Day26 - Got Me Going Lyrics

There’s no other love
There’s nobody else thinking of
Only you baby you special how could I ever forget you
And let the moment slip away
We’ve been here for awhile
And I just wanna take you away
You got me doing things I’d never do
I can’t stop feignin and dreaming about you
And about your love it feels so real to me
You know what to say and you know just what to do
Come get me

What you got for me
I wanna see
I’ve been waiting way to long
(Got me loosing my cool)
Don’t know what I’m gon do
You got me going
You got me going hey

I cant wait no longer
My anxiety is building up
Moments turn into hours and hours to days in my mind
Can someone tell me the time?
I don’t wanna wait in vain
And I don’t wanna deal with this pain
You got me doing things I’d never do
I can’t stop feignin and dreaming about you
And about your love it feels so real to me
You know what to say and you know just what to do
Come get me

[Repeat Chorus]

So beautiful (So beautiful)
Wont you let go (Wont you let go)
I wanna know see I gotta know if your ready (I’ve gotta know)
For a moment so special (Baby I don’t think your ready)
And I’ll pull you closer I don’t wanna let you go
Just let me be
Be all that you need
You got that thing that I want and I’m ready
Ready to give you my love
You already know it
Girl you got me going
Come get me

[Repeat Chorus]

Know what I want from you
So what you got baby
You know I wanna see
What you can do with me
Girl if you only knew
The things that we can do
I’m ready to receive
Just what you got for me

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Day26 Got Me Going Comments
  1. Officially Lauryn

    Who listening 2020

  2. Officially Lauryn

    These guys are so talented

  3. the master gamer Smalls

    Kills me tho if they had put in the street work n promote like how hard it is to get in now they would still b going but because u guys waited for Diddy to push it failed I would've been hitting all shows still like I never was signed until I do get that offer

  4. Gerard Evans

    I wonder who did the flip at the end

  5. Mstruebeauty25

    Even their swag was timeless

  6. Mstruebeauty25

    My God this song can never get old to me 💞💞💞💞 Day 26 come back please

  7. Demetria McClendon

    Diddy please bring Day 26 back😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Likedbymany

    Diddy is so dirty. He really would double dip into these artist pockets. They were signed to bad boy and still getting charged by bad boys producers. I bet he even charged them for features/cameo/appearances and it was his group. Just fowl

  9. G S

    2020 and I’m still crushing on Que

  10. jeremy 94

    First time hearing of this group...I like them.

  11. Say Brittaney

    This should have more views tho 💯💯💯

  12. Chakari Robb

    Man, these beautiful black men are soo talented.

  13. Mr. Nonchalant

    It's Manity Kane!!

  14. Zaire Dravis

    Shit day 26 came in left like going with wind damn and I liked them too I think they were a good group 😊

  15. Luke John

    Damn Diddy you had to duck this up. They would’ve been great

  16. Kimmuel Weatherspoon


  17. Kimmuel Weatherspoon


  18. Yvette Snyder

    This group was hot. Love them and their voices



  20. Simply Kiki

    They made good music not sure what happened

  21. bulldog2890 gmail com

    Everytime I see this I think back on there season when Diddy brought replacements in. Brian made sure no one took his bed.

  22. D Babies

    The entire album was amazing. I'm still confused how they didn't make it big. Diddy kept abandoning his artist after 1 try. They had the ability to blossom.

  23. Melanated Conversation

    Is it just me or does this sound similar to B5’s “You Got Me”?

  24. sarah simpkins

    Wow I don't remember them lol

  25. Jesmaine Grandfield

    Still love it and yes dancing in 2019 on this song!

  26. Akeirra Lacey

    Me too 2019

  27. destinee miller

    Robert is sexy asf and his voice is sound amazing

  28. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Jean-Claude Dogstar

    Thumbnail got that bwoii looking constipated as fuck

  30. 津嘉山杏珠


  31. Tre TwoHachet

    Good thing diddy has others things outside of music cause this nigga can't manage a good group for shit

  32. ga_sweetie

    Listening in November 2019. Heading to the TB Tour and hope Day26 brings IT!!

  33. Jordan Leiva

    I don’t see any group dancing that way nowadays ! this shit was so boyzband style



  35. KTPofficial

    i wonder what this group would have ben like if donnie was apart of it cause i know why he wasnt apart of the group because diddy couldnt find another white guy who could sing like donnnie and make a male version of dk which is what i think he wanted to do lol still love my day 26 brothers tho

  36. Hollywoodllife

    This was a really good song! Good job BadBoy

  37. Sammy Tiger


  38. Sammy Tiger


  39. Bless Sixone

    I was just told that Day 26 was better than New Edition....and I had to come listen to this. Wow some people are HILARIOUS

  40. Eboni Hinton

    Yooooo I love this and the second album🎯💯

  41. neezy211

    Who’s listening to this today?!

  42. Marie Benton

    When diddy's inserts himself in every damn video 🙄

  43. Sean Adonis

    That’s horrible! Wtf made diddy think this would ever work!!!

