Deacon Blue - A Boy Lyrics

I first met you on the road
Everyone was rushing past
And you were going slow
You seemed to make me all I should be
Having watched it all on the movies and on tv
I met somebody else
Who spun me around and around
And that made all the difference to me

We were young once
Don't pretend it didn't happen to you
We thought we had it all to come
So what's a boy supposed to do?

We got into your old car
Drove about as fast as it would go and just as far
Till, before we even knew we came
Up to the end of the road
Long before we meant to
I found somebody else
Who spun me around the town
And that made all the difference to me

We were young once
Don't pretend it didn't happen to you
We thought we had it all to come
So what's a boy supposed to do?

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Deacon Blue A Boy Comments
  1. kevin odonnell

    loved this song from day one.........and i think Chocolate girl is so under rated too!

  2. Sarah Goldman

    I have been looking ages for this song thank you totp top of the pops 1988

  3. joe 01225

    Excellent tune!

  4. Ian Howlett

    Mivvin’ out baby!

  5. Jeff Cooper

    Written about the amazing Maria McKee of course.

  6. Ryan Mousley

    Never knew Jim Carrey was a music artist aswell 🤯🤯


    Ryan Mousley 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. Alfred Romeo

    Geez i remember those teen years with my girlfriends having selfies taken in those old photo booths...where has the time gone!

  8. Edgardo Gregorini

    Beautiful Generation X youth

  9. Edgardo Gregorini

    Real gone kid ; The pop song most cool of history of pop

  10. Paul Jordan

    Is the female singer an owl or something? 😄

  11. Diego Fernando Fonseca A

    I love this song quien mas de Sudamerica ?

  12. GAPC1969

    FM regular way back in the 80's, at least the pop bands back then could actually play instruments

  13. Faisal Amiri Nazari Rezai



    Happy New Year 2020 best band from Scotland

  15. jayne robinson


  16. Kelly Anderson

    What a catchy song ❤️

  17. Margoth Lee

    Great mounth

  18. Fran Treml

    I used to love them back in the late 80’s when i was at school and college in Banbury coming to terms with my sexuality

  19. riquelmerock

    Now taking donations to build a time machine set to go back to the 1980's. It's a one way trip though .... i don't mind ... do you?


    Ill join you......

  20. Marcos Navarro

    buenisimooooooo gracias

  21. john kenny

    If you like SICKO music this will suite the phony you.

  22. M o o n l i g h t S K Y

    I always knew this song because of the old boots ads lol

  23. Christian Dal

    Feel it. The energi from a time that was far better than today

    W Md

    SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER it's good to go back sometimes

  24. Linda Gourlay

    Oohh oohh shout!I'm 68 now and still love dancing to it.Reminds me of my friend Jenny from Kirkcaldy in 1988..we smashed it dancing to this😁👍🏻


    Love it Linda ❤

  25. fishbelch

    Best band the 80s produced.....Best song from the 80s........Best video of the 80s.......Wonderful stuff

  26. Michael Henry Etherton

    I had an enormous crush on this beautiful lady...


    She's still gorgeous.

    Jeff Cooper

    Me too. Still do.

  27. lethal weapon

    This is real music. Songs like this can teleport you back in time and make you remember good times. Somehow i don't think today's shit music will be taking anybody back anywhere.



  29. adem cornish

    So I realise what these top chefs mean when they say there looking for that WOW factor,something a bit special this group would be it. They've just got it.

  30. 5sbooth

    Love this tune both have great voices and it’s makes me want to dance every time I hear it.


    Me too!!!

  31. K N

    How the hell could you dislike this video ffs 🤨

    Chloe X

    K N Agreed

    K N

    Chloe X shocking isn’t it 🤨 doesn’t matter what type of music you like.... this song has everything 👍

    Chloe X

    K N it really is, it’s just so amazing I don’t know how to describe it

  32. Rusty Shackleford

    There's this hairy Chinese kid...

  33. psycocynical

    ill do what i should have did ??? isnt it done instead of did ?

  34. SirAntoniousBlock

    If you like this you'll love Prefab Sprout.

  35. Ursula Cotton

    When music was music!!!

  36. Michael Bennett

    Still fills the dancefloor anytime its played great song and grouo

  37. DebInfo

    Someone mentioned 'real gone' and I had a flashback, so here I am : ) oh wa oh wa ... real gone kid


    Love it!!!!

  38. kate elliott

    Yet all of them I met had actually lived in bloody houses too xxx

  39. kate elliott

    A lot of travellers would bitch at me cause I lived in a house and educated myself xxx

  40. Stephen Walters

    Saw these in Cardiff as back up band to Simple Minds. They were simply better.

  41. Kelly Anderson

    Love it ❤️

  42. Gloria Benkelifa

    D. J played this at a party on Friday. I was a real gone kid. Amazing song bring it all back!!!!

  43. Sajith Kemraj

    Lorraine's voice compliments Ricky's voice perfectly...what an amazing voice love this track
    One of the best background singers

    Jim Robinson

    And still going strong...

  44. kate elliott

    It were probably drew xxx

  45. kate elliott

    I was in the ambulance training mobile wiv GRAEME, a nice guy took me back to me dad Paul ELLIOTT xxx

  46. Andrew King

    One of the great tunes of the 80's, still listening in 2019!


    100% Andrew

    Stuart McKern

    Totally agree the energy is brilliant you just don't see that anymore

  47. Nigel Edwards

    Shit happens ............... they don't make em like this any more!

