De Burgh, Chris - Save Me Lyrics

Once in a dream I was falling in love
With someone who looked a lot like you,
But just as our lips were starting to kiss,
I woke up on the floor;

It's one of those nights for standing around
And talking to people that I hardly know,
An incoming tone came up on my phone,
It was an SMS, and it said;

"Save me, I think I've had enough of this,
Save me, you are the one who can
Save me, take me away from here;"

I look in the room, there's nobody there,
And then I saw her with the long blonde hair,
I could not believe the girl in my dream,
Was waiting at the door, and she said;

"Save me, I think I've had enough of this,
Save me, you are the one who can
Save me, take me away from here;"

Oh, cue a hundred days and nights of special sensuality,
Since lady luck came knocking on my door;

An incoming tone is up on my phone,
Another SMS, and it said;

"Save me, I think I'm getting out of it,
Save me, no doubt about it,
Save me, let's get away from here;"

"Save me, save me, save me, save me,
Let's get away from here,
Take me away from here,
Let's get away from here."

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De Burgh, Chris Save Me Comments
  1. Zlatka Radeva

    Great song. Thanks for uploading.

  2. 8892ALI

    Great Song!!........Chris is truly a favourite of mine!

  3. vollog

    @Vegetatrain99 thanks for the info :)

  4. Johannes Napp

    @vollog "Handy" is german for a mobile phone :)

  5. cidetto

    Wonderful live performance!

  6. classie60

    great song. many thanks for putting on here,

  7. vollog

    you are welcome :-)

  8. vollog

    you are welcome :-)

  9. vollog

    so here is a song about (handies?!!!) and mobile phones...

  10. Andres Chile

    great song, thanks for upload vollog :-)

  11. David Hawkins

    what does he say right at the beginning

  12. sassysuzy4u

    I love Chris De Burgh but what do you mean no one in the USA has ever heard of him? His "Lady in Red" made the #3 spot on the Billboard charts in the US in 87 and is in almost every "80's" compilation set I've seen. I've also heard "The Storyman" on an easy listening station several times the few months.

  13. Persian Gammon

    u rock vollog! thanks for sharing it

  14. vollog

    :) I'll do anything I can. Actually I have other video clips of our storyman which are already on youtube, so I thought it's not necessary to upload them again, if you keep an eye on the site, you can find other wonderful clips of CdeB.

  15. transmissionends64

    thanks again vollog. I'm soooo glad there is someone out there that puts on all these great cdeb songs and not another video of lady in red (i'm so sick of that one!!)keep up the great work.