De Forest, Emmelie - Sanctuary Lyrics

(Ooh-ooh-ah, hoh)

A feather crept its way inside my head
I could have looked away and put its thought to bed
But I shook that feather loose inside my head
It only took a couple more till it had wings to spread, now

This is my sanctuary
This is my show and tell
So free
Remember every touch
So free in the light
My sanctuary

This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary

(Ooh-ooh-ah, hoh)

That feather drifted down inside my head
All neon bright and waiting, tethered to who I am
The hours soar like birds out of my hand
To trace the light and make it dance, now

This is my sanctuary
This is my show and tell
So free
Remember every touch
So free in the light
My sanctuary

This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary

(Ooh-ooh-ah, hoh)

For all that's sacred, all that's holy
For all that's sacred, all that's holy
So free

This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary
This is my, ooh, this is my, ooh
This is my sanctuary


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De Forest, Emmelie Sanctuary Comments
  1. Miguel Escobar

    ¿Alquien en 2019?

    Anni Jensen

    Miguel Escobar, yo en 2020!

  2. rocky

    Sounds like say ok from vanessa Hudgens

  3. Sildete Luiza dos Santos

    Canta muito!! ❤❤❤

    Dami !

    brasileira gostosa

  4. Rost

    <3 Emmelie impossible not to!!

  5. Ano Nymous

    Love this song, how did I miss this one.

  6. Виктор ЦСКА

    Beautiful song. Beautiful Emmelie))))

  7. Thomas Müthing

    I've loved this singer ever since her triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest, and I'd love her to make the big time. But something tells me, it's not gonna happen.

  8. αλεξ κομ

    Im in love with you

  9. Gustav

    Amazing!! Keep going😍🙌

  10. Pop Mihail

    Why is she so underrated ?!!!

  11. Claudiu Bîță

    Just 55.000 views for this nice voice?

  12. Carlos Lopez

    Tiene una voz fantástica... Solo necesita otra canción que la destaque más......

  13. A.J. Smith

    Awesome. I'm gonna go find this on iTunes and buy it.

  14. Anni Jensen

    I also think she’s amazing! Though her music doesn’t seem very popular here in Denmark.

  15. Jenny Pedersen

    Emmelie fake

  16. Holly Van Hart

    💗 Thanks, I'll be checking out your other videos too! 👏 🙌 💘

  17. G. Lu

    good, but needs more flute player

  18. Tolga Avan

    I will be forever thankful for Eurovision making me discover you because you're such an incredible artist

  19. Antônio Cipriano

    I miss u

  20. Sara


  21. ESC Omar

    She is so underrated

  22. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    damn...her best song since Rainmaker...I love it so much...

  23. Serg Alekseev


  24. Goetter

    Incredible voice, I have made a remix on my channel, please visit it, I do not ask you to subscribe just enjoy the music.

  25. Lindsayp

    love the voice. Emmellie keeps on seeing to amaze with every song. absolutely love her... bringing the love from America

  26. Gordon Doyen

    Amazing song, great voice, sensual performance. I like it. Greetings from Hamburg!

  27. MarieY

    Beautiful voice 😍

  28. Iben Juhl

    Yaaay!! Your back, i love Your New song!!

  29. Huy Bong

    Don't know why but this video seems better in 480p quality
    Long time no see, I like your new song too

  30. humbert luis


  31. lunavf_4

    How can it just have 700 likes?

  32. lunavf_4

    Really nice song!

  33. Lucas Gusmão

    Wow, amazing!

  34. Jian Piero Ledezma

    LOVE THIS SONG. Your voice is incredible

  35. Maximilian 432hz

    that voice is so powerful

  36. Jorrit

    Amazing song Emmelie :D

  37. منقذ سليمان

    You're back ♥
    I love you ♡

  38. Felipe Franco

    💚💛 muito bom

  39. MrThanos 1

    I follow her from Eurovision!!! Greece loves you!!!!!!

  40. Dawid Games

    ---📁Emmelie de Forest
    ----📁Bad songs
    -----⚠This folder is empty

    Highway Pro

    That's not how it works dude, I think you've missed Drunk Tonight & Hopscotch, which both have certainly turned away Emmelie's Eurovision fanboys by quite a margin

  41. evonx1

    lovely voice - the song is a bit boring I'm afraid

  42. Gary The Gray ASMR

    Nice to see another release form such a talented artist. I've missed you.

