Day26 - Bipolar Lyrics


Girl what do you want me to do
Do you want me to stay or do you want me to wait
I'm not a pendulum to you to sway
Sometimes you're dark as night
But Sometimes you're bright as day
So which extreme do you want to choose
Look what you have done to my mental state
I'm going through an episode, watch out I think its too late.

I think I lost my mind today
But to my dismay
I've been led astray
Cause you betrayed me
And baby you caused some kind of disarray
(what's happening to you and me)
She can't make up her mind
I swear this is my last time
See I can't control her
I guess she's bipolar

Girl if you knew just how much I love you
(but the way you been acting lately got me questioning if its true)
But you wouldn't know nothing about that boo
Hold that thought ima throw you a clue
Or maybe you'll see my point of view
My diagnosis of the illness that affects you could put our lives at stake
Look what you've done to my mental state
I'm going through a episode, watch out I think its too late.


Shes suffering I know
Shes suffering I know
She swing both ways man yeah she bi
Got me wondering why
Why why why is shorty bi, bi, bi
Shes suffering
Shes suffering
I'm not gone tell a lie
I wanna be yo guy
You gotta hit the road before I lose control

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Day26 Bipolar Comments
  1. Aaliyah Chapman

    Wow, only 19 comments. I'm surprised

  2. Christian Robinson

    😆 i like how they stole my daddy beat and didn't take his name out the beginning lol cmajor 4 life daddy, i miss u

  3. Anna Johnson

    Omg their harmonise and voices on this is amazing😍 😩👏🏾👏🏾

  4. William Douglas

    My Favorite R&b group

  5. Deerra Upshur

    2019 anyone? I would love to see them go on tour with sanity Kane

    Deerra Upshur


    Anna Johnson

    Their actually going on your its called the #tbtour2019 with Immature, B5, Ray J and J Holiday I'm going

  6. mj4prez24

    2:58 Brian high note🏹

  7. Loveee_Lisi

    2018!? Anyone? 😍

  8. mary burrell

    I love them I have both of there older cd I was picking them from making band I felt diddy should have put Brian h in the group with them or gave him a solo deal like he did Donnie

  9. TheYoung Cyrus

    For 33k views its pretty amazing they have no dislike. A hit overcomes all.

  10. Keidra Butler


  11. N B

    2017 and this is still my shit! 🎶🎶

  12. Giana Bailey

    this my song

  13. David Leonard

    Thank you for uploading the album version...for years, it was just the original version on YouTube without Robert's runs and lib's at the end "and she's suffffering from meeeeeee ooooo oohh" this is one of their best songs, from the vocal arrangements to the harmonization, with Brian and Robert killing it at the end

    Golden Angels Bath Boutique

    David Leonard The best part of the shit ❤️

    Trey winn7n

    Real talk..cuz i bought this album and when i heard Rob at the end this became when of my favorite records ever

  14. Jayla Mckinley

    oh and imma get pleaser p songs all his old ones and new ones albums songs

  15. My Own Lane

    Day 26 is amazing #Day26