Day26 - Made Love Lately Lyrics

[Intro: Willie]
Come inside, I know what you want
Yeah, wait, before we do that
I just wanna tell you something
Jim Beanz, Day 26, are you listening?

Hello lady, I’m glad you came
I can tell you we're on the same page
You want it like I do, ready to get into
Some good love
I’ll let you have it, I’ll make you last it
You never know what’s gonna happen next
This ain’t your usual thing that you used to
Type of sex

Baby I love the way that you touch me
Tonight we gonna set the stage yeah
I just can’t get enough, baby I’m burning up
But I just got one question for you baby
Tell me, have you made love lately?
I just wanna know if we can take a moment
To get it right, We got all night
Have you made love lately, tell me?
Have you made, tell me?
Have you made, tell me?
Have you made love?

I just begin to, experiment you
Baby I think I found the formula
There’s so much energy, I feel the chemistry between us
From your reaction, I see the passion
This whole experience is something new
Long as I serve my purpose, wanna be of service to you, baby

Baby I love the way that you touch me
Tonight we gonna set the stage yeah
I just can’t get enough, baby I’m burning up
But I just got one question for you baby
Tell me, have you made love lately?
I just wanna know if we can take a moment
To get it right, We got all night
Have you made love lately?
Have you made?
Have you made?
Have you made love?

See now that I’ve got you here
There’s not too many things that I wanna say
Actions speaks so much louder than words babe
I’m telling you

[Brian & Willie]
Cause I just wanna take my time
And girl I wanna do you right, oh right
There’s one thing that’s been on my mind
Have you baby, have you made love
Have you made love, I just wanna know
Have you made love, have you made love

Have you made love lately
I just wanna know if we can take a moment
To get it right, I gotta know
Have you made love lately, tell me
Have you made, have you made, have you made love

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Day26 Made Love Lately Comments
  1. Knox King 96

    2017 still doing it🔥

  2. Yummy MsYani

    lawd I miss Day26 😣😣

  3. neva2black King

    Flav song

  4. SupposeImRight

    They're back! #2014 

  5. SupposeImRight

    it's not diddy's fault! you guys are bandwagon idiots!

  6. TrueLove Black

    hot song I hope after their solo career they realize that being a group is better for them cause they have fans that love them as a group,,,, I cant stand diddy he screws up all the groups smdh....Love this group

  7. jessicadenise28

    It's Diddy's fault for this group's downfall... where are they?? they need to come back!

  8. Michael Mcmanaway

    the vocals are great

  9. lela P

    @pink lol so true hes an idiot


    so HONEST!!!!

  11. Amber Goree

    Que is doing his own thing though, so ill be watching for that. And Day 26 is amazing with or without him; they all such great talent. And Aubrey is ok, Danity Kane could have been ok with dawn, andrea and shannon. Diddy is just an idiot and doesnt know how to be a good bossman. Im surprised Machine Gun Kelly and Estelle are still with him.

  12. DerTakaSen


  13. Guru

    This sound like Jodeci "Love U 4 Life" on the chorus part. They need to work on producing something original.

  14. Linda Pereira


  15. Prince T

    diddy dropped them....

  16. Littlewater

    I give it to them for this beat....never go wrong with some good strings

  17. TheGingeTV

    @SuchaClassiChicc93 totally agree when i first heard it i thought of dru hill!

  18. ahmanee simmons

    Something definitely missing i heard that emptiness in there voices when they all sung at the same time..i Think they tried to hard with their voices to fill that space that que left..You could tell when a group tries to hard to fill a void in their music im no producer but i sure can be one because i listen to the music beat and voices not just the lyics i agree with @Just4Friendz

  19. Adriano Celentano

    KONE 2012

  20. Gjeto Nicaj

    Diddy didn't drop them guys... Day 26 dropped themselves because they think they can do better on Atlantic Records.. if you ask me they were better of with Diddy because they still have a shitty manager Scarface.. Man this song is amazing its only missing Que :(

  21. Mariah Moses

    @layDJasAdvance1 Woah Brian's voice is amazing even diddy knew that

  22. Jesus Walks

    for some reason I want to hear two versions of this song... this version and the "with Que Version..." i don't know what it is that I feel is missing... when I already knew Que was gone... but there was a uniqueness about their sound initially, and for us to keep saying they sound like Dru Hill, that's good and bad simultaneously. I want Dru Hill for Dru Hill, I want Day26 for Day26, and not another day later!

