De La Soul - Sh. Fe. MC's Lyrics

We are here to tell the world just who we are
Shocking female (MC's), shocking female (MC's) [x2]

[Verse 1: Phife]
No need for, introductions, cause I know you know my name and
Knocking MC's out the frame and, putting them suckers to shame and
I live for hip-hop, so I have no time for fun and games and
So just come and peep the unique styles we are displaying
The beat's just ridiculous, the lyrics articulate
Feels good, as if a girl just touched her clitoris
Sucker MC's, I'm killing 'em, I'm so sick of seeing 'em
Silly (shit) when they rhyme, like that red rugby shirt worn by Gilligan
Plus the hat, they (shit) is wack
When you see me coming take ten steps back
I make usage of the pronouns, adjectives, verbs
My granny says "You always had a way with words"
And that's because my word is bond, lyrics are laws
Sucker MC's look at me like I'm friggin' eye sore

[Verse 2: Posdnuos]
Heere comes a brother hipping others on the style they lack
I've always rhymed abstract, I even know the brother named Abstract
I am the earner of the soul in mine
Forget the physical cause the physical will die with time
I'm shaped to vibrate in definite proportions
Of the kids who need the fix (Just listen to the mix)
I got the knowledge constant for the rubbishing
Like (niggas) use the Clinton loops as if they owned the publishing
Gums be bleeding from illegal feeding on my verb
I bring the Mardi Gras to your face
I outwit vipers in my rhyme cipher
I can easily lick them cause they're victims of the subconscious race
Tossing periods in front of false reps?
It's not the 187 when the 360 slept
You swallow the cake from the plate of elevate
Or you might get sparked by the crew who got the weight
So recessitating rap like the hicks do with Presley
It's the kid who peed the jeans in Orleans off of Nesley
Sh. Fe. MC number nine, if you let me rhyme nine times infinitely I will climb
I let my Walkman from Sony play cassettes from Raboni
Which guarantees to put me on the narrow road
Ayo, that's it from me, Plug 3, and Ali explode!

[Verse 3: Q-Tip]
When I rhyme, the effect just ripples
You sound sick, I hope your cells get sickles
You formulate into real stiff (shit)
Then I bet that it cut the chit chit
Cause the Ab will, be sharper than a Ginsu
Cutter or your bum (ass) head for the gutter
This is not a game and we ain't looking for the fame
That ain't the aim, we came to rip the jam out the frame
My inter-reaction with paper is amazing
So needless to say mad trails are left blazing
A whole lot of bull(shit) rhymes start to get play
But I'm here to say real rhymes to pay
I'm the type of brother that writes until my knuckles get nary
And through the domepiece, the rhymes will carry
Then transported to my throat then the quotes hit the air
As I stand dipped with the wares
Rhymes get slot times, move back from the jack
It's the verbal constructor, some MC's is wack
I make a girl do the bogle, doo doo brown and all
Make (niggas) jump up, drink Don, and have a ball
I ainimate the unlively with the verbal combat
The Abstract, never the wack
Motivator of the many like Moses
Moving through, bringing danger to the dummies that poses
That means you the sub relator of the sub culture
Like a vulture I swoop down on crowns, cause confusion all around
Mental burdens I bring to MC's who sing
They sad songs, money, your dough's not long
Mine on the other hand is lengthy type
The Abstract gets real, real, real

[Verse 4: Dove]
Real down to Earth I hit the Long Island Rail
You never see me tango with the horn and the tail
I got the kid for your mind I design it like sender
Smoking made hope from my neighbors, and the
50/50 luck takes the "S" off my chest
Cause the "S" on my chest makes a mess
Settling for Superman, stupid man, put on your glasses
Now your (ass) be slow guessing like molasass
Continue the menu, next on the platter
Hey where that (bitch) at? (He's right here boy!)
I gotta see what I got and who I'm getting it with
This ain't no nickle dime game that I'm peddling with
Mikie Rose said "Stop riding, it be dividing
Taking me out how I be vibing"
Packing hard like pistol but my pops got the crystal
Told me if I ever need it just [whistle]
Respects to Griff Dog for the razor
Much respects to Joe but for the favor
It's about a million brothers trying to be MC's in this world
I'm glad I got a baby girl

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De La Soul Sh. Fe. MC's Comments
  1. Sham Azam

    This was on my recommendations. Who produced this?? Sheesh 🔥

  2. james e

    crazy instrumental

  3. King of chill

    Mixtape 🔥

  4. emerson PM

    I can't find this song in iTunes!?!

