Day Wilson, Charlotte - Nothing New Lyrics

Are we really this far gone?
We yell upstream to watch it fall
Have we still the faintest clue?
The past repeats to nothing new

Every day is a shot in the dark and we're tested
Fate [?] more or less than
It's nothing new, oh-oh-oh, oh

I know my ties when I'm cutting loose
'Cause I'm not gonna waste my time
And I'm locked in a noose
But if I can't help myself, I'm giving in, in
Like all of the times I've held you up to let you win

But it's hard, and it hurts, and I'm tired
'Cause I run when you chase me
Alone, I'm losing strength

Are we really this far gone?
We yell upstream to watch it fall
Have we still the faintest clue?
The past repeats to nothing new

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Day Wilson, Charlotte Nothing New Comments
  1. Kenny Shana


  2. Dawson Newberry

    But Its hard. And it hurts. And I’m tired.

  3. Aqua KayKay

    luv her 4ever!

  4. luis mario zelaya

    Her voice is perfect 😍👌

  5. Austin Quazzell

    Isn’t there a song just like this?

  6. Mr. Brown

    “Ballers” brought me here, too.

  7. Brandon Joo

    Her brother is my head of house and he brought me here! I was getting into producing music myself and the production on this song is amazing, as well as the vocals. Cheers from Lakefield!

  8. majira2001

    Oooh hold up

  9. Flurozahs

    Chil in, chill out, Buddha hitsssss


    Love the Groove !!!!!

  11. gamercide

    Absolutely amazing, Charlotte is criminally unknown

  12. Aymen Badr

    from another galaxy ... <3

  13. Bluerobynne

    Her voice and whole vibe is sooooooooooo dope

  14. sport national

    Ballers S4E9

  15. Natasja Juno

    You're a Goddess.

  16. R Thomas

    Ballers brought me here !!!!

  17. mista ex

    Ballers brought me here

    Gino Fortune

    Shit you beat me to the punch

    Mohit Kalro

    That show ('Ballers'), along with 'Insecure', has some of the best music in television, 'The Blacklist' is right up there too!

  18. Guy Fieri

    sorry meant rhythms*..and sound

  19. Guy Fieri

    big fan of this track and work. I'm sure they are both very popular but I have so much respect for the innovative rhymes sound and of course you're beautiful voice :)! I think you have a unique sound but not just for the sake of being different but because you are authentic. Which is a quality lacking in music these day...

  20. Guy Fieri

    you produced these this track too???!?!?! marry me now?

  21. Spicy

    i love funeral but i cant find it on youtube ):

  22. Larissa Still

    I love this music😍

  23. BigTuna

    oh wow. Now this is just incredible!

  24. Maxismaximal

    Great piece of Art!

  25. Jasmine Cornforth

    mmmm dat synth.

  26. craig mills

    I feel like I'm late to the party with this lady...... at least I got here in the end though. Great tunes!

    Mohit Kalro

    We still very early, doesn't even have 10k subscribers. We are early adopters, lovely all around production, hope she gets way bigger.

  27. Angad B

    The production sounds so BBNG

    acc ount

    They played on 1 song with her. Also she said in interview that sometimes she asks for opinion or advice from Matty and Alex from BBNG.

  28. Shubham Rastogi

    Listening to this i can say music is still alive somewhere. Love this song <3


    my girl is underrated. we don't deserve you! 😭😭💓

  30. Célinha Cristina

    Charlotte maravilhosa. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  31. Play Me Smthn

    I can’t stop listening to this

  32. A.C. Peer

    yass thank u CDW !!!

  33. Khalil Bailey

    She's not getting the credit she deserves

  34. Chad Jefferson

    Does James Blake know you took his sound for this?

    Play Me Smthn

    Chad Jefferson James Blake doesn’t own this sound. Sayonara


    That's a bit of a reach Chad.

    icelily8_kalabs lol

    I'm pretty sure James Blake would love this like all of do 😎

    acc ount

    Chad Jefferson actually instrumental is influnced by Badbadnotgood. And they covered and played live some of Blake's songs, and yes, he influenced them.

  35. J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

    Ok yeah she’s brilliant

  36. Inventora

    HERMOSURA!!! ...Ey, soy el único que habla español? Cuánta buena música que sale todos los días!! Por favor recomendame más música nueva... La mejor que vi en Argentina es "La rueda o el barco" Pasen sus descubrimientos!!! Feliz año!!!!


    Inventor Para nada, yo también amo a esta mujer con mi vida.😍❤️

    Kevyn Estrada

    Yo la Fui a ver cuando Ella vino a Vancouver. Es muy hermosa y super talentosa. Toca various instrumentos musicales.
    Tambien deverias de checar Charlotte Cardin

    Pacha González


  37. Walid Primo

    gorgeous voice

  38. Raley Delk

    Awesome!! Love the new vibes

  39. Simon Leung

    I like it a lot! You can hear how her sound is evolving, maturing as an artist.

  40. Indie Shuffle

    Such a throwback SBTRKT feel on this!


    Indie Shuffle nostalgia

  41. Мария Йовочка

    Amazing! Thank you.

  42. QuapCousteau

    its lit

  43. Swamp Presents

    oh my lord

  44. T C

    Aye girl this is 🔥!!!!!!!

  45. Kassetten Maedchen

    I love your sound ❤

  46. Nolan Smyth

    Fan fucking tastic

  47. Eddy Techeney


    Hristina Ka

    e d Tout à fait :)

    Eddy Techeney

    Hristina Ka Ça fait plaisir de voir des français

    Hristina Ka

    e d Ni Française, ni même francophone; mais merci :)

    Eddy Techeney

    Hristina Ka c'est pas grave mdr

  48. Garth Donaldson


  49. Sanubianku Astonished

    Fire, I love you CDW

  50. Ciara Burton-Guthery

    Vibes affff!! She's a goddess 🙌🏾 can't wait to see her in San Francisco in march

    Andres Torres

    Ciara Burton-Guthery where is she performing? And where can I get tickets!!?

    Ciara Burton-Guthery

    Andres Torres in San Francisco at the place called the independent.. you can go on her website I ordered it through Ticketfly

  51. Pinkey Monkey


  52. Co_OKiE M0NST3R

    amazeballs \(´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

  53. Diego Dlgdo

    I know it’s nothing new but I love you.

  54. Tiffany T.