Dayne, Taylor - Prove Your Love Lyrics

Prove your love
Got to prove your love
I hear all about what you can do
But I got to know
Is it true
Your telling me to trust
What should I believe
You promised so much
But talk is cheap
You tell me that you're serious
But I gotta know for sure
You say how much you want me
But I've heard it all before

(Prove your love, gotta prove your love
If you want to be with me tonite
Show your stuff, cause words are not enough
I want to hear your body talk to mine)

Boy I can feel a love is on the rise
A message revealed in your eyes
You know I can't wait
To know your passion
It's not to late
So take some action
Can you say that when you're through
I'll know what love is all about
Well, baby I've been patient, now
I'm ready to find out


You can tell me that your serious
But I gotta know for sure
You say that you want me
But I've heard it all before
Prove your love gotta prove your love
If you want to be with me tonight
Show your stuff, cause words
Are not enough
I want to hear your body

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Dayne, Taylor Prove Your Love Comments
  1. Jacek Steciak - Motywacja PRO

    extremely charming woman, I can't take my eyes off her <3

  2. Vasw Loukanidou


  3. Henry muthama

    I love her energy

    A woman who you can't just fool

  4. Connie Abel

    I just love the song "Prove Your Love" By Taylor Dayne ❤

  5. Gaborix Vendix

    hot hot

  6. Gustavo Vergara

    Creo que la cantante mas bella de pop de los 80. Y una voz preciosa!!! Unica e inigualable!!!

  7. Rodolfo Miranda

    Taylor for me is the best i love her

  8. Rodolfo Miranda

    My favoriry. I love her

  9. Griselda Collado

    Pruebo mi amor por Taylor Dayne aún en el 2010

  10. Muj Zivot

    amazing song😉

  11. Niko

    Love her voice.

  12. Jason Haliwell

    Oh yeah! Loved this song of her debut!

  13. Jhon Orjuela

    Madonna superrr

  14. ezzz42

    The ozone layer never had a chance

  15. Bonnie Mcneil


  16. Andre Rose

    Cocktail Sbt

  17. Mkazilakwa Mchilloh

    I'm crazy about Taylor dayne

  18. M T

    Kenny loggins on keyboards

  19. Shanina Wabitson

    Sexy Werewolf hair, gun vocals, and come fuck me boots. I miss the 80's. Taylor is a beautiful Woman, and gun vocalist.

  20. Andy Hague

    Awesome power

  21. Fatima Chevelle Middleton

    Love and hip hop Hollywood!

  22. Adilson Castellanos

    Barbara Taylor dain

  23. Hello Kitty

    I want my 80's back!
    Big Hair (notably Daryl Hall's mullet on Live Aid, Iva Davies's mullet on Electric Blue MV, Tom Bailey, Tina Turner)
    Hair spray
    Hot chicks (like Nancy Wilson of Heart whom i confessed to drooling at her back in the day as a teenager)
    No cell phones

  24. Ava Long

    I appreciate her emotions when sings!!!!👍👍👍👍just superb!

  25. Patricia Patricia Forteza

    Esta canción me gusta mucho

  26. tom brad

    One of the original divas Taylor Dwayne was so hot. such wonderful music back in 80s

  27. lambaderia

    Taylor Dayne and Anastacia have similar vocal styles!

  28. Elhenna Bull

    Me encanta!!!! Amo esta música!!!❤❤❤❤

    nelson trujillo

    Amiga! sobretodo el cabello típico y clásico de los ochenta!...

  29. Whitney Whitney


  30. BorgesProduction

    Something about just the sound of 80’s music is unique and nostalgic asf

  31. thedavecorp

    Still touring, EXCELLENT!

  32. thedavecorp

    1.3 million views and 29 years old, amazing.

  33. Asszonya Vegzet


  34. Asszonya Vegzet


  35. Louis Matassa

    A song that has beyound a great beat to it.

  36. Anita Te. Go

    Me encantaaaa !!!🤩🤩🤩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  37. star dog

    Anyone listening in 2019


    Meeeeeeeeeeee. I cannot believe it! I am back to my tee-age. I feel like it was yesterday. Very glad to hear such a great singer

    Shanina Wabitson

    yes. LOL

    Gisele Kersul

    In Brazil! I’m a fan of Taylor Dayne

    star dog

    @Gisele Kersul Nice choice mate.

    Moin Moin

    @star dog not me

  38. Marcondes Santos

    Meu Deus como sinto tanta falta desse tempo anos 80 sempre ficara marcado por esses obras primas

  39. Ricky Ahlborn

    Eine wunderschöne Zeit aus meiner Jugend 😎

  40. Chris Santee

    Love taylor Dayne but this video is to much

  41. Norbert Jaworski

    I tak za damski huj dostajesz kasę!

  42. Norbert Jaworski

    Sam na siebie pajacu!

  43. Norbert Jaworski

    Rób sobie pajacu sam!

