Dayseeker - Abandon Lyrics

Abandon me
Face down in the gutter with no will to pick myself up
Left me to rot in that bed for another
Another one to take my place and your face is a fading memory
(A fading memory)
So tell me how you sleep at night
Knowing you left before I was awake

Before you leave to turn and run
I've got a mind to tell you what a disappointment
You have made of yourself in a single moment
See I'd prefer my eyes were blind
Than to sit and watch you leave me behind

So tell me how you sleep at night
Knowing you left before I was awake
Now I feel my heart divide
Knowing how quickly you cast me aside

You can't fathom what it's like
The subtle hell trapped in my mind
And at the end of the tunnel
You were the light shining so bright
What's the point when it always seems to die?
Left me to rot for another to die alone
Keep living your life like I never mattered to you

Before you leave to turn and run
I've got a mind to tell you what a disappointment
You have made of yourself in a single moment
See I'd prefer my eyes were blind
Than to sit and watch you leave me behind

So tell me how you sleep at night
Knowing you left before I was awake
Now I feel my heart divide
Knowing how quickly you cast me aside
Abandon and run, just like I did to you
So I don't see how you sleep at night
Knowing you left before I was awake

You don't know what it's like
To open your eyes to a dead light
Give up on me, I gave up on you
The first reaction is to abandon
Abandon me
Give up on me, I gave up on you
Give up on me, I gave up on you

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Dayseeker Abandon Comments
  1. Nicole Csepi

    i just discovered dayseeker. Now in my favorite bands list for sure! The lyrics are so deep and meaningful...his voice just blows me away... Both beautiful clean vocals and one hell of a growl.

  2. ✇ Denis Ashton ☑

    Crazy original and talented singing

  3. The Antarctica Project


  4. Djentile 777

    This song is still probably top 3 from them. Im about to go jam some arms like yours before i pass out.

  5. Tanner Tate

    I agree with a comment on another video. This band is criminally underrated.

  6. tristananvilcaster

    They are too good, saw them at Warped 😁

  7. The Melodie Oficial

    My Favorite Songs

  8. Skyline Blue

    Favorite song on the album

  9. Jake

    This album is sick, how did I miss this release?

  10. Andrew Aguirre

    Dayseeker, great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you.

  11. Nadav Cohen

    הדבר הגדול הבא נודררר

  12. Héctor Aiello

    Impresionante banda

  13. Skyline Blue

    This song is fucking gold!!

  14. DWadeTIG

    2:48 "How quickly you cash me oussi-i-i-ide"

  15. Yung Wayne

    isa good wan

  16. Alec Ramsey

    1:19 "Now I feel my heart divide knowing how quickly you cash me ousside"

  17. Djentile 777

    dammit man now that's a song.

  18. Andrew D. Royappa

    yo it's heavy

  19. Marcos Antonio

    Nice Post Hardcore, and the vocalist is the best ive seen un years, :v

  20. 1DAP Fitness

    This song made me cry cuz I literally was jus abandoned by someone I care deeply of :/

  21. Clay Brian

    so crazy that they're on a Universal label now. so sick.

  22. Lowley

    This is everything ❤️

  23. Cigarettes For Breakfast

    beside that "awa a a a ake" and "asi i i i ide" i like that song. a classic dayseeker. love em

  24. crb6852

    love this song but it would be cool to hear more low screams rather then his just normal mids

  25. chaz barefield

    As a person that has experienced someone incredibly close abandoning you in your greatest time of need I truly appreciate this band for making this song

  26. Logan Welty

    Dayseeker blows my mind, quite literally, every single time. Damn good art

  27. Trey Brown

    Sponsored by Silent Planet

  28. WilsonxDoom

    why is dayseeker so perfect?! 😍

  29. Sage Etsitty

    it's amazing to see these videos were recorded while they were performing them in silent planet's everything was sound tour

  30. Joseph Bastidas

    Damn. It's safe to say this'll easily be one of my favorite records released this year, maybe even a top 5

  31. August

    For once, I'm actually not feeling a Dayseeker song.

  32. Austin Anderson

    what happened with invogue?

