Day To Remember, A - Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way Lyrics

Life lessons learned the hard way.

Four people waited in a random white unmarked van.
Parked outside your hotel high rise garage.
To use a tire iron to break the bones inside your legs.
Too bad you never came outside, that's all right,
'Cause in the end you'll get wrecked.
Yeah, in the end, you'll get wrecked.

I heard a little girl killed herself today, that blood's on your hands.
It's on your hands, when everyone knows your face, nothing's safe.
You'll live your life as a fucking target.

You've earned my disgust.
You've earned my disgust.

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Day To Remember, A Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way Comments
  1. Jake Scribner

    Too many people sleep on this song

  2. Jon Costello

    This song helps remind me how quickly 2 minutes goes by

  3. firstbaseblue

    They should open every show with this

  4. TheMusicfan189

    It’s so fucking sick to know they can go this heavy. This song hits hard.

  5. G_ForCE

    Had to come here to cleanse my ears after hearing Degenerates

  6. Jens Let's Play

    This is the most heavy yet relatable song.
    That's all

  7. fashionably late

    Cause in the end you’ll get WRECKED!

    That drop gets me every time.

  8. the whole world lost control

    Yikes, this song is dark.

  9. Ghetto Gorillla

    Hands down...the BEST breakdown of any of their songs

  10. Yakobus Rama

    666k views right now... ADTR is really satanic 🔥

  11. Liam Taylor

    Common Courtesy HAS to be their heaviest album.

  12. The Low End PC User

    And in the end, that piece of shit got REKT

  13. mishti ;

    Thanks to Christian from the band Villain of the Story. :)


    Haha. Saw it too

  14. Christian Grey

    This is one of my top favorite heavy songs I've ever heard. Short, to the point, high energy, riffs galore, breakdowns that make you snarl they're so good. Can't believe it's been this long since it came out, it's still THE jam.

  15. soulessphilosopher

    They needed at least 1 song in their album that GOES HARD.

  16. Dothurnaax

    How to turn a mosh pit into a bloodbath:

    Step 1: ---^

  17. xxhardforcorexx

    I just saw a story on the news about some Charles Manson looking motherfucker that killed a 23-year-old girl locally and left her body in a field. I felt like listening to this song because all I could think of is how bad I want to drive a random white unmarked van to use a tire iron to break the bones inside his head. I just hope in the end he gets wrecked because he's truly earned my disgust.

  18. kingplutoxiao1

    Dedicated to 6ix9ine

  19. clayton cox

    Best Damn lows I have ever heard have always came from adtr.

  20. EpicWolf Games

    I heard a little Girl Killed her self today, the bloods on your hands

  21. Nate Washington

    Here for Hunter #Thefamily

  22. Jim, the Curator


  23. Dayan Misiura

    You live your life as a fucking turkey

  24. Chase Haggenmaker

    I still wonder to this day who pissed Jeremy off...


    This song is about Hunter Moore.

  25. Ripened Peach Tree

    @ 1:48 when they say "YOU'VE EARNED MY DISGUST" Jeremy hocks a loogie and spits it out 😂 Such a fucking cool sound fx they put in. Never heard it until now!

  26. tee

    For reasons I won't explain, this song makes me think of my brother-in-law...let's just say he did some fucked up shit to my wife, when they were kids...I'll leave it at that. In any case, this is one of my favorite fucking songs by ADTR and I think it's probably the heaviest they ever wrote.

  27. Jordan Smith

    Intro= 2012 by The Word Alive
    Breakdown= Life Cycles by The Word Alive
    Anybody else notice this?

  28. Mick Murci

    does anyone else besides me keep hearing "you'll live your live as a fucking turkey" ?

  29. Michael Bentley

    hands down one of their top 3 sickest breakdowns, that drop tho

  30. Joana Sühlmann

    they need more songs like these!

  31. ElGranticus25

    Here's to you Hunter Moore!

  32. Joe Williams

    exposed and justified breakdowns are top heavy


    its not CC though

  33. JustJoshing Youu

    I still think this song is tied with 2nd Sucks as their heaviest song


    Heartless for sure!

    Clayton Browning

    Paiky I agree. Heartless is heavy and dark.

