Dayne, Taylor - Supermodel Lyrics

You better work!

You better work
Cover Girl!
Work it girl
Give a twirl
Do your thing
On the runway

Work! Supermodel!
Work it girl
Of the world
Wet your lips
And smile to the camera
Work! Turn to the left
Work! Now turn to the right
Work! Chass', Chantey

Work! Turn to the left
Work! Now turn to the right
Work! Chass', Chantey

Well it don't matter what you wear
They're trickin' out to set affair
Ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh yeah!
And it don't matter what you do
Cuz everything looks good on you

Work! Come on girl
Work it girl! Give a twirl
Do your thing
On the run way
Work! Supermodel!
You better work it girl
Of the world
Wet your lips
And smile to the camera
Work! Turn to the left
Work! Now turn to the right
Work! Chass', Chantey

Work! Turn to the left
Work! Now turn to the right
Work! Chass', Chantey

I see a picture everywhere
A million dollar fairy tale
Ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh yeah!
And when you walked into the room
You had everybody's eyes all on you


Linda work from Wyoming She's fierce
Kristy bossy lady Outta site!
Cindy I can feel it!
Claudia you sat on the cover
Nikki work that runway sweetie
I have one thing to say
Chass', Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey!
I have one thing to say
Chass', Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey, Chantey!

Well it don't matter what you wear
They tricking out to set affair
And it don't matter what you do
Cuz everything looks good on you


Work! Come on girl
Work it girl! Give a twirl
Do your thing on the runway
Work! Supermodel!
You better work it girl
Of the world
Wet your lips
And smile to the camera
Work! Turn to the left
Work! Now turn to the right
Work! Chass', Chantey
Work! Turn to the left
Work! Now turn to the right
Work! Chass', Chantey

You better work Oh yeah
Work! Come on down
Work! Give it up!
On the Runway!
Work! Work! Work!
I have one thing to say you better work!

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Dayne, Taylor Supermodel Comments
  1. Tatiana Bonia

    This is my Jazz song

  2. ThisIsADJEgoProduction

    I SO WANT A RUPAUL MUSIC VIDEO TO THIS. I know she’s the original artist...but like with all the best queens! ❤️

  3. Miguel Rios

    Came from the Lizzie McGuire movie on Disney plus lol

  4. Cordel White

    Lmao bitch what

  5. Pizzalover542 1

    They would always play this at Libby lu!

  6. PopOff!

    Oh... my Taylor honey, I LOVE YOU but nooooooo.... All the camp has been removed.

  7. KupKate215

    Just found out this was originally by RuPaul and I am fucking SHOOK

  8. Freaky Freak

    I didn't know Taylor Dayne did a remake of Supermodel until now.

  9. Bunni Love

    Love this song and I love TF out of RuPaul

  10. Laura Bratisax

    My childhood guys...

  11. Dash120z

    Even better than the original.

  12. Cass Steuart

    I have been looking for this song for 5 years. I USED TO FULL ON STRUT IN MY LIVING ROOM TO THIS BOP. I'm pretty sure this started my bisexuality 😂😎

  13. Emily Worden


  14. McKenna Duncan

    This burned in my brain from seven super girls

  15. Josh Lunde

    RuPaul has entered the chat

  16. Gustavo Amorim

    I love both versions

  17. Alisha Chawdhary

    Omg meee every time I put on lipstick

  18. Sean Anderson

    Anus-Thing is Possible

  19. Rebecca Barker

    Taylor, why can't I find this on iTunes? It's awesome, is there another place I can download?

  20. chief 1 redwolf

    Love The Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and your neighbors as yourself

  21. Nela _

    Am I the only one here from Karin & Skyler? 😂

  22. Naomi ForReal

    Omg she says 'Linda and Naomi' in this song. My name is Naomi and my mother is called Linda xd wth

  23. Kev

    WAAAAAY better than Ru’s version.

  24. Margit Ouma


  25. Prince Erick

    This Version Is So Better

  26. xxo ea

    The Lizzie McGuire movie is the most iconic film ever made hands down!!

  27. Prince Erick


  28. Ginger Krokus

    What a TERRIBLE version of the song. Rupaul's original is a 100 times better

  29. Jude how rude



    I’m not going on

  30. JohnnyClock

    Why do white people always copy black people music???? White people have no creativity and originality in music what so ever! The original version, "Rupaul's real version is way better! Taylor just fuck up this song! LOL!

    If it's too hard go play Mystic Quest

    JohnnyClock Well she was on one of his albums back in the day. Also EDM music is from Europe so technically Ru was ripping off Germans.

