Day To Remember, A - I Surrender Lyrics

You've got secrets, oh yeah,
And I've got a weakness for them.
No this ain't the time or place to show your face,
Cause you know that I can't stand
The need to get even. Tonight,
When everything ya say won't come out right.
So I'll try to save some face, and take my space
Till the times right, cause we'll need it.

So I surrender, I can't forget her.
Will you remember? The truth,
Cause they won't even want me to.

Wish you would read this, oh yeah,
And knew that I mean it. I did.
Yeah I could fill every page with all my ways
That I tried to understand.
Wished things could be different. Alright,
Well it ain't for the lack of how I tried.
So let's go our separate ways, and count the days
As we get by. Cause we'll get by.

So I surrender, I can't forget her.
Will you remember? The truth,
Cause they won't even want me to.

So I surrender, I can't forget her.
Will you remember? The truth

This'll drag on and on and on,
Where I'm the only one who's wrong.
It's always something, it's always something
With me and you.

So I surrender
So I surrender

So I surrender, I can't forget her.
Will you remember? The truth,
Cause they won't even want me to.
They won't even want me to (I, I surrender)
They won't even want me to (I, I surrender)
(I, I surrender)
So I surrender.

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Day To Remember, A I Surrender Comments
  1. Shelby Benoit

    who’s still listening in 2020?!

  2. Josh Loud

    i literally just want to learn the acoustic guitar in this song but i cant find anyone that has it wrote down and can teach me the chords... makes me sad

  3. Andrew Bryan


  4. spirit of Hope, love and Kindness.

    With freya i won't surrender on my life.

  5. spirit of Hope, love and Kindness.

    I surrender to helping others.

  6. Grip Sense

    This song is soul food

  7. Caleb Groncki

    He’s a war hero.

  8. Atlas

    It's always something with me and you

  9. Caleb Groncki

    It could be about God, family, love.

    Really good lyrics

  10. Caleb Groncki

    This is one of the greatest love songs of all time.

  11. Caleb Groncki

    In every aspect of my life

  12. Andrew Bryan

    why is adtr so underrated

  13. Ben Connor

    This Album helped me through a tough time in my life

  14. Mark The Dark

    Probably my favorite track on here

  15. Michael Ryan

    3:15 Who's voice is that?

  16. helpful merman.

    This song was great.

  17. Chuck Kkay

    The meaning of ' white-flag ' section on my cardboard.

  18. Renato Ferreira

    Excelente banda !!!!

  19. Height Above Sea Level

    Their acoustic songs are really nice. The hard stuff I can only listen to like one at a time

  20. kush Kush

    I remember when my brother was visiting back frm china, and this was a new album and i didnt ever really listen to it, its alrightt. 2013 tho !!!

  21. Raven Paul

    My brother went to lake weir high school in the shores/Ocala Fl with them miss all the great party's they had

  22. Desolate Soul

    Awesome song.

  23. Fritzie Nonan

    So let's go our separate ways, and count the days
    As we get by. Cause we'll get by. :(

  24. Hawker591

    One of the greatest songs ever.

  25. Justin Johnson

    Wow my favorite song overall, their hardcore is great it is just this song has their mix in every degree.

  26. Destiny Ramirez

    this will forever remind me of him..

  27. Faith Brazier

    Dedicate this song to my old best friend.

  28. street lamp

    hey hey hey. I'm comment 200 :D

  29. -Dualiity ca


  30. GobarMachine

    anybody have recommendations for songs similar to this?

    heather miller

    GobarMachine I'm Already Gone, Homesick, If It Means A Lot To You, Have Faith In Me, and maybe more I can't think of

    Justin Credible

    GobarMachine anything by Rings of Saturn or Brain Drill


    Justin Credible Rings of Saturn LMAO YES

  31. Ehh Itz Mehhh


    Connor West

    I think she meant that she's listening to the song in 2016

    Ethan Johnson

    Are ya here in 2019

  32. Daniel Kidd

    i love this song but it reminds me of highschool lol

  33. Smelow

    and ive got a weakness for them <\3

  34. Ehh Itz Mehhh


  35. HPdarkforce

    this album is basically my freshman year of college


    wait maybe sophomore year. idk kinda hammered so the memory ios foggy

    Jorgen Wu

    Yeah, i can relate to that haha.

  36. fogdood

    I actually like recordings like these, not completely perfect. Jeremy's dog at the end fit the mood of the song and made it even better ❤🐶🐕

    Jeff Smith

    That's what I don't get? Why are there so many random recordings, except I understand the last aong, on the album, of band members talking at the end of songs on this album or the dog barking?