  44. Norbert Jaworski

    Pokaże ci teraz coś

  45. Che Guevara

    WOW listed to that base non stop, sound like a gun shooting constantly.

  46. Carlos Allayne spark

    She must be the queen of pop

    Toni Broussard

    Madonna Is ..........she's good but really?

  47. Sophie Defez

    Allô maman ici bébé !

  48. farrah ur mom

    Way better than ugly Madonna

  49. Norma Albornoz (negritacordobesa)

    La mas DiOSA.........lo mas MEJOR.❤✌

  50. Norbert Jaworski


  51. fullimmerzion

    Il look andava un attimino rivisto, in effetti…

  52. Gabriel B

    she's flirting with the whole band lol

  53. E A. C

    Her lips reminds me of mick jagger. But I love her voice and her music.

  54. DrRiddlez2015

    This song peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1988

  55. Eric Simbuera

    Her songs are the epitome of the 80s!

  56. jose miguel torrejon echeverria

    me encantas

  57. magala hassan

    great song great memories 2019 2030

  58. DLBMOS

    David Lee Roth in drag...

  59. zeze do bone

    If that love still existed...

  60. Rocio Alonso

    Incredible music and incredible woman🌹🌸💐

  61. Bridget’s Inválida Del Demonio

    Demonios lol
    1:58 [Argentina]
    2:02 [Dom Rep, Equa]
    2:06 [Costa shit Rica]
    2:10 [Equa, Dom Rep, Costa Shit Rica]

  62. Yazmin Durán

    I LOVE Taylor Dayne 💋❤😍🌹. Una Fan Forever 🎶🎧 . Te espero con mi Entrada para por Fin Verte en Vivo , en el Movistar Arenas 😍❤ . Se me Eriza la Piel con cada Temazo que tienes , muchos recuerdos Hermosos con todos tus temas La Mejor Música del Mundo para Mi . Los 80s , los 90s , el Rock 🎶🎧🎵 . Saluditos totales ✌🏻🤘🏻.

  63. Daniel Veas

    24 de Agosto, 2019??????

  64. Danny Smith

    Marriage tomorrow tonight

  65. Mark Smolkin

    great guitar solo

  66. Мария Сенаторова


  67. Eva Maria Maria

    Me encanta esta tia como canta

  68. Michael Lohmann

    Ich liebe das Lied

  69. Arsen Jaho

    Amazing soft rock from Taylor Dayne. The guitar solo is amazing too.

  70. jas113607

    Voice like that! she shoulda been praising The LORD with that one! I mean, it's one of a kind. Whitney Houston had a voice like hers. They should'a both been in the church :-D

  71. jas113607

    I'll tell ya what! I didn't realize how much of a voice that queen Taylor Dane had. truly in a class of it's own. Unmatched. Made my skin bump!

  72. paul nott

    Top Of The Pops 1988 on BBC4 brought me here-Such an awesome track!

  73. Sandra Yeber


  74. ron donnis

    well that brought the house down!

    ron donnis

    shes so fierce and I like it

  75. John Murimi

    One of my favorite ,reminds me of those days

  76. Thelovely One

    Taylor dayne vs Taylor Swift
    Me: Taylor Dayne. All the way


    *LOL, Damn right. No comparison really. Vantage Taylor all the way. 80's Forever!*

    Eva Theuri

    That not a comparison..

    star dog

    Taylor swift, swiftly move over for Taylor dayne.


    Can you imagine Taylor Swift trying to even sing this song? LOL

  77. Brad Hirsch

    classic Dayne

  78. Edresan Nunes

    Muito talentosa parabens pelo talento que Deus lhe deu, anos 80 lenda.

  79. Luis Sanchez

    What a voice

  80. Eurodance Forever

    I feel sad for the new generation who have no idea about singing passionately and actually expressing love to someone!! This is how It is done! We were in crazy times!!

    Herald Loshi

    Eurodance Forever - True👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  81. Jean Grey Fenix

    My Song Favorite Taylor Dayne 🎶❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😍😍

  82. Rodrigo Bispo

    My heart will explode! ❤

  83. Irineu Americo

    ☆A melhor garantía de se viver, bem, é provando seu amor♡

  84. Kasper Joonatan

    That is the perfect 80's hair 💖

  85. John Chandra V.

    Still loving this woman..and her work! 💗

  86. DestinyMia Malave

    That's right prove it baby

  87. Dead Ball Situation

    Denaris on the Commodore 64. Level 5?

  88. Kesha Green

    Keep showing your stuff Taylor...😉

  89. Jose Efrain Romero Mathus

    Beautiful woman Taylor 💓

  90. A Aek


  91. patricia palermo

    Eres BELLA, muy BELLA, SEÑORA.

  92. Rickey Engle

    i don't have too Prove nothing too you,,

  93. Kristen Almonte

    She should return. Disappeared so fast.

  94. Gareth Anthony Smith

    A real 80s classic love love love it don't make music like this no more she as an amazing voice one of the best.