Dayne, Taylor - Unstoppable Lyrics

Sweet love buttercup
I want to drink you up
Slowly from a fountain
Spring time, summer rain
Like a hurricane
That's blowin' all around me
Cause everything you do
makes me feel so good
Everything you say
Takes me far away
Everybody needs somebody to squeeze
I just want to be that somebody you need

You put me on the top
Turn me all around
Shakin' me all up
You're taken me down
It's unstoppable
My love for you
Just put me in your heart
Don't put me on a shelf
I'll give you all I got
To you and no one else
It's unstoppable
My love, for you

Everywhere you go
All of the ladies know
What you have to offer
You're the kind of guy
Who makes 'em feel alright
And I know why they're talkin'
Cause nobody can do
Exactly what you do
Nobody comes near
What you give to me
Baby open up
All of you I want
All of you I need
To reach that ecstasy


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Dayne, Taylor Unstoppable Comments
  1. Ava Long

    I liked her style in 80's!!

  2. Angie Mitchell

    I could watch her dance all day make me a dance video Taylor lol.I love her voice to.

  3. Kleve Osborne

    That was Dope!

  4. anthony pucci

    she has amazing voice

  5. leandro medina

    This is my favorite track from Taylor Dayne's Naked Without You :D

  6. Eliama&i song & symbal eli

    Check out on utube this (one blood one vine) also senior senior me siento)!

  7. chris clarke

    You can't help but to love her.

  8. thomas danz



    I have loved TD from day one...AWESOME

  10. Jamey Irby

    hey!!!!!! this is the the shit!!!! i wanna bitch to put me on top ;) im drunk

  11. Bruce Baldwin

    Madonna should watch this to see what sexy really is!! And Taylor sings better too!

  12. comalaism

    After that comment "Findmyride" I would say your ride is here and hopefully it will take you far away!


    i still recalled having the record in the early days of 2000. i love this taylor dayne, who was ever so versatile. 

  14. Cali Cathy

    And she's still hot and can still sing like nobody's business!


    I tot that the record was quite gd.

  16. LoisAnn Harvey

    Really nice I mean just nice..... hee hee ....Mmmmm.


    I love this!

  18. doctorabominable

    Holy Prince!

  19. Sterain 61

    omg, she's smoking hot.... and still is =)

  20. West

    this osng just goes on for...evvverrr...

    but i love taylor still

  21. findmyride

    she was amazing in her prime - who the hell let this happen, her manager should be shot for this

    Laquinton Wagner

    Thia is boss. She morphed With the times.

  22. Mister Stelio

    Hallo ik vind het een mooi liedje en ook en mooi vrouw.

  23. Double Dunn's Garage

    Never heard this one from her how old is it ?. Might keep up with some of today stuff intersting .

    Laquinton Wagner

    It was already 10yrs old when u posted this

  24. irina1296

    "Naked Without You' wasn't that great album compared to Taylor's previous 3 albums but this track was awesome

  25. JohnnyBGood103170

    Why is this the only one on youtube and the sound quality sounds like axx?

  26. the MaleCrystalBall

    Of all your Work and Songs this Song and Album Remain My FAVORITE SONG and Album From YOU!

    Put me in your heart don't put me on a shelf.... Love it!

  27. Hero Huggers

    awesome to see this clip! this song was never released in Australia!

  28. Dominic Corley

    Taylor, took you long enough to post more videos!
    add some behind the scenes footage, and some never before seen performances! Also, put some video with Crash on it. Specifically the whole song, so other fans can hear it. It actually is my favorite song by you. I love to sing it!