Day26 - Silly Love Lyrics

Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Got me.. in a daze.. got me blown away
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Crazy love.. foolish love.. silly love
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na

Have you ever been in love, oh, really in love
Even when it hurts, you still want it to work
Talking bout that silly love
Got a player thinking of things I never thought of
Making you my wife, start a new life
Just the two of us

Got me (whoa yea).. in a daze (in a daze)..
blown away (blown away)
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Crazy love (so crazy baby)..
foolish love (foolish love).. silly love (eh)
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na

Now that I've found love, someone that I can trust
I'm doing things I wouldn't've
ordinarily dreamed of
Like paying for the bills, really expensive meals
Never imagined that this
would be part of the deal
You got me

Got me (got me).. in a daze (in a daze).. blown away (blown away)
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Crazy love (crazy love).. foolish love.. silly love
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na

Girl, I can't believe I'm acting this way
Can't afford to give my heart away
To someone that so doesn't understand my way
Let's stay together even if it gets a little bit busy baby
Sometimes... Sometimes...

Got me.. in a daze.. blown away
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Crazy love (its so crazy)..
foolish love.. silly love
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na

Feels like I'm losing my mind
And it feels so good
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na
Na, na na na na na, na na na na na

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Day26 Silly Love Comments
  1. mercedes evans


  2. Deron Reed

    the tv show fucked them up. they would have been takin more seriously had they just came out with the album. cause they had dope voices could have been one of the best r&b groups ever.

  3. Anna Johnson

    Cannot wait to see them on the #tbtour2019 😩🙌🏾😍

  4. Raeshelle Delvalle

    I'm not sure why but finding this track just brought tears to my eyes ❤❤❤ thanks for sharing ❤❤❤

  5. Daphney Charles

    The only song of theirs I know, and I love it. Wish these guys were bigger than they were. 💜🌸

  6. Bobbie Thomas

    Fuck it’s 2019 and this song is still the shit

  7. PHILosophy 1990

    Underrated.....even in 2019 🤦🏽‍♂️.


    Helllla.. THIS WHOLE ALBUM 🔥

    Lamar Hewitt

    So true I still listen to this song like it's brand new 😭

    Deron Reed

    great track! they were really  a solid group

  8. Tiana Quinney

    Still listening in 19

  9. ItsNeezy

    Funny how every comment from "4 years ago" is mentioning Family Feud. If you don't know about or remember Day26 from Making the Band, you're young as shit!

    I'm here because this song (like much of their music) STILL thumps and it's THROWBACK THURSDAY! *shares to FB*

  10. Kayla 01

    Ceraadi brought me here 😂

  11. holdinchrisdown

    family feud? hell no ..this been my song since 2007..yall buggin

    Anna Johnson

    Lol right

  12. cdubb

    Idc, this is my song still, 2017

    Amber Marie

    Yes girl

  13. Earth Goddess

    OMG Que killed his part... him and Rob's voice Geezzzz

  14. jamelldagodd

    i only listen to que part then rewind it

  15. Ashley Devost

    My favorite song on this album 😍

    Deron Reed

    mine too

  16. Bzzzy Beatz

    this song is great

    zoia wilkes


  17. Abena Amoateng

    y'all are really crazy for saying this song suckss,

  18. YouniversolGirl

    how could I ever forget....

  19. Gina Schodrowski

    This is a lovely song and the lead singer has such beautiful vocal range.  I hope you all will get back together and make some more great music (can you inundate your local R&B station with the tapes of your music?  Also, there must be some producer somewhere who could work with you).

  20. ÆRØ ŒM

    Remember when this shit came out on rnb4u back in the days lol. damn im old now.

    Rod S

    😂😂😂 memories

  21. Kaylee Fontenot

    watching family feud 1/12/2016


    +Kaylee Fontenot Me too!


    That's great, I was just watching it!


    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


    i like how you put the date, thank you for that

  22. Xxoopiexxoo Productions

    You already know when you are watching family feud and someone says they made a song called silly love with day 26.. you immediately hop on your phone, computer, laptop, or tablet to see it.

  23. okie

    Steve Harvey is hiliarious ....the man


    +Joseph Y.You got that right! No one can top his sense of humor!

  24. 31 Booth

    family feud brought me here

  25. Derek Doucette

    Lol, I am watching Family Feud right now(9-13-05 3:45pm) and Joe and his family are on, so of course that's why I came here to check this out too...

    Dre Bailey

    yeah me to bro

    Derek Doucette

    +ontopoftheworld110 Lol

  26. trommy p

    Steve Harvey!!!!!!!

  27. Total Defined Entertainment LLC.

    Mostly every one heard this song from watching Family Feud.

  28. Cindy A

    Brought here by family feud

  29. Kassidy Lynne

    haha just saw on Family Feud Too

  30. Logan Blanc

    family feud brought me here as well...

