Day26 - Perfectly Blind Lyrics

My wide eyes, straight with red lines
Visions of me and you
Shattered in a day like broken glass

Perfectly blind, (said I'm perfectly blind)
Perfectly blind, (please somebody help me)
Perfectly blind, (I need an answer)
Perfectly blind, perfectly

Mind is worn, heart is torn
Violently craving
A substitute for you, (a substitute)

These eyes see darkness
These eyes see through
These eyes are begging
These eyes are you

Perfectly blind, (perfectly blind)
Perfectly blind, (Oh)
Perfectly blind, (I don't know what I'm gonna do right now)
Perfectly blind, (Said I am)

Could you take me as I am?
I'm just a scarred man
These hands need your guidance
Take me past my circumstance

Perfectly blind, (blind)
Perfectly blind, (I cannot see anything when your around me)
Perfectly blind, (So blind)
Perfectly blind, (So, Oh Oh)

So blind, so blind, so blind, so blind
But it's okay, (but it's okay) (perfectly blind)
I wanna be lost in you, (lost in you) (perfectly blind)
I wanna be lost in you (perfectly blind)
Feel free to lead me where you want me to go (perfectly blind)
And yes I'm going to follow, (follow), oh oh

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Day26 Perfectly Blind Comments
  1. 1perfectlyblind9

    this explains my youtube name! i been down a long time lol

  2. Nylia Nicole

    2019 this album is still life

  3. Deja Anderson

    I love the roughness in Mike's voice I love this song

  4. Antwelyon Mangrum

    Done played this song about 15 times. So smooth..

  5. Seth Morgan

    4 words...

    Dawn Richard's Elite Songwriting.

    EcClair Mayo

    Gotta be!

  6. Janae Janae


  7. Blaqque Unicorn

    Ughh This Song💚💚💚

  8. C O L E M U R R A Y P R

    Wishing they could sing with Xscape. Would be bomb

  9. blewprent

    Best song on this album. Their first album was DOPE.....wasnt feeling this second one.

    Kryshon Day

    They had some good songs on the second album

  10. Shari Harvey

    Even though Rob has the least lines, his impact on the song has you wanting more. Like please keep on singing. 😍 Chills

    Terrian Chever

    He has the strongest voice in group

  11. Brandon Bowers

    Que sounds so much like Brian on the intro before his verse. I thought Brian sang the intro until I saw the video.

    Chit Chat

    They did sound alike, but if you listen to the rubato, you can tell it's Que.

  12. Funkyjunkmail

    This whole album was underrated

  13. Jessica Jackson

    I luv them growin up just wish p.diddy did them rite they made good music

  14. Precious Wright


  15. Daughter of Yahuah

    Just discovered this song tonight and wow! 😍

  16. Rodger Boatwright

    This track here has to be their best one! My opinion.

    Delanna Mckissick

    Rodger Boatwright I agree cause everyone had a verse. They all sound good on this track.