    OVERLY extended

    Josh Klebolt there's no way Heartless is heavier than this!

    Connor Smith


    Andrew Dorsey

    Sticks & Bricks is up there

  34. Michael Bentley

    that fuckin breakdown is hands down one their best it gets me so fuckin pumped. adtr= life

  35. salted crypts

    lol its adorable how a bunch of mall-core 14 year olds think this is OMG SO HEVUY. listen to pissgrave then get back to me, scrubs.

    Frank Scrafted

    salted crypts well this does sound hella nice though but you should try Between the Buried and Me


    salted crypts but this band isn't meant to be "super heavy". they're just a fun sounding band, no denying that, with catchy ass songs n shit you know?


    The only people who would unironically use the word "scrubs" in this context would be a 14 year old. So congrats on entering Junior year two years later.
    Also Pissgrave is fucking awful, hope you grew out of that.

  36. Eric M

    this song sucks ass. pure garbage.



    Eric M

    +RoadRage it's true

    Simeee Jeka

    go die
    its one of their best songs


    You make me moist, 8)

  37. stoenchu122

    the whole song`s a fuckin orgasm

  38. Jacob Sanchez


    Jeff Smith

    It's target...

    Jacob Sanchez

    I know.

  39. Stephen Boardman

    that fast rythm guitar riff at the start reminds me of Avenged Sevenfolds God Hates Us All

  40. Jessie F

    fuck hunter moore

  41. Anon

    The drop on this song was so big I grew a fourth testicle

    Slump Jesus

    Wait where'd the 3rd one come from?


    +Lewis xD drop

    Stephen Jessop

    The third one came from 2nd sucks


    @Slump Jesus Probably came from the entirety of Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End

    Phxntom Xan

    Wait a minute...

  42. James Johnson

    ADTR should do a deathcore album. Just for funsies


    nah. It's a mixture of deathcore (first half maybe), metalcore and some elements from post hardcore.


    I'd love that, but I really don't see it happening. I think ADTR is afraid to get too heavy because it will chase away all the fangirls and dudes that don't really like metal. I know the rumor goes that Oli from Bring Me The Horizon had a throat problem, so they couldn't keep making deathcore music. Truthfully, I think they just got tired and needed an excuse. They realized there's more money and fame if you're not deathcore. For me, it's never been about the money, it's about the art, that's why I rap and write all sorts of music.


    Also, A Day To Remember has both post-hardcore and metalcore elements, they're also called easycore. There's really no need to get uptight about the specific classification.

    Isaiah Aldridge

    Its metalcore without the pop punk influences

  43. Thomas Parsons

    Never drive someone to suicide. You will pay.

  44. Abioye Gavriil Yegor

    My thoughts about this song:
    -It's good.
    -Yet, I would like it to be longer and with more verses, so I can understand what they want to express.

    And I'm doing an emphasys in this because there are great stories behid ADTR's songs, but I can't understand this one specially.

    And if someone can express the meaning, please go ahead. You're welcome to explain.

    Danny Contreras

    +ajgorgas This was by a man who had a revenge porn site. He would post pics of band members and one of them was ADTR's bassist. Hunter Moore was also believed to be the one behind Amanda Todd's killing which explains i heard a little girl killed herself but Hunter Moore was the source of many suicides as well. And for the four people waiting in a white unmarked van was true. 4chan happened to release an address of the believed Amanda Todd killer but it wasn't true. Crazy meaning right?! I was shocked when i heard of this!

    Jeff Smith

    This song seemed to be more of a take up space song on the album.

  45. Joey

    30+ people learned life lessons the hard way/

  46. alby

    ive got a bad headache and this just makes me impulsively head bang. song is too fucking sick.

  47. Luz Torres

    That breakdown!

  48. Gage GoSkate

    Everytime I hear the breakdown I can't help but go completely fucking mental

  49. mightybean

    when I 1v1 people

  50. Lostinthesilenceofficial

    By far the heaviest adtr song and I fucking love it

  51. Blazed-Banana

    The fucking breakdown makes me orgasm

    Jeffrey Wilke

    the first time my eyes widened


    +Jeffrey Wilke wat

    Just a Lowlife

    +Jeffrey Wilke stop doing drugs please, it's fucking bad

    Just Commenting

    breakdowngasm :D

  52. Shona

    There's something about that bomb drop that makes this breakdown appear so fucking heavy!


