De La Soul - I Can't Call It Lyrics

Yeah yo

To all my thrillas on the east (I can't call it)
To all my thrillas on the west (I can't call it) [scratched] "Hello"
To all my thrillas inbetween (I can't call it)
You're bearing witness to the best (I can't call it) [scratched] "Hello"

Now other kids tried to be pros
Well I'm protein
And real live inserted inside rap and soul fiends
There's a million MC's in the world tonight
Who's not gettin' down cause they know them Stakes got High
And them Stakes got High cause yo that's how it is man
I'll take the Markie up outta the Biz
Just to hang up place the name onto headline
"Appearing live De La Soul" first up to shine
It be me
While I arose from the shores from Long Isle
While little girls sport swollen stomachs like they in style
While their man hairline recedes cause they fashion from dust
That's why we all lust to live and ah live to lust
(I send a scream to my nigga Busta Bust)
Down down will be some intricate word play comin' around
I'm not gay but I'm quick to say Mase is my man
We done rocked from NY to Osocka Japan
(From Osocka Japan) I land back in NY
So don't test the world travelers we off to apply
Cash the check cuase we knows the D
Peace to all them MC's who got a child and record companies to feed

So all my thrillas over seas (I can't call it)
To all my thrillas makin' G's (I can't call it) [scratched] "Hello"

(First tell 'em your name)
Introducing doctor Oman to your section
(And what you come here for?)
To say these rhymes in your direction
See your selection keep me frownin' crown you niggas (true dat)
Shared a bottle with my crew and takin' swiggas (who dat?)
Ain't no need to said no names we just revealin'
That my family keeps on top like a ceiling
Dealin' like a gamble ain't no ramble or roast
(I heard you showerin' shit from coast to coast)
So how you call it when you niggas alcohol it?
I be calm in the corner soothing stress like a sauna
Gonna (gonna) take my time (my time)
To raise my (Hey Young World)
Inspired by Rick and Vance Wright
Trying not to boogie with the devil take my lessons just to keep my dance tight
Phatter (fatter) than a waist 55 on the mic
And if ya wanna bug then do what cha like
And if ya wanna bug then do what cha like
Self expression makes it health for self aiight [x3]

To all my thrillas in the north (I can't call it)
To all my thrillas down south (I can't call it)
And all my thrillas inbetween (I can't call it)
We about to be the hell out (I can't call it) [scratched] "hello"
[scratched] "I really had a ball"

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De La Soul I Can't Call It Comments
  1. druha10304

    this was during the stakes is high days when they dropped that nuke with jay dee!!

  2. Tobias Lindeberg

    Why isnt this on Spotify!?!?!?

  3. j lust

    Straight answer to ring ring ring , the sadest track from De La if you are a conoisseur papa, drop a jewel again

  4. David Tejano

    Fatter than waist 55 on da mic, and if you wanna bug then do what ya like

  5. David Tejano

    Fatter than a waist 55 on da mic, and if you wanna bug then do what ya like

  6. scott bork

    high school high sountrack

  7. ronnie ronnie

    Yall can't call it

  8. RogueSkolar

    A classic! They just don't make hip hop music like this anymore. Sucks. Been listening to rap since about 1990 and I'm stuck on that "golden era" sh*t. Man marketers and radio f*cked it all up! You hardcore "underground" rap heads will love kevinnottingham[dot]com. That is if haven't already discovered  :-]

  9. Alex Del Giudice

    who made this beat


    They did+Alex Del Giudice

  10. broccolihart71

    I was bitchin awhile back about the upload quality and I favourite song by Dave is either Oodles of O's or Itsoweezee....both classics!!

  11. ooOoo

    Fuckin around and came across your page

  12. broccolihart71

    To!! You need to re upload this again....cruddy quality!!

  13. broccolihart71

    Hel, hell, hello, hello

  14. TribalFunksta238

    I have been listening to De La Soul for years, how have i never herd this one, and "Fallin" by them, every song they have is awesome but their best are the most hidden..... check out "lovely how i let my mind float" if u haven't all ready.

  15. Jake Pyle

    plug 2 kills this track! thanks for the upload!!!! woop!

  16. J DUBBER

    @dg007pp u ever cop that grind date album????.... "rock co.kane flow" with mf doom is a straight up classic banger!!!!

  17. dg007pp


  18. Michael Garcia

    this soundtrack is the shit, but i never ever watched the movie.

  19. EFH

    this is the heaviness i'm feeling right now

  20. Beat Vandalz

    we use to ride out to this shit! play it in your car, try it out!

  21. krellings

    why do I suddenly want to play pong? Lovely beat!!!

  22. ghettocreation

    Now other kids tried to be pros
    Well I'm protein!

  23. FartingFatso69

    FOUND IT!!!!!

  24. FartingFatso69

    i need to find this soundtrack

  25. magicflea123

    Nice track, I've been looking for this one for a while.