Dead By April - Last Goodbye Lyrics

Like a closing door, I'm slowly shutting down.
Like a falling leaf, just waiting for the ground.
Don't even bother, nothing can stop it;
Tried my best, but I just can't help it.

It will take a lifetime before I love again.
You will see me die before I love again.
Say my last goodbye.
Say my last goodbye; Goodbye; Goodbye.
Say my last goodbye; Goodbye; Goodbye.

All the broken pieces' shattered all around me.
They've been lying there since the day that you left me.
I'm chanceless, can't fight against it;
Tried my best, but I can't make it.

It will take a lifetime before I love again.
You will see me die before I love again.
Say my last goodbye.
Say my last goodbye; Goodbye; Goodbye.
Say my last goodbye; Goodbye; Goodbye.

It will take a lifetime...
It will take a lifetime...
Before I love again.
You will see me die before I love again.
Say my last goodbye.
Say my last goodbye; Goodbye; Goodbye.
Say my last goodbye; Goodbye; Goodbye.

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Dead By April Last Goodbye Comments
  1. Joann Meeker

    Heck yeah just found you and I'm loving all of this style keep it up

  2. Dakchak Momin


  3. Hassan_Ali_94

    Hey guys! Check out Jimmie and Pontus featured in this new song by a band from Ireland!

  4. Anthony Varela

    MGTOW anyone?

  5. Amira abu zueiter

    LIKE Jimmie Strimell LOVE NICE MAN NICE

  6. Vina Angeline

    Hot timing song reallyhot 😍😍💖😘

  7. zer0 Gajen

    Goodbye, your sd

  8. Deadidolizedpoet

    This would sound As amazing as it already does, if it had backing screams on the chorus, bridge and outro♥♥♥



  10. Leroy Cancio

    Sad moment when Goku sacrifice himself to save Gohan

  11. Jennifer Binger

    Who is listening in 2019 anyone

  12. Bethlehem Calls

    I wasn’t able to say my last goodbye.

  13. Рыба Ёж

    Возвращение в Совёнок . Кто знает - тот поймет

  14. Leroy Cancio

    Remind me of Jiraya's death..Most emotional moment

  15. Tubelight Tubelight

    Good bye and don't come into my life again.

  16. Black Burn

    Something ain't right with me I cannot stand the depression I wanna quit but I don't wanna leave my gf and my family

    Lori Weinfurt

    I hope you're doing better today then when you posted this 7 months ago.

  17. Insidious Russian

    March 2019

  18. antonis kri

    athanasia rules

  19. 89소피

    Lucky those who go from one love to the next like it's nothing. Done, next, moving on. We said it, it's happening. Easy stuff.

  20. Lxst Sxul Ghxst

    It bothers me how bad timing the lyrics show up

  21. Nadrkana banana

    Dude next time when you will be making new lyrics video take your time.

  22. DiaZ

    sweden gives us pewdiepie and dead by april and kick germany from the WC let's be grateful

  23. Arabian Warden

    Amazing 1:57 - 2:08

  24. Rebecca Hobbs

    Still an all time fav group.

  25. burning pheonix

    This song hirts because it's TRUE 😔😭😞😖

  26. Hamza EP

    This song is depressing... And I love it

  27. Justin Pasternak

    Before I love again, you will see me die.. I'm sorry.

  28. Джафар Слебанов

    Прекрасно ...

    Сергей Моисеев

    Say my last goodbye...

  29. Kersti’s Corner

    this song is exactly how i feel.

  30. C.A. old

    good old days dead by april :')

  31. Alexandria Reynolds

    This describes me

  32. Uchiha obito

    So epic !!

  33. Mihail akavoinea

    0:05 i start to live this song 😀😊

  34. C.A. old

    good old times boys :')

  35. FaD CrowN

    2018 anyone??