  48. Stephanie Spragg

    Rest in peace Graeme Kelling

  49. azcerbic

    Why? How? Did I miss this great band in my late teens/early 20's? Back when MTV & VH1 still played music videos.....How did this band NOT break into heavy rotation in the USA? Did they tour here? They're 100% 80's/90's Video/MTV friendly in music & looks (sadly necessary) & definitely deserved a huge push radio & video rotation @ the time. I'm very happy to have found this gem 3 years back & they fit in perfectly w/the UK beat/music of the time WITHOUT sounding too much like another SA&W Hit factory pure Midi layered/over produced band from the early days of synth music. Definitely a breath of fresh air & I'm glad to see @ least the UK & Scotland still appreciate them!! 👍

    iDraft Pty Ltd

    Living under a rock... Not Ayers rock for sure .. but one! welcome back to the greats

  50. ian ramos

    I never knew zack efron had a band

  51. flashkraft

    I remember humming this song to myself as I went on my paper delivery run when I as 13.

  52. Steven Rogers

    Thanks Matt smith!

  53. martin duffy

    Lorraine mc McIntosh is gorgeous

  54. scott fielding

    2019 anyone ???


    @Michael Parks ooohhh wow, awesome🥰. Wish I would have benn there...!

    fiona swann

    i am. one of my all time favourites. best heard with the volume cranked RIGHT UP....

    Elvar Masson

    It is, indeed. Why do you ask ?

    Squirrel fries

    Yes, and I'll still be watching in 2020 😊

  55. Andrew Barrett

    This is what 80s people looked like, they look like an alien race.

  56. Hjelmer Phudd

    Weren't there any orthodontists in Scotland in the 80s?


    That gap in his front teeth is very attractive.

    Hjelmer Phudd

    @fishbelch I'll have to take your word for it. I suppose if John Legend can be considered the "Sexiest Man Alive," anything is possible.

  57. Magic Mike

    WHAT A COMPLETE RENT boy that singer is

  58. airborneyvb

    Lorraine McIntosh was a babe back in the day. Still is!!!

  59. Simon I am Negan Kerr

    A by gone age of music 😔

  60. Alfredo Valdebenito

    Buena musica lindos recuerdos de juventud

  61. Ronnie

    I was 13 44 now and still love this!!

  62. worsley tree

    Great song had many good times listening to it

  63. Gordon Mctague

    funny memory of this song is when i had a itchy bumhole so i put my finger up there and when i pulled it out there was abit of poo lol

    Andrew Barrett

    This is a problem I can relate to.

    Payton Smith

    That was a lovely story I hope you washed your finger afterwards

  64. Steve GM

    Sending love in 2019

  65. Antonio Fombuena Vidal


  66. Fco de los Santos

    Is John Deacon playing bass there? xP

  67. Hetfield

    i once met the drummer dougie vipond on a farm

  68. kate elliott

    I bet ya got me photos off John Perry. Love is the law xxx

  69. kate elliott

    Would you like a portrait fire horse?

  70. kate elliott

    You are so vain

  71. Leighton Preece

    Once again listening to another class song (80,s) rock

  72. Kevin Prior

    Are the lead singer and female singer together? Or at least were? Or just band mates


    Still husband and wife today.

  73. kp monday

    Siempre pensé que esta canción era de Supertramp

  74. UnknownFamousActress

    Heard this song from the movie Under The Skin.

  75. Notorious

    The lead singer looks like an asylum escapee who throws his semen at other people like snowballs

    Garry MacKenzie

    Your comment probably says more about your mentality than his...🤔


    @Garry MacKenzie No idea how it does but whatever

    Garry MacKenzie

    EXACTLY‽ 😂😂


    @Garry MacKenzie Are you ok?

  76. kate elliott

    I wonder what the police keep when they confiscate stuff like titty photos from booths on way to see me new age traveller boyfriend john
    Perry in edale. He climbed Everest base camp xxx love always john Perry. You one of the only men I actually did love x

  77. kate elliott

    Me mum threw away all our beautiful books. Jesus as a historical figure banksy x

  78. wigan er

    This song is inspired by Maria Mckee

  79. kate elliott

    Id marry my love with a blade of grass.

  80. kate elliott

    Love is the key. Wheres my love.

  81. kate elliott

    Dont tear up books

  82. Warina 69

    This used to be on the Boots adverts

  83. edgardo gregorini

    Charting Top 10 1988; No.10 Ireland, No.8 UK Singles, No.5 New Zealand & No.1 Spain

  84. edgardo gregorini

    Th golden age of class pop


    aztec camera , the style council , prefab sprout

    edgardo gregorini

    @psycocynical Yeah, i love all them

  85. Tracy Hartigan

    You were always my real gone kid !!!!!} love 💕 you always my precious beautiful baby brother xxxxxx


    Annnnddd dance e

  87. Tony Jones' bassoon whippet

    Reminds me of car trips growing up. Memories

  88. kate elliott

    Hurry up GRU

  89. awolpw70

    The 80's music rock the hell out of most of the music today.

  90. Rob Sheppard

    i love this shit

  91. jamie foyers

    One of the best tracks from the band. Always loved this song when they did it live. The place would go crazy!.

  92. becks101

    What is the meaning of 'Real Gone Kid'? (I'm german :-) ).

    David Payne

    'Real gone' means 'cool' or 'hip'. It's an old slang term from the jazz age. 'Kid' is a young person.

  93. I believe you

    Oh my.The memories,of a better time.

  94. neil5568

    Make Dundee great again.

  95. Leighton James

    0.27 beautiful....

  96. Robert Lakey

    Just love this song!!

  97. AAA PPP

    Will ALWAYS love this song. So many memories... Good times that were so less crazy than todays world. Deacon Blue... thank you x