  5. Crate Digga

    Lyrics to go!!!

  6. Kevin Scott

    "Shockin' females".
    The dope Crash Crew shout out.

  7. J Park

    Phife Dawg!!!!!!

  8. Kareem Page

    I wish hip hop was still like this

  9. Yosun PraiseElohim

    de la and tribe should've did a album


    I agree

    Thomas Rainbow

    Would be cool if they still did! Maybe there are some unused Phife tracks!

  10. Marques Hicks Hicks

    .1. HIGH
    .2. HUMBLE

  11. Young Bull

    best phife lines in my opinion

  12. suprafly36

    RIP Phife!!!!!

  13. Notorious B.E.N.

    De La and Tribe, 2 of the best

  14. NoNameQu

    My favorite Q-Tip of all time.

  15. BigEdDunkel

    Love how Q-tip kicks in


    so dope.

  16. EnSabahNur

    A true classical track!

  17. Moraduke



    Because it's not pushing the NWO's agenda like Drake, Jay-Z & the others are!

  18. Dirtybyrd14

    "live and direct".... wrong song... lol

  19. SBV Productions

    Plug One is very underrated. His flow and lines were the best on this track. Y'all need to listen to him

    Me You

    Everybody got off on this. Pos only make sense on this if you overstand everything he saying, and no most dont

    Thomas Rainbow

    He's on fire on this as always! One of my all time favs

  20. Juan Luis Claure

    whats discos are, and from whom in the  @1:43 

    Juan Luis Claure


  21. ZeusMcDaddy

    Tribe + Soul = The best hip-hop!

  22. ivajlo jelqzkov

    tribe and de la ....thumbs up.

  23. Gary Watson

    WoW!!! I only heard this once & kept tellin my boys that they had a colab together! #Hiphop

  24. Willie Bangg

    I have this green clear vinyl somewhere

  25. Willie Bangg

    Dope obscure EP by Native Tongues!

  26. badbrainable

    are you talking about the coloured vinyl, or the basic one?

  27. SaySol- Ben Yehoshua

    This is from the Clear Lake Auditorium LP, pressed for a-list dj's in promotion of Buhloone Mindstate. About 500 were pressed and its very rare and sought after, u gotta get this if u plan on buying buhloone mindstate.

  28. Ernst Groeneveld

    sounds native

  29. gemstarcrunch

    de la soul and atcq have awesome chemistry

  30. Naphtali Aikens

    I was just sittin around and this just popped in my mind. Had to do YouTube this quick fast!!! HIPHOP!!!!

  31. IndigoR

    Wow, to think I never heard this awesome song by legendary EMCEES. Too Good!

  32. Paul Rhyne

    Good song!

  33. mrgone212

    Thanks a trillion for posting!!!! This is the roots of hip hop. I miss the early 90's....

  34. Iblame Summers

    Coke Bottle

  35. tokowpc

    wow i remember this song being on double r 18

  36. Michael

    They all ripped it!! One Two Shit and Undisputed Champs are classics too...

  37. greg stewart

    Any one remember the Premier mix tape that dropped this track?

  38. DirtybirdGA

    Nice Native Tongues collage...

  39. blinkzone1

    does anyone know t he name of the piano sample used in the begninning?

  40. Pirate7X

    Thank you.

    Did Q-Tip rip it or what?

  41. Carla Jazz Bennett

    Dang it! I'm fogged in to my wife's account again. This is venosf...

  42. Carla Jazz Bennett

    Correct. It was only a promo. Never released to the general public. Working at a radio station, I had two copies...

  43. Del Bbc

    I worked at my college radio station back in the early 90's ...and we got this track on a EP...I think it was called the Clear Lake Auditorium

  44. nuclearbox2


  45. djSpinege

    this is my all time favorite song. seriously!
    tribe and De la influenced me the most in hip-hop.
    thankz for posting!


    yooooooooo im still here , what up

  46. Venos Ford

    FINALLY!! Somebody is real and posted this!! Heads won't understand!! It's too much heavy hip hop! I tried to explain this track to these young cats and their heads exploded. I've been looking for this since I had to give it away! Thanks for posting!!!!