  31. BriLovesPennywise Briones

    When i found out rupaul is inspired by this song i got so happy because i love rupaul's drag race

  32. James Birt

    ARREST THIS CHICK. SHE'S GUILTY FOR mutilating this classic song, girl "No Ma'am" "You better work... No Boo it's "You 'BETTA WERK!" Girl 👋

  33. Jonathan Calderon

    what is the effect on the organ that makes it so iconic? >.<

  34. Erick Botello

    Vine aquí por la promo de la season 10 de Rupaul's Drag Race

  35. Lorena Perez

    OMG I have seen the Lizzie McGuire movies so many times and I never knew ru wrote that song!! It's so catchy :-)

  36. Vibeology

    I love Taylor but this cover is just noooo
    Taylor deserved way better then some cover song on a shit movie
    Come back Taylor
    The world needs you

    xxo ea

    Nude Conspiracies888 how dare you, the Lizzie McGuire movie is one of the most iconic films in history.


    xxo ea the movie & song are iconic wtf

  37. SaulPilgrim

    me gusta el pene mmmmmm

  38. Jorge Luiz Mello Corrêa

    Será que existe versão estendida desta música?

  39. Jorge Luiz Mello Corrêa

    Excelente! Até então não conhecia. Adorei.

  40. Sophia Fernandez

    I played this today for my Spanish class, because we had a fashion show... they were like wtf and laughed. At least they laughed

  41. M CS87

    100% guilty pleasure song! LOVE IT

  42. Teddy TeTé

    It's sad how little queens try to shade Taylor Dayne when she is one of the most iconic gay icons of the 80's... Tell It To My Heart is one of Ru's favorite tunes so is no suprise that she covered Ru.

  43. LunaIs OnFire95

    What the fuck Rupauls versions 1000x better

  44. audrey monroe

    i loved this part in the movie i remember wanting every outfit she tried on!

  45. Colton Clark

    This is horrible 😂

    Isabella Cico

    Yas Colton then why tf u here ,,, rat ?

    Prince Erick

    Yas Colton whatever :/

  46. Lizzie Jimenez

    I love rupaul but this version is so much better

  47. Anastasia Redmond

    I heard this before RuPauls and I'm so used to this version but his is better!!!

  48. carrie in the car

    Omg I had no idea rupaul wrote this YES HUNTY

  49. Rui Castro

    love Taylor but her voice doesn't work on the song, Ru Paul's version is way better.

  50. Rocket Groot

    oh you youngsters Lol I grew up on rupaul and Taylor dayne. at least you got exposed to good music and real talent. I like Taylor but this song shouldn't of been touched. IMO

  51. Fashion Victim

    RuPaul vibes. 💕

  52. Rafael Fuentes


  53. Quibbles

    This is the same woman that sang 'Tell it to my heart' like wow.

  54. Quibbles

    I just found out this was orignally Rupaul's and I wish his version was in the movie instead

  55. Gabriel Willian

    If you wanna be RuPaul, YOU BETTA WORK

  56. I Don't Belong Here

    Rupaul werkin that runway

  57. roque hidalgo

    Rupauls version is better


    when I was in kindergarten my teacher had us dress up in costumes and walk around the class room like a runway for our parents it was so cute.

  59. Laura G Photos and Film

    I didn't know TD did her version of this.  Cool !!

  60. Johnny U

    I shake my little tush on the dance floor.

  61. Tanis Hardy

    when you're friends say that you could walk the runway and they've seen you walking as if you are on the runway, you listen to this song

  62. thatssolauren

    Do yo thing on the runway

  63. Abigail Eldritch

    I love that drag queens were being planted subliminally in my head at a young age- YES HUNTY


    Abigail Eldritch SAME FOR ME HAHA

  64. Andrew Ross

    i so love the dance music

  65. Ana Sofia Gonzalez

    I love this part of the movie! Great song too!!!

  66. LiveLifeLaughing

    still obsessed wow

  67. Hashtag RT

    Okay, unless you're a Glamazon Supermodel of the World, you can't convey the meaning of this song.

    Kelsey Robinson

    Kelsey Robinson look like supermodel a real bottle out there it's me

  68. Daniel Swiftt

    They shouldve just used Ru's vocals instead of this honestly i mean c'mon this is a little sad whoever is singing sounds like they sang it into an app

    Danny Kelliher

    They had to make the lyrics more child friendly, they changed 'make love to the camera' to 'smile for the camera' and 'million dollar derriere' to 'million dollar fairytale.'


    Funny thing is, Taylor Dayne was actually featured on RuPaul's Butch Queen album. She's a very good singer... the processing on this track absolutely butchered her voice.

    Daniel Swiftt

    At the time I posted the comment I had no idea who Taylor Dayne was but recently I've fallen in love with her music but on this track its just dissapoainting.

