Dayshell - Nostalgia Lyrics

You were looking kinda funny with that heart on your sleeve
As if you're asking for dramatic occasions
Well, I hate to beg your pardon and I don't mean to preach
Your ass is asking for dramatic invasions

You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox
You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox

Hey, why you wear that face so low
Hey, is there something I should know
Why you wear that face so low

Take a second to get back on your feet
Your mouth is moving but the words, they don't sound right
You're talking up the story, seek, assist and defeat
Your darkness never felt or looked so bright

You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox
You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox

Hey, why you wear that face so low
Hey, is there something I should know
Why you wear that face so low

You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox
You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox

Hey, be what you wanna be
A silly love song
Never too late, it's alright

It's alright

Hey, why you wear that face so low
Hey, is there something I should know
Why you wear that face so low

You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox
You better bend before I come alive
Awake me from this paradox

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Dayshell Nostalgia Comments
  1. MyOneVengeance

    This album is bad ass!

  2. marisa targaryen

    Trailer Park Boys!

    Shayley Dayshell Bourget

    marisa targaryen ❤️

  3. ecooke75

    This is a backstep from Nexus...🤷‍♂️

  4. Sawyer Van Etten


  5. markus hopmann

    Nothing makes my day quite like hearing a new Dayshell song! So pumped for the album! Already have it pre-ordered! Easily my favorite band!

  6. Norman loves Memes

    Smooth ass Voice 💕💕💕💖💖

  7. Jonny Simpson

    You’re beautiful shay

  8. NIN1

    Shay you are the man!

  9. Kat Podzon

    Liquid gold🖤👌🏻

  10. Wellinton Bend

    Shayley <3

  11. William Harrington

    The boys at Sumerian kicking themselves hard right now.

  12. CAP1217

    Dayshell wins my heart all the time.

  13. Hoffcast

    With songs like Shayley in them, you CAN'T LOSE!

  14. LeSaud

    i love his voice :( <3

  15. Julian Wilt

    My name is Julian Wilt lol when i saw this i freaked out for a second like i dont recal doing this 😂

    Molly Jade

    Omg that's hilarious 😂 I see you're into music! What do you think of this song?

    Julian Wilt

    @Molly Jade its definitely a jam i like it :) i play in a band myself im also a vocalist which makes it even funnier lol

    Molly Jade

    @Julian Wilt Can I find it on YT? What kind of music do you play?
    Edit: (or sing)

    Julian Wilt

    @Molly Jade not youtube yet we are about to release a record :) our name is A Blessings Curse we play Prog/Djent/Metal

    Julian Wilt

    @Molly Jade we are on Facebook for now :)

  16. Rebbeckah Taylor

    Amazing as always!<3 I'm also so happy to see Julian on this<3!

  17. KiMO P

    목소리가 사기야ㄷㄷ

  18. NIFTY DRIFTY Gaming

    Hell yeah guys!!!!

  19. Rockey Liles

    Awesome song, the intro reminds me of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme though and it cracks me up 🤣

  20. Christopher Carrico

    I always show my friends new dayshell and they love it. Lets get these reps ☝

  21. Morghen Vaughan

    Shayley, thank you for making music🤘🏻

  22. Bailey Cakes

    Adam sent me

  23. MoldyBread333

    Love it!

  24. Adam Durham

    Really good. Spread the word about dayshell to your friends and family. 4k other subscribers could get 1 person they know maybe 2 to subscribe here, shoot up to 8k,12k maybe those friends tell there friends? As fans we can help get this guy the fame he deserves. Not hard, just a little effort from us.

  25. Mason Weems

    Amazing song! Who is this about?

  26. naughty nick

    The vocals are Very covette seriously nostalgic on this one chills finally

  27. Joseph Fritz

    Cant wait to hear track number 11!


    7 DAYS BABY!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! ESPECIALLY "WHEN YOU CANT DREAM AT NIGHT" "when you cant sleep at night" and "give it lift off" is my wife and I's songs 💙💜

  29. Grant Tooley

    Perfect fucking vocals and it fits right in soo easy keep up the work brother we love you

  30. Grant Tooley

    I’ve totally been waiting for this🤘

  31. Daniel Seale

    I can't unhear the Angry Video Game Nerd theme song riff when I hear this

    Trygve Nordmo

    Yeah same here, wonder if its intentional?

  32. Jason Jamerson

    Shayley you are amazing musician and songwriter thank you so much for your hard work and beautiful music!!

  33. Raziel_KP

    This feels like Feelfly part 2 and I’m digging it so much! Much love Shayley❤️

  34. tenaciousjoe24

    Why isn't it the 29th yet?