  36. FreeVoic3

    So much angst

  37. PennyLane Roche

    I have the exact same feelings. I have a sad story. I am still surprised I am even alive. I think it is almost time for me to say my own goodbyes to this cruel dark planet. And I don't know if anyone will miss me. I don't think my own mother will even. I think everyone would rather see me dead. Truth is, It will take a lifetime. And I will be dead before I feel even a little better.... Maybe it is time to say goodbye.

    PennyLane Roche

    @MysticWolf I hope...

    Jakub Mašek

    Hi. I guess someone might have told you, but I think it's worth repeating: saying the final goodbye is just that: final. It cannot be reconsidered, it's throwing away any potential for growth, fun times, happy memories, your own possibilities. And there is always time for that, no need to rush it. Give yourself a chance.

    As for music that might help, try Rise Against - Make it stop, or Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down
    These might not address the problems you are going through, but they deal with the solution many of us seriously considered.

    Jakub Mašek

    As to recommend another music that might help you make it, consider listening to Icon for Hire, they have great lyrics.

    PennyLane Roche

    @Jakub Mašek I am surprisingly still alive.. and I will listen to those songs.. It has gotten better I will be honest... I have a boyfriend now.. and he helped me so much and still helps.. I love him so much, the first true love I have ever felt in my life. I am glad I didn't give up before I found him. So you are right.. but i still feel broken and lost, suicidal too... I will listen to your music and see if it helps. Thank you.

    Jakub Mašek

    @PennyLane Roche @PennyLane Roche I really am glad to hear it. Keep going, there are still more wonderful things to find, to learn. Your potential is endless, don't give up on yourself. Allow yourself time to heal and don't do any rushed decisions when you are down.
    Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed

  38. S. Kevin

    2018 ?😢😃

    PennyLane Roche

    Yes.. But I don't think I will be alive much longer to be able to listen to this song.

  39. I AM HERE

    Don’t be silly you not gonna die. Call me much to explain for your sake.

  40. Paolo Gallizzi

    I can relate to this 7/25/17 can't believe she left me about 3 days ago song is true It will take a life time before I love again you will see me die before I love again ugh I miss her so much

  41. Ela Ela

    Cool song yay

  42. vThE DeviL In I

    Not bad

  43. Michael Morrison


  44. Rabia Rehman

    was in my recommended section, i do not regret a single second of this

  45. Misa Misaa

    Wow! Yt just autoplayed this one and wow I'm impressed! Love the song

    vThE DeviL In I

    Same for me aswell. I started bopping my head and I was like "not bad" lol

  46. Alie Joyner

    This is really bad timing, I had just gotten out of a realationship

  47. Kenny Welker

    where the hell was this when I needed it

  48. Felipe Eduardo Felipe Eduardo

    Musica 2000 2018 hoy musica

  49. Syber Hex

    I can relate to this pretty well. Lately i have been getting so depressed and debating when to commit suicide. I have nobody i love anymore. I have asked out girls i liked but they didnt like me back. I cant find love again, and yes i have tried to look for it. Maybe its not meant for me. Dont worry though i havent given up completely yet.

    Brendan Moore

    Syber Hex Gods timing is perfect my friend! Pray about it

  50. Amalia Lopez


  51. RuleTheSkies

    Whatever amps they are using are sexy as hell.

  52. âvėŕâğĕ SERBILYTE

    as soon as it started, i stopped it because i'm too emberassed to tell my parts 'the song is too sad'

  53. lydia Winchester

    "Before I love again, you will see me die..." If this doesn't describe me...

    lydia Winchester

    I have had the same crush for over half of my life and they're fictional characters...yeah as you can tell I have no social life but know heartbreak


    you can't actually be serious

    lydia Winchester

    Unfortuantly I am. ;-;


    seek help asap

    lydia Winchester

    I'm in a fandom, there's no help needed.

  54. Rosega

    I refuse to say goodbye to people, that implies that I might never speak to them again

  55. Kittencatpie

    holly.... fucking.... shit....

    Ling Lingers minna

    Longlife dead by April

  56. superfiretrooper5

    For me , making friends after losing one is hard. Don't ever say forever to me like that. It won't work. I always wanted eternal friendships never got it.

