De La Soul - We Made It Lyrics

[Intro: Deen]
WOOO! What did I tell niggaz?
What the fuck did I tell niggaz?!
Did I not tell niggaz this shit was gon' happen
(Looks like we made it..) What did I tell niggaz?
I told y'all niggaz this deal was comin thru
I told y'all we was gon' get this muh'fuckin money
(Looks like we made it..) I'm tellin you, we the FUCK outta here
Fuck err'thing else, we outta here!
(Looks like we made it..)
Fuck all this college shit, leave all that shit behind!
We the fuck out! We the fuck out
(Looks like we made it..) Don't even pack a bag
Let's get the fuck outta here NOW! Get the money, let's GO!

(Looks like we made it..) Yeah, no longer throwin back
from burgers from outta Mickey's arches
(Look like I made it..)
I now eat the pricey seafood with all my starches
(Look like I made it..) And even when it's cloudy
I got some sunshine for the pocket
(Look like I made it..) Smashed the Mazda
So for my bro, the Range Rover I copped it

(Look like I made it..) See Whitter got plans
to see a different landscape in his life
(Look like I made it..) Save the diet for when I'm dead and gone
I'm tryin to eat cake in this life
(Look like I made it..) Put on airs and walk through the mall
'til we can't walk through them all
(Look like I made it..) Cop four-door 44s'
and put my fam up in it all

[Chorus: Kinny]
(Looks like we made it..) I'm gonna find my chance again
(Looks like we made it..) and seal this rhyme
(Looks like we made it..) I'm gonna sort my times again
(Looks like we made it..) Feelin good, seekin things
and hold my wins in liii-iii-ine (Looks like we made it...)

(Look like I made it..)
Add to the list to assist them rappers, who spit live bars

(Look like I made it..) Down with them constellations
We stayin in nothin less than five stars
(Look like I made it..) Yes, won't even feel stressed
at the poker game when I blow money (easy!)

[Deen + Pop]
Now we are here claimin, like Marlon and Damon
(Mo' Money, Mo' Money)

(Look like I made it..)
And I'm gon' get a fatty each night, make her say daddy each night

(Look like I made it..) Say I reach for the stars
and stretchin my arms, tryin to get my reach right

(Look like I made it..)
The whole team plays, we cop haze outta mayonnaise jars

[Deen + Pop]
(Look like I made it..)
Want [?] and boutiques goin to shop like there's no tomorrow


(Looks like I made it..)
Pop Life and Bacardi make the life of the party last long
(Look like I made it..)
Spillin drinks everywhere got 'em like ("What's... wrong?")
Check it out (Look like I made it..)
And it feels good, puttin money back in my city
Lil' shorty now feelin inspired like a little train
that goes (Chitty Chitty BANG BANG!)

(Look like I made it..)
Executive plush the back of the bus
Puttin work in the streets
(Look like I made it..) And momma can sleep
and get the late hours off her feet
(Look like I made it..) Fuck grams
I'm tryin to hold fans I don't even know yet
(Look like I made it..) Whole lotta chances and
checks we're tryin to get


(Looks like we made it..)

[Outro: Kinny]
I had a vision of a golden lucky dream
Charmed out the way that I could see
I saw a lucky charm that made it oh so sweet
I know I'm here to stay, to see, to feel
But something's got me holdin on
Something's got me sweet
Looks like we make iiiit
Looks like we made iiiit
(Looks like we made it..)

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De La Soul We Made It Comments
  1. Psychesoap [aka Schizo Maddcap]

    U could swear Dilla was talking to u

  2. sharis9486

    Yessssss baby!!!

  3. Sam Cooke

    This song helps me wake up in the morning. Dela4life!

  4. Andrew Flood


  5. Cala Vera

    Grandes! De La Soul! Temazo muy guapo y pedazo sampler!! Great track...

  6. DanyT77

    Je kiffe!!!...I love it!!!... ;)