    +Jeff Smith this album was recorded in Jeremy's house where he built his own studio. The band was in a lawsuit with their label at the time and kept postponing dropping the album cause of it, and as much as that sucked I feel like they left these recordings in as like a "hey we did this ourselves and we don't need a label." I'll always remember this album in that context and imo it all makes this album kinda that much more meaningful. Some of the heavy songs kind of touch on the whole thing.

  37. thesuperboscar

    Its incredible, already 3 years since I this album was released and I was sitting in the park and drinking with my friends and where I meet my girlfriend, had a fucking great time :D I miss it..

  38. mia


    heather miller

    toasty toast saaaaaaame

    Connor West

    same. I listen to this song at least once a week

  39. kristen gumm

    i like how jeremy has his dog in studio while they did this lol

  40. Serina Sanchez

    I love the puppy blooper at the end so much, it just adds to the already awesome sweetness and cuteness!

  41. Logan Zm


  42. Fikri Ardiansyah


  43. Lovely Darkness

    The feelings...

  44. Danny Contreras

    Once again I'm in love with this band.....

  45. Guilherme Silva

    that moment when you realize that the album has been released almost 2 years ago


    Holy shit feels like it just came out still.

    Mick jones

    And this comment is 2 years old

    João Vítor Pereira

    5 years now

  46. Ryan LaRue

    Reminds me of how my last relationship ended. I actually feel really happy when I hear this song.

  47. ramon teniente

    Asi que me rindo, no puedo olvidarla(8)

  48. Amjad

    every time i listen to this song when i'm in the subway train

  49. Boris Airay

    This song gets me through tough times. Thank you

  50. melloandy913

    I love this song so much :'(

  51. MDGolfaddict

    Best song on the album I reckon. Awesome from start to finish

  52. BurningSnow0811

    He's texting Katie

  53. Kyle Johnson

    this always reminds me of my beautiful ex girlfriend i care dearly about

  54. Bruney Melo

    so i surrender (8)

  55. seth anderson

    the worst part of this album is that it ends

    Fancy Spankin

    @seth anderson What? :O They haven't split up yet, their still working on their next album i think and their having concerts in Europe

    Fancy Spankin

    @seth anderson Nevermind, im a jackass....

    Tim Buniak


  56. Yoonns.

    I'm french and I love this song.

    Sophie Gail

    I'm French and I love this song too, but the two aren't connected

    Tukang gali Kubur

    Im from indonesia and i love this beautiful song

    a a

    wow, so many history majors. brava

    Pablo Cea Perez

    I'm song and i love this french

    Kupit Yah

    @Brian Karr sameee thoughts

  57. Dan Carb

    That feel when you're playing League and the other team surrenders in the middle of this song. IT HAS POWERS MY FRIENDS.


    Dan Carb 😂👍

    Justin Johnson

    Dan Carb I like that.


    i thought i was the only one who listened to this album while playing lol :0

  58. Asong writtenaboutyou


  59. Alex Romulus

    "So I Surrender"- To Her, From me.

  60. Leslie Gonzalez

    this is my favorite song in the world rn. 

  61. Kayla S

    This is what Jeremy McKinnon being in love sounds like.

  62. kody gerik

    This album is maybe one of my favorites. Other than What Seperates Me From You. This album is just amazing. Love the song love the band. Keep being fucking great.

    Lusty Not Busty

    yeah.. the art, the varying heaviness, the humanity of the lyrics... it really shows that adtr is made up of ordinary people, not rock stars. i really liked what separates me from you as well, the melodies were very emotional and heartfelt. you're fucking great yourself man, for sharing my tastes.

  63. Prophets of War

    One of their few good songs; I have been hooked.

  64. Seanna Lynn

    This is another good, no, GREAT song by ADTR. I love it and I am learning it.

  65. Sonicmasterxyz

    This song actually really hit my heartbone hard. I needed it, especially when it came out.

  66. Devin Biery

    #1 blink-182, #2 sum41 & #3 adtr yezzz

    Christopher Amptmeyer

    Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    Asong writtenaboutyou

    you brother have an amazing taste!
    sum 41 all the way <33

  67. Puddles Does The Jesus Thing

    Doggy >w<

  68. drummerAVA

    Great song... The riff at 2:35 would've sounded perfect with some delay on it IMO.