    Shona I think it's the sound of a bomb dropping and the breakdown being the "explosion".

  53. Mirzgoat

    Matt Mcguire Cover makes even better in terms of drum

  54. mtp

    Hey everyone if you guys could check out my cover of this song I would so appreciate it, drop a like if you thinks it good and leave me some feedback on what I could improve. Thanks a fuck ton!

  55. Adam Artz

    Jeremy played this song to the dudes from TDWP and told them the lyrics line-by-line and their reaction was:
    "What the fuck man?"

  56. SonicCloud1985

    Tom Denney co wrote this song and 2012 by word alive which is why it sounds similar i like both songs
    this song reminds me of ian watkins

  57. Venomborn


    (see the Target logo at the end of video 2:07)

    Will Owen

    +Venomborn Gaming Very Clever there

    Luke Smith

    Was about to say the same thing

  58. Nick Murray


  59. Adam Artz




    Jack Minchew

    +Adam Artz omg i lost it when that part played after seeing this :')

    Will Owen

    +Adam Artz Wow!

    I'll never hear this part the same again 1:28

    SuperStar Boy

    O you suck :(

    Adam Artz

    @Nickolas Styers I see you're a fan of Moon Man's lyrical content

  60. Victoria Hoar


  61. bruno luiz

    Surprise!  =D

  62. sara


  63. lovethegames97

    I really want to know what's the story behind this ._.


    @Psalmmm I would have guessed a pedophile and his victim killing hersef

    Aaron Page

    +lovethegames97 It def is. This legendary creep Hunter Moore ran this site called 'Is Anyone Up' where bitter exes or just dickheads would upload nudes of their previous partners. ADTR bassplayer (my bad forgot) had sex (allegedly) with an underage girl and he (allegedly) was a dick after sex so she uploaded his naked pictures to the website.

    The site caused people to lose their jobs and even kill themselves when they had their nudes went public. And Hunter bragged about refusing to take them down even after the owners begged. Naturally this led to death threats and people (I guess including ADTR) were hunting for him to beat him up/worse.

    Sites went down and Hunter disappeared into obscurity.

    All we're left with is dead kids, lost jobs and a great song.


    @Aaron Page Dang. I guess i understand now thanks man!

    Aaron Page

    No problem man,  it's a crazy story!


    Told you so. ;)

  64. papa cringe

    ummmmm holy shit "I HEARD A LITTLE GIRL KILLED HER SELF TODAY!!!" fuckin brutal

  65. papa cringe

    in the end youll ghet rekt scrublorde

  66. MR Skates

    hey guys he dropped the F-Bomb xD

  67. CommunistGamer

    get rekt m8535745834957348958944354657647898765678876543

  68. Exact Your Destiny

    The intro reminds me of The Word Alive's 2012 =D

  69. killallsuvivors

    This is their heaviest song that riff is brutal wouldn't look at of place in death metal and the lyrics are just brutal it's not a competition they've some great heavy songs but they don't have serious guitar riffs or themes like this song also 2 minutes is straight up punk rock this is just the only song that's heavy in a way that makes it hard to believe adtr wrote it

  70. NaruAMV1

    ...I don't understand why this is up for debate. 
    I love Heartless, I love Mr Highway's Thinking About The End, I love each ADTR, each ADTR track...but this song is very clearly their hardest ._. Lyrically, vocally, and ESPECIALLY musically. 
    Yes, Heartless had some sick lyrics, and a killer breakdown- but it was just some simple chugs, and had a ton of melodic choruses. 
    Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End was basically the same setup, but with more harsh vocals throughout. 

    This one is heavy all the way through, with some nice technical implements throughout, and no sign of clean vocals. ;-;

    DJ K-DOG

    +NaruAMV1Thank you so much for saying this! I've always said this is by far there hardest song! heartless is great and hard but its nowhere near this song and even welcome to the family is hard as fuck too but this song brings a whole different animal.