  31. J Chumber

    family feud bought me here...

  32. Yusef Harris

    Yo.....Q killed his part tho! lol  Great vocal controls and sweet rifts.*

  33. Zendaya Cole

    Family feud doe.

  34. Will Jones

    Family fued lol

    Leesa Walker

    Hahah!! Watching that now too.

    Leesa Walker

    Hahah!! Watching that now too.

  35. prettygah12

    Wait family feud?!?! I need to see this ? Give me the link someone please


    No link but season 12 episode 21

  36. rightonce

    Family feud brought me here... Dont like the song its cheesy but hey he might have another better one on the album.... but hey he look really sweet and really cute...

  37. Kayla LeVere

    Family Feud lol

  38. Ida Renee

    This was my shit! Man Willie u so sexy!!!!

  39. urlifesajoke13

    hahahaha I just seen dude on Family Feud tooo This shit is garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Karl Denton

    Family feud... Song sucks


    That's Funny I Just seen dude on Family feud too this shit is garbage that's why they lost hahahhaa


    What?! Family Feud?! When was this??

    Derek Doucette

    +urlifesajoke13 That's strange, the episode I am watching right now, they did win...

  41. Cynthia Duran

    I just looked up the song because he was on Family Feud but the song sucks sorry dude.

  42. Cynthia Duran

    Family Feud lol

  43. Brockelle Nelson

    believe me, there will be an Unsung or Life After on this group. These were and still are my boys! I bought the album my sophomore year of high school and committed it in to memory! I wish they would have stayed together (Q and that temper). 

  44. Rochelle Shoaf

    Family Feud brought me here! Love it!

  45. Jack McGuire

    damn day26 was so damn good!!

  46. T ATL

    what happened on family fued?

  47. robbi castello

    looked this up because of family feud too wow lol

  48. Benjamin Harris

    Half of these views are because of Family Feud

  49. lovedelo

    Que MAKES this song!

  50. lovedelo

    This is a cute song

  51. Robert Summers

    This is Robert's wife.

  52. Robert Summers

    Looked this up because of Family Feud!

  53. Khaina Solomon

    Lol me too!

  54. Abygail Martinez

    Family Feud brought me here lol...

  55. Aj PoliMusic

    I LOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!! I had this song on my iPod when this album first came out! It's a shame that they're not more popular than they should be!! These Brothers can SAAAAAAAAANG!!! It's also something that Q isn't with the group anymore. This ENTIRE ALBUM IS HOTT!!! LOOOOOOOVE DAY 26!!!

  56. Mrs Independent

    That one contestant on family feud said he wrote this song

  57. allie grimes

    I luv this song and many more of the day 26 songs!! =]

  58. chris beal

    greatest song ever made. everytime ihear it. it makes me accept all the good in the world

  59. arringtonfost

    i love sucka for love!

  60. akeema robinson


  61. Nisa McKnight

    I Love This Song!DaY26 where Are You I miss you

  62. alleybaby1000


  63. Bami J

    naa nana nan nana na nana nanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  64. Ama Benny

    This Song Perfectly Displays Each Of Their Voices && Shows Exactly Why ALL 5 Of Them Belong Together. Team Day 26

  65. TheShalalala22

    ill forever love this song!

  66. benz8211

    na it is there best song

  67. Catharsis

    we all once had a foolish love ...:)

  68. here2use

    i love that note Que hits at 0:49

  69. alleyshy

    gotdamn!!! brian can hit any damn note out there. haha killin it!

  70. here2use

    mostly q and big willie...LOVE IT!!

  71. itsmeNT

    love that nanana parts =p

  72. GabriElle 504Singer

    They showed their asses on this song!!!!!! Q tore a whole in this shit tho!!!! GOOD JOB Q BABY!!!!! Willie u too...and of course Rob!!! SHIT ALL OF THEM!!!!!! LOVE THIS F-ing song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. benz8211

    there best song sounds like a hit

  74. dsetgetatme

    This is one of the sickest songs I heard in my life. I got the album by the way. I will play this shit at my wedding.

  75. shko12

    I love this song ! They have beautiful voices ! Robert Yeahhh !

  76. mamie4784

    the bestsonginthe album

  77. stylishjoy

    Intro - Willie
    Verse 1 - Que
    Verse 2 - Willie
    Bridge - Mike
    Ad Libs - Robert & Brian

    Deron Reed

    thanks lol I always wanted to know who sang wat parts!! lol only voice I can tell apart is roberts

  78. Precious

    This is myg favorite song

  79. Imran Akbar

    Mike sounds ill

  80. Rush Dos

    Lov thiss songg..
    Jeppp lovee Q's Part

    I'm feeling it!!!

  81. Dami3n06

    First song that I thought Que really stood out.