Day Wilson, Charlotte - After All Lyrics

It's running through your veins
Like the wind up harbour
Taking me

Oh, how I just need a little rest
Before this gets harder

Isn't it funny how it goes?
The open-ended closed
Forcin' you
To enter as you go

Take the wind
The wind up harbour
Take it in
Before this gets harder

And after all
You're the one that I call
Home is dull
When the waves don't spill
Now wash it all
All away, all away now

It's running through your veins
Like the wind up harbor
Taking me

Oh, how I just need a little rest
Before this gets harder
Before this gets harder

And after all
You're the one that I call
Home is dull
When the waves don't spill now
Wash it all
All away, all away now

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Day Wilson, Charlotte After All Comments
  1. Michael Costa


  2. İrem Altın

    The input of songs looks like Circassian music... I like this💛

  3. Khanya Socishe

    I don't understand why this doesn't have a lot of views

  4. Elly Raborn

    Fabulous singer artists from Canada, ty for your such cool vocals & songs! Wow saw you on Jimmy Fallon & put you on my playlist ....❤️💙💜🔥🔥🔥🤘😎👍🌈🌎🌍🌏🤩🥳😱✌️💜💜💜🤘🤘🤘❤️❤️❤️.

  5. alguém

    Lindo trabalho parabéns 🇧🇷❤

  6. Jerrica Whitfield

    Bruhhhh I thought she was black I’m so shooookkkkkkk

  7. Rafig Shahverdiyev


  8. Parker aka Name Family

    Girl you got me with this one really hit my soul. Made me tear up Thinking bout a love of mine. Keep making beautiful music!

  9. Vince N.

    Baffled how underrated she is.

  10. Ayay multifandom

    just found this and love this

  11. Irvin Romo

    The Else remix is so good too!

  12. IdiotSoup 101

    My history teacher started playing this during class today, came back to check it out. All I can say is, F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!!!!

  13. Ivan Joven

    im getting toro y moi vibes from the house beat

  14. Terri Valazza

    This never gets old 😍

  15. Low B

    Love it-Style of her own but reminds me of Phoebe Snow

  16. J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

    Hints of Sade in there

  17. queentroverted

    she's so underrated 💖

  18. frameflyer

    Amazing cocktail of voice and it

  19. Cecilie Evans

    This woman has a very incredible voice. Amazing.

  20. Elvee Sure

    I love her

  21. MoonChildFilms

    superb! absolutely love this song!

  22. Caroline Jobe

    gorgeous voice and song

  23. Soula Marangos

    Warm great voice!!!

  24. merrymonarch

    really great. thanks to bbng for featuring her

  25. D Man-G

    Best song NA

  26. Camille Morgan

    Reminds me of Shade...


    Or Sade?

  27. Derp McDerpson

    Love it. Heard this on the Strombo Show.

  28. Jamarcus Robinson

    Is it weird that I listen to this song every day?

    Robert Farnham

    yes weirdo

    Joe Smith

    Not unless you listen to it 300 times a day. Then it would be.

  29. rey carranza

    saw her opening up for local natives couple of days ago. Amazing

    Jon LeCompte

    rey carranza I saw that show in philly, it was dope.

  30. vertaedis clic

    reminds me Rhye <3

    Bobby Wick

    Hugo Barthelemy I honestly thought the start was him. Check out his older stuff....Mike Milosh.

    Barbara Heydays

    I have the exactly the same feeling at the start of the song ;)

  31. tesladrianne

    if y'all like this you should check out Rhye! similar voice and vibes


    start with SADE

  32. Eldrida Lewis

    On repeat since Friday. You're amazing and such an inspiration ! <3

  33. Lioness3000

    begining = LISA STANSFIELD

  34. Bernie D3000

    i recommend CDW to everybody i know...


    serious voice

    Robert Dezi

    Bernie D3000 it is music that has talent behind it .

  35. sTooRable

    LOVE her...!!!

  36. sTooRable

    LOVE her...!!!

  37. J- Man


  38. FAG098


  39. CaptainPho

    beatiful music

  40. Esmee van der Meer

    Can Someone tell me what kind of music this is bc i really really like it

    Johannes Musssosein

    It's good Music. Nothing else

  41. yashbell

    holy shit this is good


    so fucking good!

  42. Nuno Vasco

    I´m in love with her voice :)

  43. boo cool


  44. Bajoobie Cuzican

    Love this Charlotte ... your voice...these words... WOW! I feel every man I've ever loved coming out of this song.

  45. Vivante Mixes

    reminds me of George Maple, and I love George Maple :)

  46. Well

    just heard your music on

  47. ThisIsGen TV

    God this is literally Real! Amazing so raw