  44. Queenmbraveheart

    I been waiting way toooo long to find this song again

  45. Ecclesiastes

    The choreographer outdid themselves 1:20 was fly

  46. Queen Solo

    October 2019 and I'm still jumping on my bed to this song lollll

  47. J.R. Lobinsky

    Blast from the past

  48. Nicholas Grey

    Why these niggas gotta dance though. It's so corny and unnatural. One and two and three and for face ass.

  49. Tiana Tiveah

    Ayeee 🔥🎶#2019 . Roberts dimple's tho 😍

  50. Deron Reed

    that first album was hot to they was ready! they wanted it bad then.  I still play the first album



  52. it is i

    Deserves more views

  53. Charles Johnson

    When 2020 I’m still gonna be listening to Day 26

  54. Charles williams

    Classic album

  55. Charm Twin2

    “You got me doing things I never do.” Love that part. Had to blow out my weed smoke on time to catch it lol it’s legal here

  56. NENE 26

    what the fuck happen to these niggas?

  57. Yolande Gill

    My second favorite by Day26 love... qwanell's voice 😍😍.

  58. bianca n

    They were really good.. shame it didn’t go anywhere

  59. Abdul-Rahman Washington

    Damn... too talented to not be around in 2019.

  60. Samuel Dukes

    I forgot how hard this track is 💯

  61. Not My Problem Brah

    Damn Diddy ends their career right at the end of this video when he says you know what it is. They’ll never dance again lol smh Diddy coulda made millions with these dudes man. They were so damn good man. But guess that’s Diddy always fuckin shit up lol

  62. mary janes baby

    When Diddy says, “08” twice this was the first and last time we’ve heard from Day 26.

  63. Kyrese Dash

    love this video so much but.. i don't know why the chick look like the mother of the girl Audrey from descendants 3... but anywho... this group needs to come back.

  64. Dezi Monique

    Who’s watching in 2019?? 🖐🏼

  65. R LERAY

    Love y'all I remember when u guys performed at Stanford University in 2010. Was a pleasure seeing you. Much love

    Tina Johnpier

    R LERAY what you want tell u that someone else is is doing it to him self remember you saying too someone else have it on you right now

  66. Raeshelle Delvalle

    YOOOOO.... I forgot Bout Day 26 ❤❤❤

  67. Sy Mone

    Diddy use his artists then fire them

  68. antonia Jones

    Love that little bop Diddy does at 3:24

  69. ShookShisterTony


  70. Shantal Stone

    I needed an individual album from Big Mike 😍😍😩

  71. n a t e f r m b k l y n

    They had a lot of potential.

  72. jonny davis

    Their best joint

  73. Dorian Green

    Just here for the "Cooo-wooo-wooo-ooooh

  74. Raven C

    I still listen to this album❤️ these were the days😩

  75. Talia Seays

    Love. Mike. Form. Day 26. 💖💖💖💖💖🌺🌺💖💖🌺💖🌺💖💖💖💖

  76. varplyer2002

    Still hitting hard! Alexa: Play Got Me Going by Day26

  77. Char Knight

    This is my shitttttttttt 🤗

  78. Chenyata Kendall

    2019 baby😘

  79. Makia Pierson

    I could did without shitty Diddy in the video! Love me some Day 26!

  80. labellenoire94

    I was listening to The Read (MTB is coming back) and I realized that I couldn't name a single Day 26 song. Diddy really fucked them over

  81. Austin Luster

    Aye HOLD UP, I NEVER noticed it was Mike who jumped over Will. Oh SHIT!!! I still wanna swing on Diddy for ruining this tho.

  82. Bettye boo

    2020 making the band coming back WHY

  83. music lover1984

    I hear mario winans signature all over this song he must have written and produced this track.

    Gaza Gxrl \x/

    Was looking for a recent comment! 2019

    music lover1984

    @Gaza Gxrl \x/ yes i just had to say it after listening after so long i loved this song in 2008!!.

  84. eunique maureena

    1:55 they kilt it ❤

  85. Michelle Glasgow

    2:57 was so dope 😎😎👌👌👌

  86. Khanya Angie

    Had major crush of Willy...

    2019 this song is still awesome

  87. LexyyNJ

    Damn...these were the good ole days

  88. Disco Queen

    This songs like 112 Dance wit me.

  89. deidre steinbergen

    I wish mtv would bring back makin the band day 26 was amazing and danity kane

  90. Mini Jarii

    Who else be going hard singing 🎤 💃🏻

  91. Shannon Ball

    Diddy bring them BACK!!!!

  92. melissacofield1

    Back in the day Willie was my boo but now I’m like hey Rob and Brian lol

    Tiffani B

    Brian has always been my boo😂😂

  93. Miyshoi Collins

    Nice beat.

  94. Richie

    im here in 2019 wassup👀👀

  95. K Ent

    This actually sounds better now then the year it came out .... 2019 listening 👂🏽

  96. Craptap


  97. Busi Matyalana

    Vocals on vocals on vocals 🔥