    I always thought it was a toss up between this song and You Already Know What You Are
    Weird no one ever mentions that one

    august baptiste

    Yung Noojies I agree with this comment

  71. artardFTW

    because in the end you'll get REKT


    Fuck I was gonna post that

    Danny Contreras

    Because in the end you'll get SHREKT

    Ability2Be Sneaky

    +Danny Contreras because in the end you'll get tyrannosaurus rekt!

    Shipmate | Revengefull Trout

    I dont get it.. :o

  72. Cindee Tang

    Beginning reminds me of 2012 by the word alive

  73. Katherine Foster

    These comments ruined this song. I can only hear "you live your life as a fucking turkey" I'm so mad.

    Michael Hinte

    +Kat Foster you can hear comments??? lucky fuck i can only read em...

    Katherine Foster

    @Michael Hinte oh yeah, it's sweet. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to read a book.

  74. Maria Jose Roman

    fucking song so amazing!

  75. Maria Jose Roman

    I love jeremy's voice because it is so male and it isn't as others bands that have voices so female.

    Gil Greenfield

    @***** probably best commant ever .

    Austin Lippert

    Kellin quinn and vic Fuentes voices are leagues above jeremys. I dont really listen to this stuff anymore but just stating my opinion

    Gil Greenfield

    Yeah but jeremy's voice , although high, is very masculine and manly unlike kelin's voice. But I guess that gives the bands diffrent colors .

  76. Jonathan Dzialo

    Hey cam fritts im sorry my stepdad didnt rape me as a child... if i knew you were gonna cry this much, i would have brought tissues. .. love.... someone who blatantly doesnt care about your existence

  77. OliiTheGoalii

    The beginning reminds me of 2012 by The Word Alive !

    Sean O'Callaghan


  78. RageRandy Gaming

    Don't get me wrong, this song is a very fucking heavy song and it kicks so much ass. However, it still doesn't beat Heartless. I think Heartless is A Day To Remember's heaviest song ever.

  79. xBrowniesGhostx

    Y'all obviously haven't heard Heartless if you think this is their heaviest song. I mean it's up there, but Heartless wins over all.


    I like the part in heartless where he screams when his voice is kinda distorted for like 15 seconds


    Zeroshark there's just so much hate and pain infested into Heartless, it really is their hardest song regardless if there's melodic parts and clean vocals.

    1 year ago but w/e

    Jengo Fett

    Hubba Bubba Basketballer this is harder than heartless, counting for vocals and lyrics. Heartless is about a break up with some yelling, while this is all yelling and is about a man being beaten with a tire iron and a little girl killing herself. this, imo, is much harder.

    David Fore

    Go back watch some interviews at the time Jeremy said that Mr. Highway was the heaviest song to date. Then go from there.

    Thatguy Kye

    xBrowniesGhostx heartless isn't their heaviest song lol

  80. Trent Walters

    I like how at 2:07 target comes in

  81. Nicho Insertlastnamehere

    Heaviest fuckin song by ADTR and one of the best on Common Courtesy

  82. Camron Fritts

    Funny how alot of kids think ADTR "goes hard." You wouldn't know hardcore or extreme if it kicked you in the ass.


    Idk about you but this song kicks my ass. I dont see how you're going to come to the hardest f****** song on this album and comment about how they don't go hard... like what the f*** is your deal

    Kate A

    No, not exactly. I'm a teen, ADTR is on the lighter end of the post hardcore genera.. so not all "kids" think that just the ones that get on my nerves so about 97% of them...:-P

