Dayseeker - Lucid Dreamer Lyrics

God won't speak to me, made my plea's but he's not listening
I lie sleepless in bed reflecting on every lie I've been fed
What a world to be chained and bound to,
I feel sorry for each saved soul who truly thinks they've found you

We kill off the weak and stay on course towards hell
It's not some place you go after life, it's to keep you in line before you die
This world's not a vessel for what you think lies ahead
It's more like a prison, God must be dead

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Dayseeker Lucid Dreamer Comments
  1. Levi Nelson

    Reminds me a lot of Silent Planet. Great stuff

  2. arrow

    champions 3

  3. CCM_Hockey71

    this key is so Sick

  4. Dylan Little

    just became a fan. Rory's views are so similar to mine. i feel every song so much. I hope to tour someday and maybe be able to write with him on a song.

  5. Van Thomas

    As much as I would love for this song to be longer, it is perfect. 1:36 hits right in the feels

  6. JohnBoy

    This song kicks ass, but I'd respond with Oh, Sleeper's "Reveries of Flight".

  7. Taylor Merrill

    These guys are absolutely amazing.

  8. Blvd Road

    This is nice

  9. Dan Shepherd

    InVogue Records having all these great bands and Dayseeker improving their already fantastic music. Awesome work, guys.