    Hlyisstunontar Capeheart

    Tell it to my heart, tell me im the only one!


    Sang into an app like very other singer in the past ten year. LOL! The vocoder effect was the result of everybody following Cher's lead back then.

    Taylor Dayne is an OG icon to us Queers. But Disney didn't know WHAT To do with her. LOL! Listen to a song like Planet Love or her version Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby. She can smoke most mainstream singers today AND back then. The record labels were just lousy to her.

  69. reubs


    alex g

    **crying of joy

  70. velociraptor4you

    And this song isn't on iTunes? Shame. 😔

    Poetically Proven

    it is! but by the original performer, RuPaul! (which was way better, in my opinion)


    +Poetically Proven RuPaul. I'll have to keep that in mind. Thanks.


    velociraptor4you I know right!!


    Clan Kat Yeah.


    @Clan Kat Yeah.

  71. Matias Gielser

    Disney always loved Ru, she even make a cameo in Sabrina The Teenage Witch!


    A few actually since Ru's judge character appeared in a fair few episodes haha.

    victor paredes

    Sabrina is from Nickelodeon 😆😆😆😆

    Call Me Gochu

    victor paredes it’s syndicated on Nickelodeon. It was originally from ABC’s (Disney) TGIF lineup.

    Kayy Snow

    victor paredes oop.

  72. younis qawasmi

    I am seeing this song at my school

  73. Jordan Anschutz

    ok but like . this song doesn't make sense when it's not rupaul singing it

    pumpkin Charlie

    disney in like 2005


    Jordan Anschutz yeah it’s does. The lyrics work exactly the same.

    Surah Online

    *Yes it does!!*

  74. Saif Ali

    I mean why do you commenters use these bad words like fuck and bitch ew I am shivering to type those words blaaaaaaaaa

  75. Saif Ali

    Why do you. Commenters use this super bad words it's not good

  76. Saif Ali

    I am a Muslim kid girl who is watching this there is a fashion show happening in my school and all the grade 3s are modeling and sing this song and by the way I am in Canada and in Canada you call classes grades ok

  77. alberto peralta

    Es divertidos, como no sabiamos que era una cancion tan jota y la cantábamos de chiquitos. sin saber que la original era mejor y mas jota!

    Erick Botello

    alberto peralta total

    Eduardo Salgado


  78. Pipo

    I hate that this is a legitimately catchy song.

  79. Hyeonhun AKA Jaden


  80. Mike Neuzerling

    hilry duff the liZzle McGuire movie

  81. Chloe Perry

    casual, you put this song and your dad starts dancing


    Chloe Perry same

  82. alex g

    My anthem

  83. DavidShreds

    I always watched the lizzie mcguire movie and I didn't know rupaul wrote and sang the song. Rupaul is way better than this version, you better work bitchhhhh lol


    @***** rupaul is better hunty.

    Raymarko Jinzele Old Account

    Heck yeah!!!

    Surah Online

    *THIS version is much better!!!*


    Surah Online Agreed. 😃😊😉👍🏻👏🏻

  84. dvena schleig

    This is my official theme song every time I walk down the street

    Frannyy Jayy

    lmfaoooo me too


    doubt that

    IPC Stora Djurbok


  85. Undead Ladybug

    One of my favorite parts in the movie. XD

  86. 1GoldRunner

    This song can literally turn any straight man gay for a few seconds. xD


    Maybe it turned you gay. Its just a song.


    I hate people who can't take a f*cking joke. Lol

    D Valentine Bernabé

    1GoldRunner not gay, but sassy and feminine maybe.

  87. 1GoldRunner

    This song is life! xD

  88. Peyton Sorrells

    Hunty. Sashay away.

  89. bigpoppa 1967

    So Taylor Dayne sung this version. I figured this song wasn't sung by Lizzie because it had more soul than McGuire could muster.

  90. Zchs Lyfe

    Yeah this was a cover of the song by rupaul.

  91. FenixDragon43

    I had no idea this song was RuPauls... Yasss hunty.


    OMG I was just gonna comment that, Shante you stay!!

    Chikelue Onianwah

    Yeah Ru Paul wrote it, and sang it originally. But Taylor remixed it a bit, and made more lively. Always loved this song, it's also a tribute to Kate Moss.

    Tom Campbell

    +Lue Entourage And she's and actual woman! No small point there!

    Brittney Bray

    I was today years old lol

  92. CornForDinner

    @MorganMonroe133 Ummmm no. This song was written by RuPaul, Larry Tee and Jimmy Harry in 1992. RuPaul was also on tv long before Drag Race. Girl, come on.

  93. Thomas Ayala