DBangz - DBangz vs. The Rest Lyrics


She not thick nor fat, A fine young latina and she like how I spit it back
Flows addictive, like just say it, like I'm spitting crack
Turn this up yo' like who's this spitting that
Plug in that sub I want that bass extra kicking, Jack
Buy this record cause you know black boys getting racks
After this one hopefully I be getting stacks, My wave cream like the grease from a corner chicken shack

PG porn and that white girl frickin fat, I was about to exit but she had some cool frickin tats
I was about to nut but the dude did, freakin whack
Check your senses I hope you feel how I'm kicking that
I'm coming from the bottom like Steve Nash
How you boys nut quick?
Usually, it's me last
If on the paper teacher gave said see me after class
I said "Mrs. Jones please what I gotta do to pass?"
She said "Mr you gotta stop blowing glass."
So I took the paper made her shove it up her ass
As I think back, we should've made a porno
All I needed was a big dick and corn-rows
In the intro could've been me and the zentorno
With the thick lady decked in the sexy wardrobe
Movie would've been great, I'd give her sore throat
Text her 'Hey, sorry for my rocket and hormones'
Beat so heavy like I'm breaking my darn bones
Rappers more stressful than lingering car loans
Actually, I'm in car debt, after a car wreck
I don't mean to be far-fetched my flow is retarded

You might feel a bizarre sense, DBangz vs. The Rest
And I'm raking in large bets
Poking out the chest like a Vietnam vet, it's a leotard fest or retards nets
These rhymes coming quicker than me on a good day
A couple 2 fucked up. I gotta stash pit away
I'll get money this way, and call it the good way
Caught with the bottle stash, how I'm gonna pay?
No money in the wallet I'll just do it the hood way
Not a way, new bottle for the wood case
Move too quick and hands get smoke like tobacco
Leave your attitude altered, knees down at a chapel

Yeah you got pop like the can of a Snapple
From DBangz the man known as straple the bad apple
The one who kill folks in the streets and pop capsules
Everywhere he spit hit harder than shrapnel
Kill his foe and leave his body bedazzled
For example, skedaddle or travel bodies get left strangled
Like back skin tackle, you get killed in this line of battle

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