  69. Matt Morris

    12 dumbasses

  70. Vincent Fierro

    Best of the best

  71. Colton Barnes

    Perfect example of my life I love this song a lot

  72. moto broski

    my favorite song

  73. Justin Duncan

    ADTR is my favorite band, has been since they started playing, love Jeremy Wade McKinnon

  74. Alex Farley

    I loved this song so much I did a cover. Please head over to my page and check it out! #MusicMondays

    Anthony Guajardo

    can u give the chords or tabs?

  75. bowas yang

    the day I found these guys was A Day To Remember! XD

  76. Tish Hartry

    Jeremy is amazing!!!

  77. Sarah Cappadonna

    So excited to see them at self help fest. They're amazing. Period.

  78. FjorFUX Sake!

    This is my favorite song off the album :D It's all great, but this definitely takes the prize!!!

  79. Austin Patterson

    This is a wonderful album I got introduced to adtr a month before CC and I immediately fell in love.

  80. Wadeforce

    this album is beast YO

  81. Hankbob Squarehill

    Can't we all get along and not talk shit on this masterpiece of a fucking album?


    Your profile picture and name is just majestic.


    I don't even care what your comment says that picture deserves endless thumbs up


    👏 yesss dude 👌 nailed it.

  82. goaskgibby

    i just love these dudez

  83. Hayden Womack

    It's not the best album of 2013. BMTH sempriternal is. Although this is a very good album

  84. Johnny C.

    Best album of 2013? Maybe.

    Kaleb Lawler

    I dunno, being a nerd for Chiptune, I extremely enjoyed Anamanaguchi's Endless Fantasy


    Still best album in 2017 for me that is.

    Mike Hock

    Johnny C. Not maybe, definitely (I know it’s late but this is the greatest album of all time)

    Brent Jaeger

    Holy shit this came out in 2013??? I've been listening to it for that long???

  85. David Meadows

    MrJayPerry420 is clearly butthurt and must not have heard a song by 1D. Just sayin

    Caleb M

    He probably is a troll.

  86. Amani Winchester

    Might be my favorite song off the album

  87. Wordoftheday20

    lol i love how they used to have like heavy stuff and like pop punk stuff in separate albums. and now this ones so diverse :] seriously adtr will always be that one GOOD band:]

  88. SuperLooknum

    Love it <3

  89. Ally Biersack

    At least they have gone out of their comfort zone and given diversity in their music so everyone can be pleased. I love ADTR. But if you don't like them like Jeremy said " you don't know me!"

  90. DouxCity.Productions

    Almost cried reminds me of things I've had to deal with daily

  91. SpectorCj

    If you don't like this than why the fuck are you here in the first place?

  92. Jasmine Swiger

    I absolutely love this song <3

  93. MrJayPerry

    they were so good. now they sound like fucking one direction.fucking crying and shit.GO BACK TO THE GOOD STYLE THAT GOT YOU HERE just sayin

    Johnny C.

    @Thomas Gibson THIS

    QT Eila

    They can put variety into their songs if they want, they want to broad their style so they can get more fans, they will still make metalcore/post-hardcore music, even if albums like this that are more about feelings and situations to relate to for the listeners, if you can't get that nor accept then get the fuck out stereotype asswipe.


    wtf are you talking about? sometimes your the hammer sometimes your the nail, violence? this document speaks for itself??? whens the last time one direction dropped the breakdown of the century and lead into it by screaming "NO FUCKING RESPECT!" get your ears checked bro....

    John McLeod

    Nigga you dumb as fuck

  94. MrJayPerry

    why do bands get popular and then go soft gradually?fucking lame keep your balls sissy clowns that's what got you this far!

    Shannon Marie

    listen to something else if youre going to bitch about it, some people like it.


    assuming your name has 420 I bet you know nothing about this band's past albums. They had songs like if it means alot to you, you had met at hello and pretty much anything thing from the what seperates me from you album and wheather the fact that your name has a 420 in it may not even matter but either way you don't know... I would also like to state that they worked their butts off  living off of money they got from shows  

    Ryan Lobes McGee

    ADTR was never a strictly heavy band....

    Kayla S

    If you've never been in love, you will never understand a song like this one.


    @ChelseaGrinMan001 what songs on what sperates me from you were soft? I mean its complicated was its softest song and wasn't really that soft compared to it means  lot to you and you had me at hello andim already gone and songs like that 

  95. camden schneider

    Fanboyying <3

  96. Ivan Beltran

    awesome, just simply awesome.