Dead! - Before They Take You Lyrics

Raised up at the crack of dawn
Down to copy strides of a lucky one
Went down into the morning sun
Continued our life on the run

And we ride into the sunset and burn our eyes
Sugar love, it's no surprise
That I fell so hard
When you emptied your six-shooter in my heart
We give and take chances, we should know better
We're getting beaten down by the dark and the weather
As a thousand eyes get closer still
I'll die before I let them touch you, you know I will

Oh I will, girl you know I will
Girl you know, girl you know

Home is a place that I rarely know
And I know that I swore I'd never go
But the burden of the city shines on me (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
How could I have guessed what would become of all
The things that I have done, these last few years
Have moved so fast for me (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

Another night underneath these moonlit stars
A sip of whiskey is sure to help pass the time
We spend talking about our hometowns
And the people we used to be
So tell me what we gain from living like this
It doesn't take a wordsmith to fucking write this
I will always be hopeful to fall into
The pages aren't

What I made, what I made
What I made, what I made

Home is a place that I rarely know
And I know that I swore I'd never go
The burden of the city shines on me (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
How could I have guessed what would become of all
The things that I have done, these last few years
Have moved so fast for me (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

A drink for two in the saloon
Our eyes meet from across the room
And he catches us with his stare
He catches us with his stare
He walks across the floor
Our eyes divert to the door
And we run as fast as our feet will take us
We'll run into the street
With that sweaty office man
Girl, I'll take this shot for you, oh
Because girl, I'll take this shot for you
Girl, I'll take this shot for you
Girl, I'll take this shot
Girl, I'll take this shot

(Hey! Hey! Hey!)

'Cause home is a place that I rarely know
And I know that I swore I'd never go
But the burden of the city shines on me (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
How could I have guessed what would become of all
The things that I have done, these last few years
Have moved so fast for me (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

They're never gonna catch us now
But now we're gonna starve until we're fucking dead

And after all that we've been through
I'll still take this shot for you
I'll always be there
This ain't how it ends

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Dead! Before They Take You Comments
  1. Loven Tidus

    When the feeling of desperation kicks in.

  2. misty williams

    спасибо моему бывшему одногруппнику за знакомство с этой группой, ведь музыку такого стиля я никогда не слушала и только Джимми я могла слушать. это самое лучшее время было

  3. James Galea


  4. Yumi Den

    2019 ANYONE?

  5. Bolat Tleubergenov

    Кз кто тут ???)

  6. Dusty Applegate

    Thank God!!!

  7. giviko lolua

    2019 babyyyyy

  8. Ian Rogers

    Never heard of these guys before until today and I regret not knowing these guys cause they are sick!🤘🖤

  9. Bingochicken322

    im crying, good old days((

  10. Who am I again?

    And here I thought I’d heard every good band already 😅 what else guys let’s make a list!

  11. Not RealityOCE

    Why not on Spotify anymore?

  12. Raymond Lepcha

    Dead by april Lossing you dec 2019 its an awsome felling ....

  13. MiniKItty Lucy

    Zerkaa fans were you at ~~

  14. Jenny Purplebrooke

    At some Point that song really reminded me of the older Bullet for my Valentine Albums... 🙄😂

  15. Moritz Da Truth

    Zerkaa Rebirth yo where y'all at

  16. Kain Watson

    Headshot quad feed

  17. frankincense pale

    True fans like here



  19. Ashley Arnold

    Wow I love it such a great song. I just found your band now.😊❤❤👍👍

  20. Louis Thompson

    *insert shotgun montage*

  21. Louis Thompson

    Can anyone recommend other songs like this? Like with the proper singing chorus and aggressiveness?

    Tim Klaasman

    Rest of the stuff from Dead by April


    pre-2009 sonic syndicate (personal favourite by them is powershift, though denied is also really damn good)
    the unguided
    demotional (personal favourite by them is alive)
    some of in flames songs (my recommendations includes pinball map, quiet place and take this life)

    Louis Thompson

    Deilwynna thanks man

  22. DatSkeateZz

    Zerkaa sent me here in 2019 🔥🥺



  23. Corey Minotaur42

    Poppa Zerkaa

  24. Rekt By A Girl

    Who came here after Zerkaa Rebirth COD montage???

    Luke Huddaz

    me lmao

    Rose Harrison


  25. Nitro374

    From ZERKAA montage

  26. xino951

    zerkaa anyone?

  27. TheUltimateSpireite

    Zerkaa-Rebirth people, where we at?

    Carlos Gutierrez

    was waiting for this comment, W for you my guy

    MiniKItty Lucy

    My dude ~~

    Rose Harrison


  28. The Beast


  29. Gbiese

    Here from a certain Zerk-tacular montage ;)

  30. Saud AlAli

    anyone here from the new Zerkaa COD montage?

  31. Altair Marin

    Zerkaa montage video anyone?

  32. Rupam Golder

    anyone here from zerkaa's montage?

  33. Alan Fernandes

    Zerkaa cod montage?

  34. Павел Белов

    Лучшая песня этой группы

  35. Станислав Чернецкий

    кто поставил дизлайк тот хуисос

  36. Sans_The_Turret



    Anyone else here on Nov. 2019?

    Nicklas y0


  38. ilyess such

    the old days

  39. Ван Гог

    Где русские то мля?!

  40. Kula Parker

    I like the song i was enjoyed this song and my heart is gone on to the water..

