Dayne, Taylor - Satisfied Lyrics

Satisfied, how you left it, baby
Is it over now
Don't let me stand in your way
'Cause you have made me fall in love with you
I don't care, baby
It won't change my point of view

Happy now that I'm longing for release
You know that I feel like I'm going nowhere
Don't understand, it all seems so unreal
I need to call it darling
And tell you how I feel

Baby I, could tell you I'm over this
But I know very well
That I've never had my fill
How did I make you feel too much emotion
I don't understand you baby
And I never will

Satisfied, you know you've just upset my mind
And I want to know, what were you thinking of
Well do you think about me now and then
Say the word, baby
I'll take you back again

Even though, you and I
Will never have the perfect love affair
I want you just the same
How did I make you feel so much emotion
I keep thinking 'bout you baby
You're the one to blame

I never thought about
How to live with out it
I guess your love
I will never know
Now that you've let me go
Why should love be so unkind
I want you off of my mind
But I can't help it
Somebody help me please

Satisfied, oh baby
Let me go from this lonely
You're no good for me baby
And it just a shame
And I'm aware that you don't feel the same
You no good for me baby
And it just a shame
And I'm aware that you don't feel the same
I still want you, well, well

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Dayne, Taylor Satisfied Comments
  1. Eric Springer

    she has not done an album since this one, and I really think it is time to do a kick butt dance album, with possibly a few soulful ballads like this

  2. Summer Breezes

    Taylor Dayne still strong & powerful as ever!!!!

  3. rigger67

    Just buy Lewis Taylor's version and erase this from your mind ...

  4. L Hayes

    The synthesizer drags down the music ! !

    Dayne's voice sounds as strong as ever.

  5. kamran zoriatkhah

    nice comeback after 20 years