Dayseeker - Dead To The World: Alive In My Eyes Lyrics

My love, you lie still in a coma and I'm to blame
I just want your eyes to open for me

How quickly we're at each other's throats
Completely meaningless with nowhere to go
The more I try to prove what's right
The more we seem to scream and fight
When you sped off in your car
I could feel a pulsing in my heart
Scared to death that I may never see you again
You couldn't see that oncoming car
And when you both collided
It drained the light from your eyes

But I can't give up on what we have
Even though we may never wake up from this nightmare
If I could rewind time, I'd keep you safe
And try to stop you from driving off that night

Too proud to admit when I'm wrong
Too afraid to let you know I am crippled without you here
It's eating away at me
I can't sleep
I can't eat til you're awake and resting right beside me
I swear I'd stop you

Hooked up to machines
Dependent for every breath you take
I'll be there when your eyes open
I'm just begging you to wake up
Dead to the world: alive in my eyes

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Dayseeker Dead To The World: Alive In My Eyes Comments
  1. KieffCatcher

    2019 and still one of my favorite albums ever

  2. YT MusicPlaylist

    "Too proud to admit when I'm wrong
    Too afraid to let you know I am crippled without you here"

  3. Nimue

    Forever an amazing band

  4. Hambopro

    0:11 "I just want your ass open for me..."

  5. Fire Flamez

    beautiful song they kilt this shit amazing ive become a new fan shit was lit! 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Zak Pemberton

    There was a typo in the lyrics "completely meaning with nowhere to go". He said meaningless.


    Tank you Einstein

  7. Dustin Nuttall

    Absolutely fantastic lyrics that I can relate to so much.

  8. Cordell Graber

    Those ending lines of this song just hit me so hard.

  9. InfinityPotato

    I hope there will be acoustic version of this song

  10. Oliver Forster

    I'm only on Dead to the world and this has been amazing so far!!

  11. Erik Rivera

    This band  is absolutely incredible in every way. Musically, structurally, lyrically, vocally, the lack of production. I feel every story in each song as if it had happened to me. Dayseeker is the perfect package.

  12. jonathan pipher


  13. Forever_Flawed_Official


  14. ian sunday

    you guy's music has really matured nicely. I'm glad it didn't plateau.

  15. Peyton Weir

    right after i bought their last album kms

  16. Lauren T

    Chills, powerful and beautiful vocals as always.