Dayne, Taylor - My Heart Can't Change Lyrics

I tried to work things out in my own way
I tried a thousand different ways to make you stay
'Cause you're the only one that I love, baby
(More than you will ever know)
And even if you must go, I'll still stay

Because my heart can't change
No, no, my heart won't change, change
You're my true love
And my heart can't change
No, no, something's don't change, change
Come back

Try to show you all the love, I was capable of
It wasn't enough
But now, I'm reaching out my hand
But understand you're in command
'Cause you're the only love one that I love, baby
And even if you must go, I'll still stay


But if you need me to go
Then I'm going, baby
I just need you to know
That you've change my life
I promise all the wrong I've done you, baby
I'm gonna make it right
Just give me a chance

[Chorus x2]

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Dayne, Taylor My Heart Can't Change Comments
  1. Mich zx

    Gregg Alexander
    El mejor

  2. strictlynorton

    Taylor sings it great but no artist can match the emotional intensity of the writer. Gregg has a distinct style that makes the melody weave into the lyfic. The guy is unsurpassed imo. Miss you man... come back to us.

  3. Taylor Martin

    Gregg sings it better, but her voice has a thick, raspy quality that keeps hers  from being yet another overly poppy rendition of Gregg's work. Still poppy and commercial, but she keeps some of Gregg's soul in it.

  4. Lauren Spearman

    I love this song soo much. Probably because I can relate to it

  5. interceptor

    Plz Gregg Alexander, we want u back here in music - release all your demo versions. this stuff we need . with ur brilliant voice - unforgetable - <3 NEW RADICALS <3

    Julian Brentlinger

    Gregg Alexander just wrote music for a movie called Begin Again. He wrote the whole soundtrack with former New Radicals members!! Look it up!!!


    thanks !!!


    He recently did an interview. Nice to know he's willing to still write for other artists.

  6. dreddick73

    I've listened to the verson performed by Gregg Alexander and, although this version is good, Gregg's demo version is superior. In addition to having an amazing song-writing talent, he is also an extraordinary singer. Moreover, he sings his music better than anyone. Like many, many others, I wish he would start at least recording and distributing his music again.

  7. roxcyn

    Gracias por compartir :D