Dead Can Dance - How Fortunate The Man With None Lyrics

You saw sagacious Solomon
You know what came of him
To him complexities seemed plain
He cursed the hour that gave birth to him
And saw that everything was vain
How great and wise was Solomon
The world however didn't wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's wisdom that had brought him to this state
How fortunate the man with none
How fortunate the man with none

You saw courageous Caesar next
You know what he became
They deified him in his life
Then had him murdered just the same
And as they raised the fatal knife
How loud he cried: you too, my son
The world however didn't wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's courage that had brought him to that state
How fortunate the man with none
How fortunate the man with none

You heard of honest Socrates
The man who never lied
They weren't so grateful as you'd think
Instead the rulers fixed to have him tried
And handed him the poisoned drink
How honest was the people's noble son
The world however didn't wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's honesty that brought him to that state
How fortunate the man with none
How fortunate the man with none

Here you can see respectable folk
Keeping to God's own laws
So far he hasn't taken heed
You who sit safe and warm indoors
Help to relieve our bitter need
How virtuously we had begun
The world however didn't wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's fear of God that brought us to that state
How fortunate the man with none
How fortunate the man with none

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Dead Can Dance How Fortunate The Man With None Comments
  1. Jerzy Warchałowski

    I discovered Dead Can Dane when I was 18. I am 48 today and I still think it is a pure magic.

  2. Vanessa ButtuhFly

    THIS EFFIN' SONG!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ebenezer Scrooge

    I don't get the message.

  4. Whited Out

    Hmm.. it's very similar to the Hitman 2 soundtrack, 47 makes a decision

  5. Jaime Alvarez


  6. Larry McCue

    I am always taken back by how good these two people are. Absolutely beautiful moments that I've never seen from other musicians. Amazing they aren't more famous.

    wrath of the lamb

    *wise that they are hidden precious gems to be encountered, discovered. It denotes a special, unique, genius value and is no accident. It is by design.*

  7. Sister Rose

    Welcome to the Jejune Institute

  8. Enzo Alex

    A perfect song for the end of the year, and for the end of the world.

  9. Bært Simps

    I have nothing I see only passengers with qestion so many years why comes the things true why Óoooo Dio Padre thank you for every day

  10. coquijean

    still here 12/2019.....been with this group since 1983? brendan' voice commands the doors to open at the gate of your mind

  11. Craig Drury


    wrath of the lamb

    *LOL! though, the answer is NO.*

  12. hellavadeal

    "To the wise, death is a blessing in a foolish world. "

  13. Bært Simps

    Sees the door?

  14. Janet Craft

    Nice song. He sounds a bit like Jim Morrison.🌙

  15. Olga Prat

    La escuchaba embarazada de mi hijo,y luego la bailé abrazada a él... mágica

  16. Steven Lindquist

    Berthe is a ship you can never live in. Wretched that Pytrel is. The signe of Ester's Grace, her son.

  17. Steven Lindquist

    You are welcome for the support of nothingness. The witch dog is dead. He is caste in amber resin with his dogs.

  18. Gabriel Lane

    My introduction to Dead Can Dance is so bizarre. I go to a classical music conservatory, and in our library, we have a desk where the library gives away items for free. There's a greeting sign on it that reads, "These items are looking for a new home!" Near the beginning of my first semester here, I saw a peculiar album - an eerie hand being caressed by two smaller hands in black and white. Upon further inspection, I saw the name Dead Can Dance. I immediately thought, "oh yeah! I remember briefly reading about these musicians and their involvement in the dark wave movement!" I was not expecting to hear the sounds I did when I heard the first track of Into the Labyrinth. The music is even more unsettling than the album artwork. Dark, somber, confrontational, and if nothing else, it's a record you'll never forget when you listen. It's as if the album was there waiting for me. How Unfortunate The Man With None is hands down my favorite track. Everything down to the creeping, hypnotic bass line and Brendan Parry's gloomy poetry, it's a culmination of everything leading up to the moment. I can say without hesitation, this is one of the best written albums I've ever heard in my life.

  19. barthez669

    what painting is this?

  20. bob roberts

    one o' the most amazing ensembles o' the 20th century...

  21. EnosEverything

    No  -  it's not on AION...  It's INTO THE LABYRINTH ...  All great albums..  what a pair Brendan and Lisa are...

  22. EnosEverything

    a quick history lesson without the sermonising and a ruler across the knuckles...  absolutely wonderful -  I've had this song on my c.d .. it may be AEON but I wouldn't swear to it ... I have all the DCD albums but this track is a favourite...  Cracking stuff Gromitt.

  23. Gewone Jongen

    Most beautiful song ever ever ever made! Can’t stop crying. BP, love!!

  24. Maria Skup

    Tomasz Beksinski tak zasluchiwal sie w dcd i...Muzyka tajemniza,ale moze cos w niej niedobrego tkwi, jakas depresyjna czarna dziura?