  35. Dirk Riley

    Great Vocals ! Cant wait 🤘🤘

  36. Jesse MacBeth

    I just worship this band soooo much! Shay's vocals can make ANY song sound AMAZING!!

  37. Carlos SpicyWeiner

    Your ass is asking for dramatic invasions?
    Who writes these lyrics? Sounds like a middle aged gueen at the ymca talking to a high school boy in the showers

  38. Bryan Merritt

    I love it shay!!!!

  39. Razor Kirkpatrick

    Fuckkkk I'm sorry shay, I love you <3 <3

  40. Darb Yesmar

    The fucking king of melodies!!!!!

  41. Roy Navi

    waiting for 8 days after the whole record.

  42. Maximilian Andersen

    Brilliant as always, thank you for making really good music

  43. Pocah Doll

    Love you Shayley, and Dayshell is amazing. So glad to be with you since the beginning.

  44. Amelia_Luna ShadowHunter

    Love it my dude!

  45. Benjamin Lipsø

    This is banger. Can't wait for the new album!

  46. Mr Rag3r



    Paradox, check description, I thought the same

  47. R Dias

    Fuck, I almost cried. This is beautiful 😭

    Molly Jade

    When music makes you emotional and you feel the vibe, you know it's a good song! Dayshell is such an awesome and amazing band they deserve more credit! Now they're independent so it's more the reason to support!

  48. Alain Kapel

    I adored Nexus and I can see this will be (over)played in my house as well. Great stuff!

  49. XchuggsX

    Speaking of nostalgia lol it has Self Titled vibes all around, I love it shay! 🙌🤘👍👌🔥

  50. Wolfgang Ricky

    Omg Omg Omg!

  51. Waleed Bin Alim

    I've always admired your vocal range and I'm glad it's showcasing in the album... Looking forward to see what the whole album has got

  52. Mikey Elliott

    Good job shay!! Can’t wait to hear Mr.Pain!!!!

  53. Peter

    Absolute tune. Could be my new favourite.

  54. Brendan Murphy

    Thank you for every song you give us.

  55. Eric Cartman

    Man I am loving this new album!! Cant wait for my preorder to arrive!!

  56. Happy Arnold

    Ooouuuu that's quite the tune.

  57. Tyler Valleskey

    Shay is the best vocalist ever.. needs more attention! Spread the word!

  58. Leonardo Stefaniak

    I love that bass base vibe. Absolutely amazing what you’re doing shaco!

  59. Scott Ealey

    If Avatar and Feelfly had a kid, this would be it!

  60. Amine Abouzaid

    Big up from Morockko 😁 one of the best vocalist around

  61. BuddySmiles Gaming

    Yo dope song but who's julian witt?

    RawrAw Bg

    BuddySmiles Gaming yeah I’m wondering where he came to be in the song o-O

    Jeremy Baxter

    I'm gonna guess he plays those kickass guitar solo parts

    Shayley Dayshell Bourget

    BuddySmiles Gaming he’s in the band Foxera! Check them out! He plays the lead in the bridge and ending!

    Phil Moody

    @Shayley Dayshell Bourget is he from Germany because the name sounds german.

  62. Hector Ramirez

    Well shove a stick up my ass and call me a corn dog, this shit slaps!

  63. UGA2933

    Damn... That is all🤘

  64. Punished Øni

    Dayshell deserves so much more attention.

    Molly Jade

    Indeed they do! I cannot PREACH how much I love this band!

    Adam Durham

    Spread the word! Get your friends to check him out and subscribe. I would hate to see his sound fade away because 4k subscribers couldnt get 1 friend to listen and subscribe to this guy.

    Molly Jade

    Someone get Nik Nocturnal!!
    This needs a cover omg 🙏

    Bodhi Safa

    But instead Octane pushes that Fever 333 shit in our ear drums

  65. Dillon Ruiz

    Shayley! I can't explain to you enough how much your work has inspired me to keep my dreams of one day getting into the music scene. Every single one of your songs is absolutely amazing and never fails to deliver. I've followed a lot of bands and vocalists over my 28 years of life, but I've gotta say, you're my absolute favorite. Thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.

    Kat Podzon

    Cause hes the shit, liquid gold🖤

  66. RawrAw Bg

    Holy shit, I just got here AND THIS IS ALREADY A BANGER

  67. Aidan Follestad

    Very classic rock sounding 🤘 (fitting name)

    Bryan Merritt

    Aidan Follestad it does sound like an 80s band after a decade of hard partying only to get it right in the end and make it about the music again 🤣

  68. Vast Drums

    First ! I love you shay! Will always support you no matter what !