Dayne, Taylor - I Know The Feeling Lyrics

Thought I was happy thought that my life was made
Guess I believed the colors of love just fade
But now that you're here I can see
What I thought was all over is still here inside of me
And I know the feeling
And I love the feeling
You're fannin the coals and the flame in my soul's all I know
Yes I know the feeling
And I need the feeling
Oh this time I swear I won't let it go
It's like I was sleepin waitin to feel your kiss
I'd almost forgotten lovin could be like this
Just open your arms let me fall
I settled for half, oh but now I can have it all
Cause I know the feeling
And I love the feeling
This glow that I'm getting don't care if I'm letting it show
Yes I know the feeling
And I need the feeling
Oh this time I swear I won't let you go...

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Dayne, Taylor I Know The Feeling Comments
  1. majogani belgado

    Ang slow ng music jam na to nung late 80's all over airplays of entire stn ng metro manila, hanggang sa sidewalk napapaginggan ang music n to twing dumadaan sa sidewalk ng Isetann, Avenida Rizal Ave, tlgang grabe ang music fm radio nun sa mga gnaito katiniding jam khit anung oras nun pag nag aantay k sa terminal ng Philipine Rabbit mapapadaan ka sa sidewalk at mg agnito kantahin nun sa radio ng manila..tlgang nkakamis..para kang idinuduyan

  2. Mario Escoin

    Preciosa voz poco apreciada creo que solo la gran Whitney Houston le supera

  3. Rosalie Veran

    I really love this song and the singer of course one of my favorite..😍😍

  4. Jose Heraldo

    Amo essa cantora. É essa é a musica mais linda de todas

    Carlos Eduardo Alecrim

    Somos 2 amigo

  5. MegaMissfitz

    I know the feeling sarks, it's horrible , I'm full of chicken, chocolate & cheesecake myself🐷 I'm gonna go lie down with my book😉😉😉

  6. Thomas Winters

    Beautiful song

  7. Katarinas Nine

    Love Taylor, but, my opinion, Juanita did this better. January Man movie sountrack. Sorry Taylor

  8. Sean Kyle Abad

    i know the feeling...daming di nakakaalam ng song nato...pero mas marami ang may alam na napakaganda nito.80's song i guess...ang sarap balikan

  9. traceycullum

    Lovely video for a lovely song have this album 

  10. MegaMissfitz

    I know the feeling! I ran out of small talk well before 5pm had to stay till 10pm! Dont social gatherings just fuckin drain ya! & not in a good way!!!

  11. 渡辺 朋幸Tomoyuki Watanabe

    president of [CarShionDs] .

  12. MonsterlyInLove2

    wow! I almost forgot this song... thanks for refreshing my mind... isa pala to sa masterpiece song ni T. Dayne... di ko kilala sino kumanta kaya halos nakalimutan ko na hehehe.. but now i must download this song right away hehehe absolutely one of the romantic song and wonderful vid tolKiSm... thumbs up!


    siajoyalfon dacanay

    I love this song,in fact i always sing it,specially in became our theme song,,