Dayne, Taylor - Beautiful Lyrics

Oooh oooh oooh aah
What I say what I say
Unh unh, yeeeah
Oooh oooh oooh aah

I just live for your love
The warmth of your embrace
I can't get enough
Baby now I gotta need for your touch,
So much
I look into your eyes
I feel hypnotized, baby by you

Darlin' you're beautiful
You give what you got
And you got a lot, baby you do
Darling it's true cause
You makin' me so hot
I don't wanna stop
It's not a fairytale the things you say
The things that you do

Baby you're beautiful
So give me what you got
Cause you got a lot, baby you do
Darling you're beautiful
So give me all you got
Don't you ever stop

Uunh, yeeeahh

I just work for your love
This hold that's over me
There's no better drug
So baby I can't find the right words
To explain
What it feels like to be me
When you say my name

Baby I do what I have to because
You takin me so high that I kiss the sky
Baby it's true, darling I knew cause
You give me butterflies
Make me wanna cry feels so high can't describe
This feelin' inside

Baby you're beautiful
So give me what you got
Cause you got a lot, baby you do
Darling you're beautiful
So give me all you got
Don't you ever stop

I can't explain the way I feel
You are the answer to my dreams
My every love inside
I see that I was blind
There's nothin' but blue blue skies

[Chorus 3x]

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Dayne, Taylor Beautiful Comments
  1. Ugnius Stackunas

    🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️ YES ‼🖤‼ WERY🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️

    💀👍BEAUTIFUL ‼🖤‼

  2. Frederm

    The men in this video are definately beautiful 😉😍..

  3. juanjo rodriguez

    Fabulous voice

  4. thomas danz

    to all the people who are against taylor dayne , you can go fuck off , I've been into taylor dayne since she hit the music scene in 1985 so much for that as I am concerned she is the best of the best in the world that sing's from down deep within her heart and soul

  5. J W Howard

    She was super great at Disney Epcot, she wanted to marry me!!!! :))

  6. Laura G Photos and Film

    One of my favorites !!

  7. Joseph Thomas

    What a shame that such a beautiful voice, a wonderful performer in person, no longer gets the air play she deserves in the United States.  This lady SINGS, no auto tune.  I have stood feet from her and heard that incredible voice.  Maybe record companies will stand up and take notice.  In the interim, anything from Taylor Dayne I find on I tunes I PAY FOR so Ms. Dayne is compensated!  What a talent!

    Spunky Bunks

    My friends and I were passive fans from the 80s and saw that she was performing nearby, and decided to check her out. Oh my god!! She blew our socks off! Her voice is amazing and she's still a knockout. She put on one helluva show. There's nothing but garbage on the radio these days, and they don't play her? Now she's a regular performer on my music rotation list. I can't wait to see her again. She's performing live in Vegas next month, I'm seriously considering doing a road trip just to see her!

  8. deb pullman

    Taylor Dayne is beautiful,singstress,song writer,producer,mom of twins,broadway,actress,and body sculptor of eye candy!!!check out her latest called DREAMING!!!per Blonstr

  9. elvis6541

    The best female voices; Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries), Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga) and Leslie Wunderman (Taylor Dayne)

  10. Linda Martin

    Taylor sounds a little like Tina Turner. With a twist of Chaka Khan, he he

  11. MiXero

    That was the perfect way of saying what I've been trying to say since she shaved her head!! Taylor and Britney are very different...

  12. James Reyes

    so sad her CDs are no longer available in the Philippines..... :(

  13. Richard Dedal

    f.y.i BRITNEY IS NOT YOUNG-STAR ANYMORE SHE'S IN THE INDUSTRY for a decade, and had a lots of experiences, good shows, and a DIE-HARD FANS, AND SHE'S THE HOLLYWOOD GIRL. PUT THIS IN YOUR MIND, NOT ALL STARS ARE BUILD IKE ONE, they had their own style of entertaining. JUST BE OPEN MINDED bout it. Thank you...

  14. Angel David

    love her soulful voice

  15. jeromespann69

    I really really really love your good song by the way.

  16. ildatche

    @TyjaluvsChaka i concur says my partner!

  17. MonikaAhatX

    she made much better music in the 80's and 90's

  18. Viva Leigh

    Its great hearing from her again. Britney and all you youngstas please take notes. REAL TALENT. !

  19. Sharon S.

    i don't hear old school stuff. but i really like this song. <3

  20. rinonvid

    amazing voice...

  21. beach sun nice day

    why did she plump up her face? shes almost unrecognizable~

  22. bruati

    she's like Anastacia i.e. Anastacia is like her, i adore both of them!

  23. stevefromPA2

    genuine talent never gets old..