    Danny Contreras

    Hardest song is If It Means A lot To You


    Danny Contreras

    Or You already Know What You Are

    Myra Maynes

    This comment strikes me as odd. Musical preference varies from person to person and to lump an entire fan base into one classification due to one band is pretty lame. I've seen the bands you've listed and its a well put together one aside from Black Tongue who is just heavy and nothing more. A very boring band for me. But anyways, I know there are ADTR songs that are heavy/"hard".. Simply because it isn't you're taste doesn't effect how the sound is in the end. I've been listening to extreme music since the age of four and have had time to allow my taste to expand. It seems like you're stuck in a void of what you think is heavy or not rather than what is and isn't. Morbid Angel is what started me off. MA is by far one of, if not THE, greatest Death Metal bands ever to surface. I'm not going to just shun every other band for not being as heavy as them. That's fucking stupid. As a musician you take in what matters in music and the rest just fucks off. Claiming people wouldn't know what's what because they listen to a specific band only shows how far you've come along in the scene. I'm only 21 and I love the fact that I have more years to grow with the extreme music field. Its something special to be apart of. Gojira, are you brought up, has one of the heaviest sounds in Metal. They acquire their sound with the atmosphere though lyrically they aren't as heavy as this song. You and I both know that is the truth. Gojira has very earth oriented music and that's why I love them. ADTR have life oriented themes in their music and that is why I like them. "To each their own" is the phrase. Pantera is very groovy but groove doesn't mean they're heavy in the least. What makes Pantera heavy is what they have lyrically just as Machine Head. Comparing all these bands is honestly fucking stupid. In short, everyone has a feel of what is heavy and/or "hard" based on what they listen to and enjoy. Talking out of ones ass via the internet with no real validity behind what's being said is just sad. I respect what you listen to and respect that you have an opinion but you need to learn how to let people enjoy what they want. Kind of implodes the scene, man.

  83. Camron Fritts

    Vocals suck hard.....

    Camron Fritts

    I was told this was ADTR's "hardest" song. And I could give a fuck less about the vocals, Unearth kicks so much ass. Tbh his vocals are way better than these.


    They are not "better", it's just your taste.
    I, for example, enjoy ADTR's vocals, and I sometimes find band's vocals that I don't like, I don't say they suck, it's just not what I would listen to. I get that you don't like the vocals, but don't just bash it, everyone's different, they'll obviously have different taste in music.


    Just want to say, I think it's just adorable how you believe that by coming here and making it known that you think a band is bad is going to do anything for anyone. We can be pretty sure you don't think you're changing anyone's mind, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there. Perhaps you simply want people to know what you think? Well congratulations, people now know. What's next? You've accomplished nothing other than wasting your own time. What else could you be intending to do here, other than get reactions out of people? If that's what it is, you're pretty pathetic. If doing this gives you some kind of personal satisfaction, that's laughable. All it makes you is another moronic attention-seeker on the internet, pretending he's somehow above everyone else. You're in a fucking delusion if you think you've somehow "won", or bested anyone.

    Jimmy Hendrix

    We all know you jam out to this shit, you're just too big of a douche to admit you like this song just because it isn't "hard".

    papa cringe

    @Camron Fritts o kill ur self

  84. BeansXD

    you live your life as a fucking turkey!

    Robert Campbell

    dont be stupid

    Eric Palmeira

    You live your life as a fucking target!

  85. Breakdown Of Sanity

    This song...daaaaaaaamn is so sexy ♥

  86. Aaron Rayford Joyner

    Badass song, should be longer though

  87. Aaron Rayford Joyner

    Target lol it's target, not turkey

  88. Phil Pacific

    cause in the end you'll get WRECKED!!!!!! <33333

    The Essentials

    Get rest m8

    Phil Pacific

    i dont sleep

    The Essentials

    I was trying to say get rekt m8

    Danny Contreras

    Cause in the end you'll get SHREKT

  89. Brett Burdo

    If only the whole album was like this.....


    @***** Thanks bro! :-)

    Anthony Cardenas

    I like fast forward to 2012

    Kevin Hernandez

    I'd love it even more if it was like this, this is my favorite song in the whole album

    Brett Burdo

    @Matt M then why pose as one?


    Brett Burdo correct

  90. Sean Alpaugh

    1:30 you live your life as a fucking turkey

    Vince Ruggiero


    Legendary Sloth

    Fkn turkey.....


    @Vince Ruggiero 😂😂😂😂 Jarrod would say that in one of his misheard lyrics videos

  91. zuri!


  92. Jonnie Age


    Alec Porter

    Shit I don't want that specially with thanksgiving

    Juice Stane

    You RUINED the song for me...
    I still love you for it xD

  93. Pablo Martinez Medina

    1:31 hardest common courtesy breakdown, just sayin'


    Nah, Dead and Buried's got first and second.

  94. Dakota Muncy

    I heard a little girl killed herself today, the blood's on your hands. /.\

  95. mik

    You'll get #rekt

  96. Big Chungus

    This song makes me not want to fuck with Jeremy.... Ever...