  23. clarissanicole1234

    its that im in love all over again <3

  24. CashmereDelight Burrell

    @deecee1213 I can imagine he feels stupid right now.

  25. alecia321

    aww man wheres Q at

  26. Smitty Bacall

    yea, this reminded of Dru Hill a lot..good memories with great music :D

  27. crisa251

    love it

  28. Anarchist

    they are back? why nobody told me about it ??? O.o

  29. Joso C

    Yes! So Glad they are back! Day 26 has that 90s R&B sound. Takes me back to my 112, Dru Hill, Jodeci days.

  30. D H


  31. With Love, Frenchie

    OMGOMGOMG I am so glad they are back!

  32. katie4julz

    dope :)

  33. Lea

    No. @gwopboyz23

  34. YataLovesYou


  35. drunkmonk20

    its aight, certainly aint no 112 shit back in those peaches n' cream days lol

  36. Mariah Moses


  37. Lena Shakur

    This needs more views ! !

  38. JVirtease M

    MMMMMM <3

  39. Tahara Cherry

    Good to hear something from them again. <3 Day 26

  40. TheRoxieM

    Love Brian's voice!! This group is so talented!!! Love the track - sexy!

  41. SandmanVision

    Glad they r back ,,good shit Day 26

  42. Prince T

    @greedghostsgirl NAH it got that Next flow! lol

  43. Wicked Saiz


  44. Tara Makhani

    they followw me on twitterr:D glad theyre making a come back!

  45. Camilla Ali

    im in love with this track, can play this on repeat all day. the flow is sexy, they are like our generation of 112 and dru hill... SEXY !!

  46. Acacia Cannon


  47. Kiara J

    now all we need is danity kane to get their shit together and life will be good

  48. Ladymodel

    I love it! Glad they broke away from Diddy who tends to ruin everyone's careers

  49. EmotionallyUnavailable Star

    i love it

  50. jen jackson

    I love Big Mike =)

  51. jen jackson

    I thought Q was coming back to the group??? I guess not huh.

  52. Itsmemelove

    @melodagoondarapper you cant love Day 26 if you didnt know he hadnt been in the group since the last episodes of the show.....Day 26 has even showed up to 106 with out him... so.... Q's gone lol

  53. SuchaClassiChicc93

    It got that Dru Hill flow... love it!

  54. Errollage

    @jarmarmarmar Robert's the weakest singer. Cant sing without synthesizer. Listen to Que sing human nature........

  55. Abby Ortiz

    They can never do wrong in my eyes! They just need to continue to make albums. They've been way too long! Love this track!

  56. TPS Music

    The song is the shit...Waiting for the VIDEO 2 drop babeeee

  57. StarKeisha Young

    im suoer l8te no clue Q wus gone *teerzz*

  58. Michelle

    damnn i love robert. Hes so damn sexy and has one of the strongest voices.. ughh id love to make love to him ;) lol

  59. CrystaaalG

    i love day26 with and without que and i also love que as a solo artist...their all talented dudes and they are smexy as hell! lol

  60. yoyowhatsupmayne

    i feel like the harmonies sound empty without que :'( i can totally hear his voice fit into this song!

  61. MamiRicaaaa

    Damn...guess this song ain't going nowhere as far as public view on the TV or Radio which is crazy bc this song cranks! I was sooooo rdy to see the video! We need day26 back, they are the last true old skool (Jodeci-ish Dru Hill-ish) vocalist left.