  33. Andy Neumann

    That breakdown is filthy its amazing. :] This album is gonna blow everyone out of the water!

  34. Conrad Watson

    Rory's singing in this one reminds me of Caleb Shomo a LOT. lol I like it, but I dig Vultures a ton more

    Cordell Graber

    Caleb SHomo cant sing?

  35. Connor Deschain

    Ugh, I'm just gonna put myself into a hospitalised coma till this album comes out, feel like a junkie in need of their next fix with these singles

  36. Aaron Poole

    That one dislike can lick my butthole.

  37. Far Away From Home

    Damn this is sick. Always liked the angrier side to Dayseeker, but preferred the more melodic singy side tbh (and usually i just like heavy af shit. But this new album might change that.

  38. DjentleThief

    Absolutely smashed it lads.

  39. Nicolas Minton

    This one hits a little too close to home. Great song though!

  40. From the Branches of Tide

    Man this album is gonna be nuts!

  41. ChonkAss

    dayseeker UK want you now!!! .............norwich in particular!!!.......dont ask!

  42. E T

    Fuck! Can't wait for this album!!

  43. Bradley Cooper-Graham

    Daaaaaaamn this is good

  44. Travis Youker


  45. Erik DeAndero


  46. AarOn Van Horne


  47. quietriot

    That album is going to be soooo good! Damn, that sound is awesome.

  48. Jennifer Horste

    LOVE IT, total 🔥. Can't wait for the album release, Dayseeker never disappoints!

  49. Lucas Yates

    this song is gonna take some warming up to

    Lucas Yates

    Yeah it's good but not better than vultures

    Lucas Yates

    Aye everyone's different m8. I'm starting to love abandon!

    Djinn and Jews

    Lucas Yates I don't have to warm to either. Goddamn, this album is going to rule.

    Brian Givens

    Lucas Yates Its not just a song, its a journey.

    Lucas Yates

    I love it now. took a few listens, but now I'm obsessed. not to mention sleep in the sea pt. 2 is a masterpiece!

  50. ciscoisaboss

    I just need this album to be has good as origin was and it kinda looks like it's going to be

  51. Caleb Gorman

    Rory is my favorite front-man/vocalist, no questions asked. He also seems like the hardest working: so much collab/solo/dayseeker music put out. Keep doing what you're doing man.


    No range on Harrison's screams?

    Marcos Antonio

    U guys know Alazka?, they vocalist has a great voice


    Equinox ignorant ass comment , fucking amateur hour over here.


    Wow, butthurt much? Gtfo fanboy.

    Sarah Toll

    Definitely amazing. Second only to Landon though from Plot In You. Saw them both on the tour, fucking amazing

  52. Jimmy Lynch

    This song is great, like realllly great, but Dayseeker I'm sorry I don't know if anything will top Vultures. This song is really great too. I realllllllly can't wait for this album

  53. Brandon Richardson

    Honestly I don't like this song. the first and only song by these guys I don't like. The ending sounds just like them, but the rest just gives me a weird vibe. The instrumentals will be heavy then Rory is singing super high.

    Tomas Ocallaghan

    Brandon Richardson I think his singing in this track is absolutely superb, though I don't really like the ending of this song to much.

    Brandon Richardson

    Tomas Ocallaghan I'm not saying it's bad I love his voice. I'm just saying in this song it just doesn't fit together.

    Jimmy Lynch

    Brandon Richardson sure it's not as great as Vultures, but it's still really great imo

    Djentile 777

    Ø exactly what I Was thinking

  54. Isaac Plowman

    Under 100 club yo

  55. Isaac Plowman


  56. Volution Apparel

    Dayseek going for that top album of the year list.

    Chocolate Hokage

    Rui Carneiro you sir hit it on the head. Awesome band


    I do the same thing man! And i have a feeling so far this will be my top 5 for sure. This and Wage War and possibly silverstein


    Yeah same im excited for counterparts as well. But yeah wouldnt be surprised if some band just pulls an album out of their butt in the fall lol

    Jason Easterling

    Yes there awesome

    Alex Lopas

    Volution Apparel Do you save what is there not real good race like an hour to savers