  24. alexanderdiaz1

    @jzcrandall If you like this song you will love My Heart Won't Change from the same CD. The song is just awesome. Taylor raw. It reminds me a little of her 90's hit and one of my favorites by her Heart of Stone. Check it out. It's on youtube.

  25. alexanderdiaz1


  26. maria2649

    she is amazing the girl is fab she is still number one in my book iam her biggest fan

  27. Joe Fenollal

    i think the same


    @jonredkorn89 this song really shows her vocal talent,,I love her as much as today as I did yesterday,, no one can ever compare to her

  29. AAHQ

    @DISSALINED1 Trust me, we are working on a new album that takes her back to the '80's "Tell It To My Heart" glory days! Electronica/Dance

  30. Snarky Enigma

    @Nicotarie Not sure what you're looking at; a little botox is all she's done.

  31. jzcrandall

    Girlfriend's still got it after all these years.

  32. erinbc1

    God, I LOVELOVELOVE the way she sings such soul it's wonderful

  33. kamran zoriatkhah

    nice comeback after 20 years unforgetable

  34. MrUnc82alum

    OMG, yes! We gay guys have always loved her voice, but where did she come up with all these hot guys?!

  35. winniewinthrop

    Taylor, you are TERRIFIC! So glad you are back with this hot track!

  36. Eric Springer

    great track! I love the album

  37. Roman Crerand

    Looks like she stayed away from the tortillas. Maybe she likes tortillas de mais? Good song and video....

  38. Tyjah Khan

    Oh Yes! Taylor You Are The White Chaka Khan!

  39. XxPnuemaxX

    I had no idea she was still making music. She looks great!

  40. dirkbogarde44

    Toyboy loving MILF !

  41. Kameron Burroughs

    OMG i was thinkin the same thing...but anastacia definitely has better vocals and more range, but this song is AMAZING

  42. lipeas1

    i had never heard of this singer, so i can say i ws plesantly surprised. her voice is truly great, but the video feels so stupid and cheap. i'm still trying to figure out the idea behind it

  43. Ciera Rowe

    They play this song all the time at Sears and I LOVE IT!!!

  44. ARSdr

    I love Taylor Dayne. She looks amazing, and her voice is still very impressive.

    xoxoxo Taylor!

  45. Karlousha

    i've been lookin' for this song
    from like more than 1 year!
    and finally found it, im so excited lol
    i didnt even know the name!;D

  46. itpaystobeme

    nice song, i just happed to click on this... glad I did. Now i gotta get her CD

  47. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    I miss her lipstick and done up eyes, she looks beautiful after all these years though, I can't compete, but just for old times DO THAT Dark Make Up!

  48. Scott Leikam

    Could be that your hearing is bad or you are just plain rude.

  49. Lorena Floyhar

    she totally sounded way more better in her songs in the 80' I think she sucks.


    Lorena Floyhar stfu she sounds good now. And idgaf if your comment is 8 years old

  50. Dominic Corley

    Now,this is my jam! Go Taylor!

  51. Alexis Erin

    Taylor, You Go Girl. You still have IT and You Always Will.

  52. ThorogoodFan1

    Dissaligned, I agree.
    This IS ok, but it's "watered down" Taylor.
    Her '80s stuff was alot more upbeat and catchy.

  53. bluegemini1976

    who would guess that she would be back and still as good as ever?? ive always loved taylor even when i was a kid. and for those who think this, ANASTACIA SOUNDS LIKE HER, NOT HER LIKE ANASTACIA. I would love to hear them together though.

  54. booginas

    Her dresses and hair are fabUlous in this video. The curly hair really suits her and she is given high fashion to the gods!!

  55. tmoore2010

    I used to have such a crush on her when i was a kid. she sounds exactly the same as she did in the 80's-90's. amazing

  56. suavehinrg

    As far as I know, it is possible to order the album, CD-Singles and other merchandise directly from Taylor's website.

  57. suavehinrg

    It was released in early December of 2007.

  58. Mark Conti

    Yeah, supposedly last summer.

  59. Senait Ashenafi

    she still sounds great...

  60. Senait Ashenafi

    I just read earlier this year...but im just hearing today so....nice song though...

  61. Matt Dennis

    what happened to her nose?

  62. Ash Allibhai

    love it xxx
    You go Ms Taylor x

  63. Akaribdjah

    @Frederm&PortpowerKS: Thank God Taylor ain't the type to feel offended by your remark, since she was singing her #1 hit song: "Tell it to my heart", when Anastacia was still in kindergarten. Ask anyone who was born in the 60's/early 70's. She will be pleased to have influenced new generations... I, for one, are gratefull that she showed/tought me how to use high and low registers and even how to belt... Taylor, Love yah and you are so so beautiful!

  64. NaturVets veterinarios

    Beautiful!!!! Could we please have "I´m over my head"? Love that one but can´t find it anywhere!

