De La Soul - Jenifa (12" Version) Lyrics

This song...does not contain...explicit lyrics...but the thought... is erotic...!

[Verse 1]
Access to her cove, lovestruck Dove is Dove's mode
Took a look, dropped my books, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Breakfast was our greetings, yoghurts and birdseed's what I fed
Slipped a note, "Rock my yacht, Jenifa, oh Jenny"
Jenny only thought about Jimmy, but didn't think about Derwin
The Jimmy who's only a virgin
Steady we go, Jenifa led, pluggin' a tune which freedom well said
So what's the fix, O Jenifa, can a brother with soul get swingin'?

[Verse 2]
The Downstairs where we met, I'd brought records, she'd cassettes
Lost a break, found her shake, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Transcripts showed more than flirt, "I love daisies" read her shirt
Grabbed my jeans, Jimmy screamed, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Morals shaped like the floss, no-one could live their life for Pos
Found her house, aroused my joust, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Her clothes I did shuck, just like Dan I strictly stuck
To the punt, she cried "Kick it!", Posdnous was in
Jenny only thought about Jimmy, but asked was I a virgin
Like some kid named Derwin?
She said, "Let's try it in the bathroom", but the 'nous is way above sinks
So to the kitchen she did Dan and came back wrapped in Saran

[Verse 3]
Positions, muscles flexed, Dove was lost in a Ghana hex
Passed her test, felt her teddy, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Notions soothed the mood, Dove was lost in De La heaven
Scream Plug 2, did the do, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Jenny teased my homeboy Granny, in fact she teased so many
She was known as a garden tool
Did her thing while I plugged once, hope she don't fall fat 9 months from now
I'll tell you what, Trugoy ain't ready

[Verse 4]
Worned out was my cater[?], mind you, this was 3 days later
The door turned blue, you guess who, Jenifa, oh Jenny
Advanced to the radio, Teddy persuaded us to turn off the light
Wanted me to rhyme while she wrapped me up in a ball of twine
No more I dispatch, was it Jimmy had met his match?
Or could it be the realisation all girls owned a Jenny?
For normal health I have fought, a valuable lesson she hath taught
Don't flaunt that the candy is good unless you came with plenty


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De La Soul Jenifa (12" Version) Comments
  1. macdabluepanther

    Brushing up on the old hip-hop producers and gems! 2020 and still Fiyah!!!

  2. Megan Lewis


  3. tris gallagher


  4. Austin Edwards

    De la Soul Forever Classic man word up 💯💯💯💯🌻🌻🎵🎶🎧🎧🎤🎹🔥🔥

  5. Jason Andrew

    look at 'em go, look at 'em go!!

  6. Sun Kyss

    Felt her teddy lol

  7. Aaron Boswell

    Jenny is a freak lol

  8. Aaron Boswell

    I know jenny lol. Jenny is a freak loo

  9. Aaron Boswell

    Lol this song is funny

  10. smoggie

    Anybody else get major jet set radio vibes from this?

  11. Carl Kani

    Access.. I know a Jenny. 😁


    My childhood walkmen Soundtrack...…...019

  13. Graf Aramaic

    Pussycat, I will get you a mouse 😂

  14. Graf Aramaic

    "That girl is poisonnnnnn..." lol

  15. nathar40

    Aroused my joust.

  16. Robert Dozier

    Am I the only person, who finds it hard to believe, that Source Magizine never gave this album 5 mics???

    Phillip White III

    Rob, the Source did give this album 5 mics (or so I thought).

    Robert Dozier

    Bro... Please don't get me started... This album didn't get 5 mics... Midnight Marauders didn't get 5 mics, but Lil Kim, "Naked Truth" did...

    Phillip White III

    Oh, okay. My bad. I could've sworn it did but I guess not. But, like you said, it surely should have. A gem among gems. True life.

    Robert Dozier

    @Phillip White III No problem bro... We both appreciate the value of truth hip hop...

    Phillip White III

    No doubt about that!

  17. Jen Vega

    This song gave me hell in high school..jenifah

  18. TheDeadlyAvenger

    0:24 - Brexit. Fucking time travellers man!

  19. Tony Muljat

    "Pos Dnuos was in"!

  20. Fenster

    One of my favourite rap albums, this was played to death back in 1989 and still gets a regular airing every so often now, 30 years later!

  21. Harry Brucker

    No further

  22. Harry Brucker

    This all started with a picture

  23. Harry Brucker

    Just please figure this one out because I won’t say that again

  24. reeelup007BKNY reeelup007BKNY


  25. funk toon

    check this beat out. it uses samples from the same song and scratching from this

  26. David Crossman

    Who's left from teamsters ain't dead yet last of rare breed!

  27. Adav Talib

    When it was all fun and no hating...jus doing u and ur own thing...Great times!!

  28. The Underdog

    What clarity on the audio and the album cover! Job well done! This old school hip hop head approves👍👍

  29. LEE MUNN

    this my jam still bumps this in 2019
    de la soul


    LEE MUNN - You are damn right. The whole album was ahead of its time. These guys and Stetsasonic were the shit.