  41. k.s

    Why nobody is talking abaut how snackkkk he is

  42. Aris

    2019, MASTERPIECE ♥️

  43. J ulian

    Jemand deutsch?

  44. 10.000 подписчиков без видео

    *Кс 1.6 зомби режимы?*

  45. blackmail


  46. Theo Kamau

    Introduction to metalcore 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  47. Teocri


  48. Christian Schulte

    Metal at its best :)

  49. Gade

    2019 - Україна?

    Владимир Владимирович Путин

    Слава Украине

  50. Rafael Campos

    Brasil 2019 wow

  51. The Hobbit 2k

    Song Perfect

  52. CaWolfieGaming

    My bestfriend committed suicide this year in August..his last message was the link to this song, and the words "I love you so much. Remember that.❤"


    i am sorry 😥


    God that's sad bro hope he's in a better place and peace to you.

  53. Guard Dragon

    My mother died in April this year 😭


    :( Hope you are okay brother.. things will be fine soon.. have faith ^_^ ... with you in spirit and soul no matter where I am..

    Guard Dragon

    @MugenKaioh Thank you man, helps alot. Blessings your way ❤

  54. Фатима Шарапова

    Моя самая самая любимая группа) 80 % моего плейлиста ваши песни) I am happy that you are and inspire me. I really want to quickly hear your new songs and add your new album to the playlist. I love each of you! you are super musicians! no one better than you can interweave the weight of metal so subtly with something ephemeral and beautiful (but at the same time realistic). In the lyrics of your songs I find what I would like to hear in difficult times and in moments of joy. Thank you so much!

  55. Help Our World

    Swedish excellence on your plate as usual 👍 We know music as few !

  56. Devin Lowney

    Hell yea just found my new favorite song🔥🔥

  57. David Optional



    That label fits to those scene kids crabcore bands, not this.

    David Optional

    @Heitor but it's sooooo cheesy!

    David Optional

    I admit i used to love this 10 yrs ago when i was a teen


    @David Optional Why? In my opinion they're so much better than millions of bands in the genre, they're one of the few Metalcore bands that i can still listening to since i got tired of the genre.

  58. Gym Athlein

    Now I am in love with this song.

  59. Gym Athlein

    2019 wowow lit song . I love it.

  60. Ingela Harrysson

    The best song

  61. Random Guy

    i miss jimmie so much..


    he is back in the band

  62. Himank Garg

    This is so underrated

    Random Guy

    not at all.

  63. Yetiiiiii

    Damn, they are soooo underrated

  64. Max Soroka

    Modern metal and rock sux.. DbA is good.

  65. Sana Özel

    0:53 this nose has no bone

  66. Mehdi Yassine

    2019 watchers here >?

    Midnight Caretakers

    Indeed, after seeing their drummer in a Smash Into Pieces MV of their song Ego.



    OG Ossw

    This band live is fucking insane they sound so goof



    Melissa Winn

    I'm here

  67. Necs

    Today, I started to lose faith, my gf doesn't want to see me because we were in a small conflict. I think It will be over soon although I feel that I can't live without her.
    "For someone you can only be a chapter, but someone for you can be the whole book"

    Shovon Hasan

    Well said bro...... facing close scenarios out here.....


    Exactly brother

  68. Malin Fogh

    Ah the memories 🥰🥰🥰

  69. Ярослав Григорьевич

    Мне одному кажется, что мотив стянут с заглавной темы фильма Фантазм?

  70. David B

    When you smoke all your weed on 4/20

  71. blazed and dazed

    Wow its 2019 and I'm just finding this song. Its dope as fuck

  72. Dennis Sanderheim

    DBA 4 Ever❤️

  73. George

    2019 i'm here

  74. May 20, 1992

    i love original and Alternative Version this song

  75. The Jokester

    I don’t remember listening to this cuz i didn’t but it says I did

  76. SvempaBlast

    Vilken Kalle?

  77. B.A.Krokodil

    Actually their best song.
    And to think I got to know the band by watching a Rich Piana motivation video :D

  78. Daniel Elb

    En gammal klassiker och väcker gamla minnen från barndomen. är det någon som lyssnar på den här nu 2019

  79. Dmitriy Bychkoff

    Best voice)

  80. OutrageousOutburst

    This songs lyrics randomly popped in my head after not having heard it for over 7 years. Glad I remembered enough to find it



  82. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This really brings me back.

  83. Eneqpow Wapaert

    Контра 1.6 кто в курсе тот понял )

    10.000 подписчиков без видео

    зм немезида

  84. Game Over

    Nostalgia boa.. Ouvia muito em 2012.. Perfeita👏👏

  85. GG Abrams

    Эта шикарная песня ещё играет во втором оппенинге хроник валькирии , и это ещё эпичнее !!

  86. Shāms Rafen

    I was just in 5th grade when i found them....damn i miss those young fresh moments 😔

  87. khman20

    Back to remember my simple days junior high walking the halls with nothing to worry about but grades but now I’m an adult with my own family but back in 2010 i was a huge dba fan still am but this song always speaks to me


    Best music video ever



  90. Wayath Via Ballesteros


  91. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Such a great song, I can't stop coming back here.

  92. Bad Company

    Ви чудова група. Слухаю з задоволенням.

  93. Mackenzie B.

    Literally looked for this song for years and NOW I know the band behind the banger. Praise the gods of metal I finally found it!!!

  94. Sunny Lein


  95. Gina Nilsson

    10 år av saknad - Lottie - losing you