  57. twiston43

    Just an imitation of My Darkets Days....

  58. Mr J Clash

    Song really expresses how i feel about my girl whos been gone for 5 months😭

  59. Gerald Black N' White

    I just discovered this song and I love it! ♥ I can relate to every line of it. She left me and I don't know if I will ever love again :(
    By the way, can someone please tell me who sings the clean vocals in this song? Is it Zandro or Jimmie?

    Gerald Black N' White

    @BRAHIM LH Hey thanks so much! I really wanted to know who sings this :)

  60. IJoHChikarA

    1.25 speed <3

  61. professionnel name

    Best songgg everrrrr

  62. Ilonka

    Theo text is tot fast


    The text is tot fast

  63. Mafil Requiem Experience

    Shaka de virgo theme song

  64. garrett turner

    I'm crying typing this ever since I broke up with tobias my life has felt empty. We're still friends but I lost something when I broke up with him. But I know God can help me.

  65. ZaneTCN

    Timing was way off but its good that you tried so I'll give it a thumbs up.👍

  66. demonic king

    This is my last goodbye...tomorrow i shall be no more..

  67. P Varg

    Brokw up with my fiance of 8 years last December. I miss her so much. I guess I made too many mistakes

  68. Leanne Stewart

    its pretty sad a lot of famous singers take that route of dying young. I'm not sure why because everyone dies, why be in a hurry? good song but it makes me a little sad for him.

  69. Taylor Featherly

    5 year relationship gone...and this song is the only thing keeping me together because of how true its lyrics are.

    jessy l

    Taylor Featherly yes been in love with my high school sweet heart for 13 years and father of my child i have to let go hardest i had ever have to do this song speaks volumes

    Nithin Mathews

    10 years
    Gone. Just like that....and nothing feels the same again. These lyrics hit hard

    Richie Yacub

    Feel you there man.. Almost 6years here with my gf since high school...


    You all will find a new love and what you’re experiencing now will be just a bad moment. Stay strong.

  70. lizelchaos

    my birthday is in april.

  71. Aaron Jurgens

    I had a girl in germany that i loved to death. We were perfect for each other. But it didnt work. I havent cared for someone like i did for her. Wont be able to love until im gone.

    Andrew Evans

    If its long distance.. dont do them. Just hurts alot more

  72. inactive

    Listening at 4;20am ❤️

  73. Anime ghost Gamer

    You should work on the the speed of the lyrics, it's kinda fast tbh

  74. Joseph Stan

    I can relate to this song sadly

  75. Cate H

    This is the definition of music❤❤❤

  76. Michelle Longoria

    ϯհίς ςմɕƘς

  77. Влад Зырянов

    I like it!

    Humam Haithemثىعق 0.


  78. Marcos Costa

    My interpretation: Feel down inside no on cares goodbyes, and cries along the way no matter what they say.

  79. hougky bjlykug

    Only legends know this song ❤


    hougky bjlykug That's right.😊

  80. Mr. Shadow

    really bad timing

  81. MERKA

    Goodbye goodbye

  82. sublimeguy 1981

    Yall are fkn awesome absolutely love dead by april

  83. aggelos nanas

    good song but the lyrics are not very well timed

  84. Chris Stevens

    This song speaks to me it says the things I can't even say 😔 but at the same time it's a good song to jam to its lit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. юрий воронцов

    lyrics's faster than music

  86. Aliyah Thoman

    1rst favorite song. Thank you!

  87. Deanna Kropa

    Really feel this way

  88. Gothbluerose withswords

    just can't get enough
    plus when can I say the last goodbye and truly move on plus plus good song

  89. S2N_crunk_ Sniper

    i love this song and hi

  90. terrypopsmusic98

    Crap... this song brings so much memories... ;w;

  91. EvilDeadlyWarrior

    this son is perfect for the dead of glen and ibran Dxo

  92. Bubble Blue

    reminds me of a good friend of mine I've loved him for years but I know I need to let. him go
    somehow someday