  43. ESC Russia

    wow 😍😍😍

  44. Jorge Peñaherrera

    so beautiful!!!

  45. Adres Eugênio

    Esse video fico incrivel, o Brasil te ama Emmelie de forest

  46. Vũ Lê Phong

    I love u. 😍😍😍

  47. die young

    Marina and The Diamonds vibes

    Mozart Herbert

    This would be a great feat :P

  48. Владимир Антонович Канов

    My fav girl❤❤❤❤

  49. Lokesh Goyal

    No words for your song and your voice

  50. Dolores Munoz Solarzano

    I love this song

  51. Troblerone

    Could participate in Eurovision next year with this. Because 'why not'?

    Simon Møller

    Troblerone She Not comming back in ESC more 😊


    @Simon Møller How do u know?

    Simon Møller

    @Davor She has said in a Danish TV program where you can ask her questions

  52. Jorgen Bernle

    So lovely, dear Emmelie. I´m one of many proud sponsors of this song. :-)

  53. ossielmdn

    You deserve better, such an amazing artist!

  54. HALUK Bodur

    Why still 3k she deserves millions

  55. Salko Šumar

    Restored my faith in humanity. Wonderful <3

  56. 5855brot

    Jeg synes desværre din stemme fader for meget ind i musikken. Jeg har altid været fortryllet af din stemme, men dette nummer har ikke den nerve din stemme fortjener. I mine ører bliver det lidt trættende metervare-pop, og det er sgu ærgerligt med dit enorme sangtalent. Men selvfølgelig laver du dét du føler for og det skal du bestemt også gøre ligegyldigt hvad en enkelt lytter som mig siger. Jeg var bare mere fortryllet da det var din sangstemme der bar numrene.

  57. humbert luis

    I Love This Song !!

  58. Lalu Merchán-Eslava

    Relax is your voice

  59. Guillem González

    I can't say much about this song that I didn't say before. You are amazing Em!!!! <3

  60. Natassa Zafeira

    Wow, amazing Emmelie😍.. well done!!! You're always so beautiful😍😊❤

  61. thank u heart

    Best song "

  62. Andrzej Golonka

    We've waited for this for two years!

    Dami !


  63. Jaime Quiero Bastías


  64. Rodrigo Colina.

    She is so beautiful. The song is cute but the video is terrible. #Venezuela

  65. Rah Oliveira

    rainha linda 😍 minha Emmelie ta vivaaaa ❤️💖

  66. Anastasia Diaz

    Love u emmelie
    From. Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴💖💖💖💖

  67. Alberto Telles

    wow gracias

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    Finally you back again 😍held og lykke EdF

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    Fantastic! <3

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    Love the song! Keep on the good work😍

  71. Ziad Alotaibi

    874 views in 6 dec 2017

  72. Misty Moon

    I love it so much. I've been waiting for this for sooo long. Love it.

  73. Mustafa Acar

    I take my mind from the beginning😍 I'm just losing myself☺😍I love you so much❤❤

  74. eleni-98 Tsn

    This channel omg memories 😭

  75. Rost

    We've missed you Emily!!!!<3

    Dami !

    i've just discovered her recently...amazing!

  76. L.Y. K.B.

    Caraio moça, volta dpois de 172738281 anos cm esse pisão? Pesado ein

  77. TheSparkTime

    So good! I like it very much, it's so refreshing. I hope this is a new single for a new album. Keep going!

    Aid Acid

    TheSparkTime she have a new EP coming on the way

  78. Andres


  79. Bart Step

    ♥ ♥ ♥

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    I LOVE your voice.

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    Beautiful Song & Video🖤

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    I really love this song 💙💙

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    Amazing song! 😎🎶

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    Well done!

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    Best of the best! 😍😍

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    I tought u gave up on making music

    eleni-98 Tsn

    Victor R. She has a new channel ☺ Search her with the same name


    eleni-98 Tsn Oh

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    In. Love.

  89. Victor Rosário

    Resolveu reaparecer?

  90. vicky M


    vicky M

    I'm the first comment!!!