  62. UNLEASH x ME

    yes! yall got it all the way right with this one man i love it keep pushing good music out


    Sorry Que left but I dont see an upgrade or downgrade here. The were sounding great before and they still do. I wish Que the best! Im a fan of Que & still a fan of the group.. never understood why he left...

  64. Danielle B


  65. SassyDaQueen

    Que didn't make the group...good writtens! They sound awesome! I been waiting on their new material!

  66. africanbeautyqueen89

    Sorry but without Que there is no day 26 :(

  67. Tae L


  68. Mylifeoverurs

    what happened to Que??

  69. Masiah Norri

    <3 one of the most beautifulest voices in RnB!! <3

  70. Wayne Walker

    @rere923 He had attitude problems & was fightin everybody around him . & him & Screwface ( Day 26's manager ) were beefin like there was no tomorrow .

  71. Lauren Crawford

    my fav band is back♥...i was SO sad when they went away!!!!!

  72. Loyalty1269

    You cant stop talent. this is a really talented group and diddy is just a butthole

  73. Luis Lopez

    finally they made their comeback, amazing song!

  74. VanillaSugarLime

    Sexy song!

  75. Jolzzz

    y did they drop Que?

  76. gazzaman91avfc

    It is unreal how good day26 actually
    they are just truely amazing

  77. daniellor05

    sounds like a new version of Boyz II Men... And i freaking loved them! - Love this song.

  78. MamiRicaaaa

    @rere923 bc he was a whinyyyy whine! lol, Its better without all his "lady-ego" drama!

  79. SamiAthonica

    i am soooooo happy that one of my favorite R&B groups is back !
    i missed them && their amazing talent so much.
    they are beautiful artists <3

  80. SoulfulEve

    Love this! Their voices compliment each other so well.. Good vibe!

  81. Nina Reed

    dats ups up day 26 like this post if u cant listen to this just once

  82. Lax Xon

    wwwaaaaaaoooo u guy has changed i use to think that these guy where crap but they are really doing it, sad DK couldn't do the same

  83. Nice Guy kawii

    So luving this song

  84. MamiRicaaaa

    They need a video for this badly!

  85. MamiRicaaaa

    @itsnoahjr yesss sir!

  86. Fredo Austin

    27 people haven't "made love lately" lol

  87. dallastexas78

    I love it, I will be downloading there new single, welcome back day26!!

  88. Adriano Celentano

    Fantastic song, should have way more views!!!!

  89. Evillincoln

    Amazing... my girl also digs this song which is why I'm here. Cuz' if it wasn't for her.. trust.. I'd be listening to M.O.P. right now.

  90. Chant Farrar

    this song is amazing im glad they got away from diddy

  91. Auto Young

    I hope you're joking wit that comment. Please tell me that u r. Cuz if u aren't I don't know what to say about u. Que BEEN GONE!!!! WHERE THE HELL U BEEN?!!!!! He done found a new label and everything and making hot music; most of it dissing day26 but it's still hot.

  92. Auto Young

    Been a Day26 fan since the beginning. Been waiting for a comeback and this song is it!!!! I miss Que but in some strange way they sound better; like the music is now evenly divided. Idk, just glad my boys r bak!!!!

  93. Yemi O

    @LuvJAMAL4Life of course they wont sound the same, it doesnt have all the same members. but theyre just as good, if not better.

  94. Adriano Celentano

    Finally quality music!!!

  95. Betty Millz

    I am the number one day26 in the world. Follow me on Twitter @LooveeDay26 :)

  96. kayy buy

    im NUMBER ONE FAN but it just seems so different with out que i can't get over it..... bbuuuuuuutttttt THIS IS MY FUCKING SONG<3 great joob babies<3 love yall! #teamday26

  97. Janay

    something is missing YET THIS SONG IS IN THE TOP 10 SINGLES ON THE iTunes Chart [and it was just released on iTunes THIS WEEK]. they doing something RIGHT !!!! #TeamDay26..

  98. Janay

    something is missing YET THIS SONG IS IN THE TOP 10 SINGLES ON THE iTunes Chart. they doing something RIGHT !!!! #TeamDay26..