    Prince Paul genius

  30. 54129

    Fabulous samples. Great work. I loved this album first time round and it's still to me a classic.

    Fantasy Guru

    I think it's their best album.

  31. Corisma91

    Where is Jennie nowadays ???

  32. reginald baldwin

    Dove was lost in a Gonahex😂

  33. KiN CAMELL

    Heaven Yeah.

  34. Trevor Saalfeld

    Anyone got the instrumental?

  35. caegb

    what a song 👌🏿

  36. Altay Gök


  37. Ronnie Baker

    Maggie Thrett!!!🤔😎👍

  38. Cowboy No1


  39. Cowboy No1

    Riverdale 1986.

  40. Miguel King

    the downstairs where we met...I brought records she cassettes...🎧🎤🎵🎼

  41. Daniel Cook

    *sigh*….I miss high school.

  42. Escapism

    2hr mixtape of De La samples/tunes: ✌️

  43. funk toon

    would be so much better as an instrumental

  44. matthew stetson

    Man this is fat or phat what- whichever. 'Look at little Derwin. Look at him go. Look At Him Go!!!'

  45. Eldridge Martin

    Oh Jennifer oh jenny

  46. Jennifer Haldeman

    Awesome J

  47. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Classic joint.

  48. Trixster Million

    When this song first came out De La Soul offered a $10,000 bounty to whoever first identified the sample the main hook used. Did anyone ever claim the reward, and what is the sample?

    Trixster Million

    Never mind the second half of the question, it's "Soupy" by Maggie Thrett.

    reginald baldwin

    @Trixster Million That's Digging in In Da CRATES

  49. Paul Sanabria

    Good times !!!!

  50. William Mason

    Awww baaaabyyy

  51. caleb basile

    this is such a dope beat

  52. Jenny Morris

    lmfao love it ha

    William Mason

    Jenny Morris Jennifer ohh Jenny. Awwww bbbabby

  53. Darwin

    I imagine mickey and mallory executing a mass of news reporters in the desert to this song

  54. Derek Fitzpatrick

    jenni is a slut

    JenniMacgregor X

    Derek Fitzpatrick why thank you

  55. Riley Page

    One of my favourite songs

  56. ThosePeteCannonBeats


  57. BigGera

    maaaaaaannn too old school for me, i'm out

    Richie L

    BigGera , old school is the foundation for all things new. Respect....


    I knew a girl named Jenny, who was like this Jenny!.... She made me sing 'Jenifa oh Jenny' over and over ;-)

  58. rdonaldsonrd58

    maggie thrett, sample Soupy!!!

  59. Jenni Brown

    Pisshhhh Darwin doesn't have shit. Chopsticks battle royal.

  60. Emile Samedi III

    access to her code broke it down fast true de la


    They were awesome with these samples!!! Love this song!

    Smooth Operator

    All those samples is why this isnt on itunes....😡

    Fantasy Guru

    Prince Paul

    beforethemayflower manofhue


    funk toon

    @beforethemayflower manofhue
    this beat uses the same samples

  62. kent shanks

    This song takes me back to High School! DE LA SOUL!!!!!!!!

    Terry Henderson

    This was my joint in high school

  63. Jeni McElwain

    That me

  64. Daniel Vieira

    I might be wrong but wasnt that Kool G Rap ? maybe im incorrect.

    portuguese stoner music

    Jennifer Guillaume

    no De La Soul

  65. 1moreorless


  66. Eddie boote

    Lyrical geniuses these guys..... 

  67. Chris Gray


  68. Kiah Harvey

    Mmm. Finally found one of my favorite albums of all time on vinyl! Can't stop listening. Thanks De La.

  69. albert12o2

    The Downstairs where we met, I'd brought records, she'd cassettes
    Lost a break, found her shake, Jenifa, oh Jenny

  70. Nigel Williams

    i am white yet i like it. skittles and 'zona

  71. Richard Boldbrooker

    For Chloe; the hot little sister of first love Helen.

  72. Dany Dee

    love them samples dela .....never the hardest but the beats the samples the flow .......cornerstone of the old skoolllllllllll.

  73. dpgoarmy1

    I love this song... De LA Soul most underrated group ever!!!!!!

    Trixster Million

    Not underrated at all; very highly regarded.

    MizAnn Wells

    Trixster Million I agree

    Eldridge Martin

    dpgoarmy1 how ill are they

  74. SharingBits(toAvoidDeath)

    I disagree. I think Posdonous is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and Trugoy is sick as well.

  75. Shortfuse Film

    2 words: Prince Paul

  76. Marrz Levi

    this is one of my favorite songs from De La Soul, i like the bridge with Darwin playing the piano. OH baby !!! lmao

    derwin myatt

    My name is derwin:)

  77. Merchantsmith Images

    De la Soul did the same thing. Just used other artist.

  78. BlackDrunknmasta

    Still have 3ft. High and Rising on casette!

    Seamus Egan


  79. Brinah

    some rappers use like funk and other black soul samples for their material; de la is different; they use samples no one thought of using and it's the bomb! :)