  65. oliviafan1

    One of her most beautiful videos and songs. I love her stuff all from the 80s till now. Taylor Dayne is hot.

  66. alittlenluv

    Great voice, thanks!

  67. WindOnMyWings

    Yes, well saied. Really cute and most of all with a very special voice

  68. oliviafan1

    Oh my GOD she is so beautiful and talented.

  69. joedeech

    the original Fergie ............

    Jedi Crush

    joedeech yes indeed!! I was thinking the same thing.

    Nice work Ms. Dayne 🌹

  70. musicploitation

    the new mike cruz mix is hot.

  71. 3cmgirl

    can anybody tell from which designer/label this mohair-dress is she´s wearing in this video?? taylor is sooo gorgeous in it!

  72. Thomas Farmer

    WOW! I somewhat remembered reading about Taylor Dayne planning a comeback. Now I am listening to this and I must admit it is PHIERCE! I hope she stirrs up the charts and gives the other divas a bit of a run for their money ;-)
    Yes, I would agree a duet between her and Anastacia would be very interesting and intriguing.....but could never be as good as Whitney and Mariah ;-)

  73. bodybywill

    Taylor i love your music and you still look great!

  74. Michael Tate

    Welcome back Taylor Dayne!! I missed that unique explosive voice, I describe it as Blond Funky Soul, your still maintaining that body I see.. you really need to get back into films thou, I still remember you in the "Nightman" series. the camera still loves as shown in this video,.. no doubt you tell it to my heart with Beautiful

  75. JellyBean2144

    Awesome!! I gotta buys this CD first thing in the morning. She still has it.

  76. corazonazultw

    Taylor, I love this song and you look amazing!

    Congratulations on your new CD. For celebrating this, I edited a megamix video putting all your hits together. I hope you like it (See my channel)!!


  77. lovetoinfinity

    Love To Infinity are huge Taylor fans!!
    we have been since day 1 !!

    Its great you have a new album out,

    Hex's mix of Beautiful is amazing!! love it!!

    So let us have a go at your next one please!!



  78. taylordayne

    Hey andy,,thanks for the love,,Taylor ,

  79. lovetoinfinity

    Would love to do a LOVE TO INFINITY mix on this like we just did for Kristine W - THE BOSS!

    We love Taylor!!



  80. Fred Birk

    WOW I have always heard best things come for those who wait!!! I guess it says alot for Ms Taylor Dayne. I can tell this is going to be a awesome cd and cant wait to go and buy it!!! Ms Dayne I cant wait to see you on the road and hopefully I will get to meet you !!!
    Much Success on the CD!!

  81. blondieheart

    makes me crave spring!!!!!

  82. Brent Wang

    Taylor I Love You!
    Can't Wait For Your New Album!

  83. musicploitation

    Love this song. Cant wait to hear the official remixes to this. Hi from a big fan in Asia.

  84. Steve Lee

    I have to say it took a bit to get used to the new song, but I LOVE it!!! Such a positive message and a good beat! I'll Always Love You, Taylor!!!

  85. troystar

    OMG I love this song. Great hearing your voice again. Can't wait for the album next week.

  86. sgtoca

    OMG i love the song and she looks gorgeous in this video. i saw her in concert in my hometown a few years ago and she still has it ya'll!

  87. Whimsical Vanilla Chan

    More like "Move over everyone! Taylor Dayne's back in town =D!!!" I hope ur a singer all ur life!

  88. perspective420

    my new favorite, thank you

    you look stunning in all your drag, especially the white dress with the black belt

    i absolutely love you!!!!

  89. Whimsical Vanilla Chan

    You are so amazing. You still have it!! You are an alto/soprano. I can just tell

  90. Daniel Bonaire

    She's always been Fantastic.!!!
    'thanks for sharing..

  91. Tony Crane

    Taylor, that's was off-the-charts amazing.You look great and sound better than ever. IMO, when this year is all said and done it will read..Taylor Dayne, the 2008 combecak artist of the year..believe that and book it!!!


  92. Nicholas Kastanos

    Go Taylor! She's bringing it in 2008!

  93. tattedhairguy

    LOVE IT!!! Feb. seems like such a long ways away to wait for the new CD...AHHH DAMN, the anticipation!

  94. Laura Lyter

    love it!!!!taylor has the voice of angels she's looks great love the outfits

  95. A31Chris

    Hey Taylor, when you get tired of sleeping with really good looking guys, give me a call. lol

  96. Rodimus1

    Taylor, I love it. You got some class!

  97. Day Dreamer

    Wow... you look fantastic Taylor! The video is so sexy and I love the song! It's great to hear some new material from you again. I'll be getting the new album for sure :)

  98. djplazma

    AWESOME! It's great to have new music from my favorite lady of the 80s! She's looking great, too.