De Burgh, Chris - Just In Time Lyrics

Just in time I heard the cry,
And looking up I saw the snowbirds wheeling in the sky;
They said, "We are the last ones left",
And so I brought them in , I gave them comfort, gave them rest,

Just in time, to live another day,
Just in time, oh they'll live another day;

Just in time I read the book,
Such a revelation, we must give back what we took,
Or the Earth will roar like a wounded beast,
The mountains will come crashing from the valleys to the sea,

Just in time, oh don't throw it all away,
Just in time, don't throw it all away...

"Who will save this world of mine,
Will you save it just in time?"

Just in time, I saw the dawn,
Watched the sun arising on a field of golden corn,
And through the mist, a million sang,
Friends of the Earth, calling out to every man,

Just in time, oh don't throw it all away, no, no, no,
Just in time, oh we'll live another day...

Ooh, how can I tell you how close we have come,
That the end of our world has already begun,
There are so many things we will not see again,
Every day there's another one dying away...

Calling for help,
Help from your hand,
Hand coming down,
Down to the world;
World it is time,
Time for us all,
And all that is life,
To be living together before everything slips away.

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De Burgh, Chris Just In Time Comments
  1. Sarah Mead

    If only more people paid attention to the sentiment when this came out some 35 years ago the world might not be in such a mess now!

  2. agung kuffal

    Very beatiful song, develop a spirit, developin a brave to fight with life and concuer the world to be better

  3. xLArve

    for me is too - most favorite song!

    sa san

    Yes. .it's correct

  4. 은정민

    내인생에 최고의 팝송중 하나

  5. heart beat

    At last after 20 year's lm find this song


    Especially prescient now.

    Mark Jones

    Hell of a crusade that one Fella 😊

  6. Drop DEADLY

    I didn’t heAR him sing THANKS FOR WATCHING at the end

  7. Madnessisfame Siba

    one of my favourite 

  8. José Vieira

    Uma canção maravilhosa! 

  9. PlanTonto

    Nice song, but Chris is an unfriendly asshole on Twitter...

  10. Johannes Münch


  11. Pao6026

    that's funny,I'm glad you like this, but this version is the only one I've heard,I don't know if there have another version or not(and sorry about my poor english T_T

  12. J. Rodrigues

    This is for sure my favourite song!!!