renounce all fear.
    Locked away inside all these years.
    Remain in light, renounce all fears.
    For you have been mesmerized.
    Break this spell of silence.

    politically incorrect

    Zoydian thatnk you. went to towers of yemplar castles feeling the wind iny face,open arma lisyening to them. needed this todsy. one day slaves will see we are ma y and they are few.

    Gia See

    Very nice.

  31. Danuta Czajczyńska

    mesmerism is magic but i very like this song

  32. Bruno Maia

    wow, this is a powerful song. so beautiful

  33. modelzerojeden


  34. James Groome

    This is for everybody, partly cause its FROM everybody.

  35. Marcin Koszczyński

    can't dance

  36. Enzo Alex

    best album for me.

    Fabricio Cid

    Spleen And Ideal (1985)


    Total agree


    Mesmerism is on spleen and ideal!! WTF!!


    ok thanks - sounded to me like earlier work ...

    Thomas Braemer

    For me too

  37. Cristina Geana

    I am mesmerise!

  38. clifton robinson

    streets of rage experiment brought me here

  39. Fireflyunix

    this for gay men on earth 2016 ZU

  40. Fireflyunix

    gay men do not suffer or go to hell, I will make sure they go to heaven of course no worries etc . 2016 ZU

  41. Thecatharticmethod

    Dead Can Dance

  42. Liliane Yakovitch

    beautiful jorney inside my mind