  26. Edgar Alvarado

    Most accurate song bout superhuman beings the great (King of Kings) Solomon & (The Thinker)Socrates.... really sad song next to “Gloomy Sunday”

  27. Will March

    The world, however, didn't wait....virtue lost

  28. Kristin Koenig

    I'm always in love with this song!


    jim sinatra

  30. Ratburn

    You’ve heard of noble Donald Trump. He turned our country around. The liberals however didn’t wait. But soon tried to bring him down. It’s courage that had brought him to that state. How fortunate the man with none

  31. Mark Follis

    The painting is by Dan Gheno. This is his website:

  32. manyonezerometalsmyth 66

    The Devil Is:
    The Devil's a pimply faced German
    a Spanish conquistador
    surely, he's not someone learning
    the bloodlines of worldly wars

    The Devil is an engineer
    contriving products fine
    secrets of the world to last
    until the end of time

    The Devil is a copied scribe
    he sits at head of state
    making laws, or passing time
    burning witches at the stake

    The Devil is a mental patient
    insane from what he knows
    in recoveries not his making
    sitting in a cell so cold

    The Devil is a stealing thief
    breaking locks and doors
    simple things they always leave
    and, hidden in the floors

    The Devil is a vampire, too
    he cheats at playing cards
    holdouts under the table, too
    a gunslinger fancy with guards
    -F. Nienow

  33. Rio Rio

    Welcome all yee Goths.

  34. Lil Nugget

    What is the instrument played from the start ?

  35. M. M.

    Completely forgot about DMD.

  36. Wing Commander

    god almighty...

  37. павел хоменко


  38. Arleh

    this should be floating through space

  39. Andrew Taylor

    My theme song

  40. Rio Rio

    Tanks for lyrics.

  41. mistermayonaise

    Must be the spirit of Jim Morrison...

  42. Denis Cardoso

    Música que lava a alma!!!

  43. EMANON.

    This beautiful voice combines perfectly with atmosphere of the song.

    Artists who can express yourselves through art that touchs our soul(s). That's the real spirit of music.

  44. Jan Novotný

    What's the message? It is better to be without courage, truth and wisdom?

    Rodrigo Garcia

    Truth and wisdom you must attain, Yoda said.

    Jan Novotný

    But first buy some cool Star Wars toy!

    There are many fancy spiritual phrases and people with head full of it but I'll answer with question: Courage, seeking wisdom, honesty - How Fortunate The Man With None! What is so great about it?

  45. F L

    todo aquel que consigue la iluminacion en esta vida sera apagada, que afortunado aquellos que no la consiguen!

  46. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

    Best male vocal ever. Just watch them in Belgrade few weeks ago, in first row, so i had perfect audio experience and his voice blew me away...So eteric and otherwordly..And this powerfull song, always opens something like doors in me which i didn't know that even exist ...changing perspective on life and hope for better ... in faith and humanity..

    Rayan Dizdarević

    Au brate otkud propustih :(


    @Rayan Dizdarević bili su u Sava centru krajem 6 mjeseca..imala srece sa kartom pa sam dobila prvi red sredinu i to je vrh iskustvo iako je Lisa bila nekako dosta izmucena,on je ovog puta potegao za dvoje :)

  47. jouni mäenpää

    FBI coming home now:=)

    Игорь Лабутин

    Me Too...

  48. jouni mäenpää

    i just like cannabish...Lol sorry

  49. minagelina

    I love his voice. He's like a Goth Frank Sinatra, lol!

    Toby Williams Photography

    Yes. So trippy

    Toby Williams Photography

    Check out his album Ark if you havn't already. It's a masterpiece

    Case Blaisdale



    could not have said it better....

  50. Sigma Six

    Killer lyrics

  51. David Ellis

    This is Brendan's finest vocal absolutely incredible. Pure Brilliance.

    Cute animal basket

    Yes and indoctrination a design for living also ,love his voice .

  52. Chris Wilson

    listen to the wind . .

  53. bob cabot

    His voice is pure gothic magic just to remind us of the very void that is our all destiny yet descended by the "non-existing" gods to let us feel life...

  54. Carsten Scheel

    how fortunate the man with none! but soon observed....!

  55. Justin Robinson

    Anyone know what the title of the painting is?

  56. Mat 444

    bleak, it's how i feel, music never ceases to amaze me i love this song

  57. greeneking77

    Can someone tell me their other songs like this, I don't like their ones that sound like they should be on the Gladiator movie soundtrack

  58. Alter Ami

    Dead can dance makes me feel like dying and then dancing. Even though I can't dance....maybe I'll learn it after I die though.

  59. Morgan & Cosmo the Fratellas

    ma se uno sta sentendo i dead can dance...perchè si deve beccare questa cosa qua? tube impazzito

  60. Йеро Нск

    Сильное полотно! Мир не ждет. Ни Соломона, ни Цезаря, ни Сократа... И не тебя, божья тварь.


    согласен. никогда такого не слышал

    Игорь Лабутин

    копи проставивают...

    Игорь Лабутин

    простите мой венгерский акцент..

  61. MrQback1

    anyone else see a thunder on the shoe of the guy passing by ?

