Day26 - I'm The Reason Lyrics

You don't understand there's no equivalent to me
Check my qualities
In my back pocket got affection
Not to mention the thug in me
You got to see

But I don't think you know who really runs the show
You was just a pile of cents
Now you're worth a little more
I was holding you down
You thought I would stick around
But you were just too blind to see, girl I...

I know this, if I don't know nothing
I know one thing for sure
I know that I'm the reason you walking like you're walking
You talking how you're talking
But you act like you don't know what I've done for you

Girl, I had some plans for us
Take a trip overseas for us
To a foreign land cause I was your man
Girl, I was changing you
When it was too late for you
Girl I ain't no fool
But I don't think you know...


When you was mine's (you was mine's)
You know, the best times of your life (best time of your life baby)
Now... (now)
Some way understand (yeah)
But you act like you don't know
That's why I had to let you go
(Cause you)
Cause you don't understand why you're walking different.
Why you're talking different now (ohh different baby)


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Day26 I'm The Reason Comments
  1. Keyania Lee

    Who here 2019

  2. Raeshelle Delvalle

    Yooooo this one of my favorite tracks ❤❤❤

  3. DeSean Joseph


  4. Traphouse Jodeci

    New edition vibes

  5. Miss Shaun


  6. Neka Jones

    Stop playing Day26 is still the bomb


    Still rocking to this album. 🙌


    much better sound