Day26 - Come With Me Lyrics

I gotta get outta here.
Damn I'm feining.
I need it.
I want it.
I just can't sit here.

[Verse 1]
Lonely at the crib
Had to get out, search for me a honey dip
Listening to sexual healing
A girl who could give me that feeling
A girl that's about it 'cause she gotta be about it
Wait, she's so serious, wanna get her to my crib

We got a lot in common
If you take that time to find out
We could chop it up if you
Want but it will slow us down
Just go and hop in the whip I ain't tryna cover it up
What I really want is...

Come with me
I'll put you fast asleep
You'll be waking up with me
3 in the morning, feindin asking for more [2x]

[Verse 2]
Pull up to the club
Said don't go in 'cause I had to talk to her,
Don't worry about your friends, I get you home
To tell the truth I was gaming her 'cause...
She was looking ready
I told her to come with me
Girl, anything you find in there is here so let's get busy



[Verse 3]
We at the crib now so I gotta get it get it
Yes I know your down for it
Tell me where you want me
To touch it I'll kiss it, kiss it
I'm going all the way
'cause this is an attraction
We gotta go have it
So once I lay you down
You make those sexy sounds
Fall asleep and wake up for me


Come with me.
I'll put you fast to sleep.
I'll have you out at 3, oh, oh [2x]
Damn I'm feining.
I need it.
I want it.

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Day26 Come With Me Comments
  1. Elaine Fuller

    2020 anyone?

    Rebekah Weathers

    Still my ish 🔥

  2. amber reed

    This cd was fire 🔥 IDC IDC

  3. Ronnie Love

    Everytime I look at this picture, it reminds me of New Edition's Home Again album cover #Epic

  4. a mondesir

    2019 #tbtour

  5. BigTris

    When you cum and she keeps suckin


  6. Massage Bae


  7. Ebony Colbert

    2019 ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thaonliwon Misfit

    2019 Strong

  9. Melanin Jasss

    Laurieann had the choreography on lock to this song ...

    Chi-Town Broiler

    Melanin Jasss she should as hard as Brian was fighting her directions

  10. Latasha Copeland


  11. frostysnow w

    2019 still listening to this album 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Jay Anguiano

    frostysnow w me2 is so much better then the crab from now

  12. Jsummerville Summer

    Still rocking out to this!!! #Fire

  13. MEONA 313

    My favorite Day 26 song , you too?

  14. msmuffbuff

    I hope dey cum out wit sum music

    Kimberly Jobe

    They got music out now! And its fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  15. Areaco Saint.b

    Oh yes, i remem dis cd so very well. Older music is wht im into. Dis new trash need to be bagd up and compacted

  16. Mia Johnson

    Still here 2018😍

  17. Nae Nae

    Whose still listening in 2018

    Melanin Jasss

    More like 2019 👏🏾👏🏾

  18. Balmain Blixky

    Still bumping in 2018 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Kai


    Enoch Solus

    burn it

  20. haha haha

    2018 ;)

  21. Denishea Bates

    no they could have made it like Danity Kane

  22. Jazzy Jazz Daughtry

    They don't have a video for this! Smh

  23. Jason Durham

    I approve this message💯

  24. Nima Baby

    My shit 💋

    Enoch Solus

    Complete shit

  25. ldybug77

    I remember diddy kept having them redo the intro


    ldybug77 Cause of Robert's part. LOL!


    😂😂 hell Yeah

    amber reed



    day 26 this is my all time

  27. Janiecia Gardner

    my favorite group I love Brian Angels

  28. terronnia gray

    that's a shame could've been the next "New Edition " or Dru Hill


    terronnia gray Blame that on Diddy.

  29. Cherie Nowlin

    this is A great song Brings me all the way badh

  30. Priscilla James

    dam i love this song so fucking much

  31. Priscilla James

    Dam this song make me feel more in love with my boyfriend

    Enoch Solus

    hes cheating

  32. Alexis Brown

    this song sheesh!!

  33. Aquil1

    Day 26 had bangers still support here.