  62. Panagiotis Drakopoulos

    Love Song. Thanx.

  63. pvnks

    how fortunate the man with none, no ties to another, no sorrow for ones passing, no loathing for a loved one.. how fortunate the man with none who cannot lose a thing.

  64. Carsten Scheel

    there is a deep concurrence between the context and the music! i cant describe it! anthem , bible, codex, psalm ?

  65. aggrezoot

    Csn you tell me the name of the painting ? Or the painter ? Thanks!

  66. ball bust

    I sleep in a doorway, anyone please tell me the painter... Thanks

  67. Nyarlathotep

    185 People dont know how the man with with none.

  68. Kirk Wilson

    One of the creepier songs I listen to.....  Borderline disturbing, but also engaging..

  69. Pepper Jacks

    Quality piece of prose but the accompanying music is just that, accompanying and adds nothing, but the prose is outstanding! Love it!

  70. Claudemir Tergot

    Que musica chata do caralho ,puta que pariu na boa , um torniquete apertando o meu saco seria menos doloroso !

  71. Benedetto Bruno

    5 March 2019, Palermo, Sicily.
    While we all are here living our puzzling lives, none of us will know for certain whether us Humans have really got a Soul or not, whether there is Life beyond Death and whether there is a God or not, so many of us may tend to conclude that Spirituality is just an illusion created by the Human mind. Yet Dead Can Dance's music has the ability to strike some hidden chords in your mind and your heart making Life after Death and Other Dimensions feel real, almost tangible, as if these do indeed exist.

    Michael Collins

    You are lost young man

  72. Ellie Hijlkema

    Niet draaien op een feestje.
    Tenzij je wil dat iedereen plat gaat.🛏🛏📒

  73. James Lehr

    Main inspiration coming from PLATO's THE REPUBLIC, featuring  the parable vvhere ODYSSEUS is seen as blessed but actually admits he'd rather be an average Greek.

  74. José Luis Prieto

    Fantástica formación musical desde hace tres décadas. Todo lo que hacen tiene algún valor, que no es poco.

  75. Asseri Makkonen

    Tuo mies on Jeesus, salkkumiehet ovat Pilatuksia jotka sieluissaan haluaisivat vaihaat paikkaa tuon Pyhyyden kanssa. En usko jumalaan mutta ymmärrän miksi jumalista on kirjoitettu.

  76. Mandy Borg

    sublime!!! Amazing lyrics as well

  77. Johnny Hall

    Socrates was put to death for revealing by medium-istic ways , that which had not been revealed to him by initiation into the secrets, forbidden to those without being initiated, learning & wisdom was not enough, the penalty for this was death! Caesar, for declaring himself, ( if true), as perpetual dictator, yet again against Roman Law at that time! Soloman would have laughed at the judgements passed in the song! Without Wisdom, Learning, Courage, Fortitude, Intuition, fear of the Divine a belief in more than we are! We are as nothing!


    Clearly, you couldn't understand the song and the poem from which it originates. I pity you.

    Johnny Hall

    @nishikun89 Arrogance is obviously your forte! Pop that balloon n' breath!

  78. Mic Krout

    Opening reminds me of the shinning

  79. jorge cordova

    Es demasiado inexplicable.como la.musica puede ser tan perfecta

  80. outofoutof

    Get stoned to this!

  81. BabeRainbow59

    Brendan's voice on this is Amazing. Gorgeous xXx

  82. Trex yo

    Very nice song.Gotta buy some Dead Can Dance vinyls now! :)

  83. 10Ammar

    Just epic.

  84. Nicole Vanschaick

    a solo man's none is a moment with potential for everything

  85. lunatic fringes

    thank you @FunkyardDogg this is awesome. new subscriber

  86. lunatic fringes

    verse written with DCD inspiration visceral & ''soon observed what followed on"

  87. Monica Luo

    This is actually a good painting. Any one knows where is the painting from?

  88. Asseri Makkonen

  89. Lucy Fisher

    Lovely voice, beautiful translation from Brecht, good music - such a shame they abandoned Weill's tune.

  90. Wayne Burns

    What a cool piece. We're all gonna fear God when he comes in person.

    ADHD Synth

    We all are god.

  91. Cafe house

    Odio..los anunvcios...

  92. Loren Garms

    Fortunate, the man with no binds.
    Fortunate the man hidden behind no mask.
    Fortunate the man unbound by judgment.
    Fortunate the man who is free

    Loren Garms

    Fortunate the man with none.

  93. sros6

    I love Frank Sinatra!

    Игорь Лабутин

    I hate Leonid Uteysoff...

  94. Anthony Richardson

    In concert Lisa and Brendan are hypnotic and talented.
    Seattle at the Moore, mid-90's.

  95. Royden Bellman

    Jesus Christ and God themselves would approve of this song and message. Makes me want to reach out and grasp faith in every way. Hope I can do so. Thank you DCD!

  96. Aleksandër Berisha

    **This Song is Magic**

  97. biffrapper

    The guy sounds like Frank Sinatra.


    ......whose gone GOTHE