Deacon Blue - When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) Lyrics

Pale blue eyes
Same old house no ties
A little bit older but not so
Worldly wise
That I can't see
Your light's on me
Making me regretfully say

The wonder of it all was you
And underneath it all it wasn't true

I want you in everything
In everything
In anything I do
When will you make my phone ring
And tell me I can't give you anything
Anything at all now

Tiny steps
From ruthless legs
When you've been walking so long
Now don't you rest
From disharmony
From disunity
From anything that isn't you and me

The wonder of it all was you
And underneath it all it wasn't true

I want you in everything
In everything
In anything I do
When will you make my phone ring
And tell me I can't give you anything
Anything at all now

Tired of chasing old dreams
Tired of wasting days
Tired of waking mornings
Just to wait for you till late
Tired of searching high
Tired of getting low
Tired of listening hard
Just to wait for you to know that

I want you in everything
In everything
In anything I do
When will you make my phone ring
And tell me I can't give you anything
Anything at all now

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Deacon Blue When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) Comments
  1. Beto Saavedra


  2. Mark Beggs

    600,000 views......joke deserves more.

  3. david harrison

    top band reminiscing bout old times taking me back

  4. Shaun Harper

    Memories of someone who passed away so young. I’ll never forget and allays remember her smile and beautiful ways, god bless her x

  5. Terence Cahill

    for memories

  6. Paul Sargeant

    First heard this in summer 88 in lagos portugal,the worst time of my life,when someone never made my phone ring,but 32 years later the song still sounds fantastic, and now someone so special,always makes my phone ring x

  7. RobRoyBoaz

    One of their best. Maybe even their best. Those lyrics and harmonies........

  8. Denise Allen

    Listening in 2019 dec who else ??💕


    Denise Allen very under rated song ... cannot believe 30 years goes so fast 😉

  9. Carmen Cerpa


  10. Phil Rice

    Listened to this 20 times nonstop going for 20 more

  11. Mollie Malone

    My favourite song since my teens 😉😍

  12. Edward Donnachie

  13. john cherish

    Good band n song 2019

  14. Walter ricardo goñi


  15. Garry Wilkinson

    Saw them last year and still sound awesome!

  16. Rosi Armoya

    Lentos si lo hay che!!!!

  17. cyberfunk


  18. Paul James Brady

    Nothing holds memory’s better than music 💙

  19. Steve Blonde

    Anyone here in 2019 ❓ I hope so.


    oh yeah xxx

    Shaun Harper

    Yes indeedy

  20. Michael Kelly


  21. William Wellington

    When the lights go down.....this is the last dance song....

  22. John Wallace

    I totally fell in love with Lorraine back in '86 as a young 15yr old. She is still Beautiful

  23. Ciuffo Alberto Demetrio

    este tema lo escuchaba en FM Horizonte en Argentina al fines de los 80's y principios de los 90's

  24. Jake Burns

    540k views? Should have 540 million views!

  25. vincent mcgarry

    First heard this on ch4 fri the chart show.then i fell in love with this band.

  26. tpmbe

    I used to play this ...and my phone would ring worked

  27. Chris Jenkins

    The first time i heard this when it was in the top 40. I thought, wow wow wow. It’s an amazing song.

  28. Salvador Servià II

    every time I hear it I can't help but sing the refrain at the top of my voice, with my eyes closed and with tears in my eyes ... thinking of my 1988 and my 15 years ..

    ogni volta che la sento non riesco a non cantare il ritornello a squarciagola, a occhi chiusi e con le lacrime agli occhi.... pensando al mio 1988 e ai miei 15 anni...

  29. Dutch Martin

    One of my all time favourite tracks by DB loaded with memories but does anyone else think Ricky looks like a thin version of Vanilla Ice in this vid?

  30. Alex Kealey

    How can you not this song , and the meaning of it .

  31. Eddie Jones

    Beautiful and I’ve had a couple me self

  32. Gustavo Perdiguera

    Había una vez una época mágica en la que se hacía música de verdad y se cantaba con el alma esa época lamentablemente ya pasó pero dejó su marca en todos aquellos que la vivimos

  33. johnyasmin13

    For my yasmin 🧞‍♀️

  34. Rebecca Gamble

    This song never fails to make me cry. I'm only 25 but my parents brought me up listening to deacon blue. Seen them live 4 times. This one just reminds me of how much I loved my parents growing up.

    sky62125 Robo

    Rebecca Gamble its such a great song, try hipsway!

  35. 1985ivandrago

    30 years....................................still sounds amazing, 48 now

  36. S aguirre

    Esta canción es espectacular lastima que apenas hace unos pocos años que descubrí esta banda, porque ya saben soy latino, y por estos lados nos vendían la misma basura de los artistas mas conocidos, esta agrupación debió ser mas reconocida.

  37. Dani Peña

    Beautiful!! 21/02/19 Alive and kicking

  38. be neferet

    qué recuerdos!😻💞

  39. spleeeen4it

    Classic, forgotten classic

  40. dishybear

    Come on all radio stations lets hear more of this song!!😉


    Radio gibraltar a couple of weeks ago on an 80s program every sunday

  41. ger aguero

    que tema culeaoooo

  42. southerner4566

    Its hard to believe this is over 30 years old but Raintown is still one of my all time favourite albums.

  43. Scottish Always Dixie

    2019 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍 1980,s still going strong 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  44. Colourful 999 Real



    Incredible song by an incredible band. Deacon Blue were world class. Their music was brilliant and so powerful.

  46. John Clark

    Us Scots have soul!

  47. Peter Sydes

    i cannot give you anything at all

  48. Peter Sydes

    the wonder of it all......

  49. Peter Sydes

    luv deacon blu

  50. Ema J

    Herd this fell in luv wiv it top tune it as a special meaning were i woz n age i woz n it woz on casset tape ha ha bring back tapes lmao 😆😆😆😆

  51. Gary Molloy

    .... she didn’t phone

  52. Neil B

    What a song

  53. Garretwest External

    Love this song....

  54. Alice Place

    Just LOVE...

  55. hazifantazi

    what an absolute tune!!

  56. suz

    Always breaks my heart........strangely though, love this song ♥️♥️

  57. Peter Sydes

    when will you?

  58. Peter Sydes

    where we go one , we go all...

  59. neiltakeshi

    I hear ya!

  60. Steve Brown

    Great Scottish band

  61. Andrew Greenwood

    Right now I dearly hope my phone does ring.. I miss my girl :(

  62. Gustavo Perdiguera

    The best song 80s is one of favorite song. Forever the 80s song forever forever more forever

  63. Hernan Liotine

    buen temaaaaa 😀👍👏👏👏👏

  64. Kim Parr

    love this song

  65. Peter Sydes

    the storm is upon us

  66. Terence Cahill


  67. Ema J

    I woz bad time for me then someone let me listen this i woz hoocked

  68. Sergio Arias

    Con el permiso de ustedes....
    Creo que voy a llorar ....!!!!
    Lo mejor de vida, música de los "80

    Gustavo Perdiguera

    The best song of 80s is my favorite. Un temazo que me remonta a los 80 sin palabras

  69. Peter Sydes

    Qanon trust the plan

  70. TB 1878

    one of my all time "sick in love" songs from my teens! I was seeing a girl who was 3 years younger than me at the time of this fantastic album, she used to babysit my brothers girlfriends daughter, so I would "babysit" with her & listen to deacon blue & the likes of Bobby Brown as well!! this song stuck out forever for me, my 1st love ended her life a couple of years ago,she was 41 ffs, a mother of 3, we went our separate ways & I beat myself up of how she ended up doing what she did, I loved her so much but she was too good for me, I always thought that, it wasn't until she died that her sister told me how much she was ashamed at how she had turned out, & that she was never going to be good enough for me, to hear that 20 odd years later truly crushed my heart & blew it to smitherines. I miss my beautiful 1st love so much.

    Janie Holland

    so sorry for your loss. Sending much love xxx

  71. Scottish Always Dixie

    Best of the best @ Run Rig 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  72. Duncan038

    I reckon this is their best. Love it

  73. marty wilson

    Fan tasting song

    marty wilson

    Tastic I’m drunk to.

  74. ThePhlashy

    For disharmony for disunity . . . One of their best love the gospel choir love them and love this

  75. DJ Cronin

    Still fresh in 2018! Great song!

  76. Smarty 5

    They have a decent back catalogue, and I do like this song, but ever since I appeared on Going Live! Video Vote back in 89' and Ricky took the proverbial out of my picture that i'd sent in to Sarah Greene, i've always held a grudge against him and the band.

  77. Jim Ferguson


  78. Nileshan Govender

    quite a few parts in this song are dead similiar to Senza Una Donna...still....really good nostalgic track...

  79. ravenhill and the mystery cult of sagalia † 1968

    good song from the 80's, but i disliked the backing vocals, the song would of been better without.


    Londonbeat's singer

  80. Alberto Lamas


  81. Sid Ted

    This and Del Amitri 'Driving with the brakes on' Pure class!!!

  82. Sid Ted

    Who are the 47 C&nts??

  83. Glencoebhoy

    Simply a Klassic.....

  84. Colin Macfarlane

    for me this is one of their very best songs yet it hardly ever gets any air time


    That's a good thing.


    One of the best bands out of Scotland for sure

  86. Allan DKR

    A gem of a track.

  87. Gonzalo Castillo Miranda

    Hermosa canción...

  88. Ken Neth

    Now I know how my mom felt in the 80's listening to her songs from the 60's.

  89. Jennifer pearcey

    My favourite track of theirs by far 😀😀👍🏻👍🏻🤔❤️❤️

  90. George Head

    makes my heart slow down

  91. Gary Michell

    class song

  92. TheMilkybarkid69

    Man this brings back some memories.

  93. x D3G3N3R8 NATION x

    So good that you convince yourself its a cover of a song you heard years ago...the genius of Ricky Ross and Deacon Blue

    awesome stuff

  94. Veronica Pennisi

    Me super encantaaaaa !!!!!

  95. Carrie-Ann Logan


  96. vinyl maverick

    Growing older and wiser through the 80,s and 90's I thought of Deacon Blue as one of those second tier non super group types.
    30 years on I was clearly not growing older and wiser through the 80's and 90's.
    U2? Who?

  97. The Juice

    I just farted

  98. Mike Hughes

    One of the finest love songs ever written

  99. Paul Pregnolato

    I miss 1988 :-(

    Michel Samuels

    Me to all this time

  100. tommy gun

    raintowns 30 years old