Day, Alex - Sonic Doesn't Need A Story Lyrics

June 23rd 1991
Let loose, I knew you were born to run
Six zones, one boss, it was all I needed
Dashing, ring collecting, unimpeded

But now you're everything from half a werewolf to a race car driver
You've lost some weight and your eyes are greener than I recall
And as I understand there was a game where you became King Arthur
Bring back the days when playing Sonic was still cool

Keep your princesses cos
Sonic doesn't need a story
He runs fast and gets rings and loop-de-loops his way into your heart
Sega, learn from your mistakes
Now it's time to sit down and leave out the cutscenes
Cos we don't care anymore

We accepted Tails and Knuckles too
Flickies took some time but they were cute
Chaotix started to push my patience
Amy Rose was an abomination

His name could be Robotnik, but it could be Eggman, what's it matter
As long as he still has that flying egg machine
Don't let me play as him or tell me more about his dead grandfather
Just swing his marble ball and chain across the screen

Keep your Olympic games cos
Sonic doesn't need a story
He runs fast and gets rings and loop-de-loops his way into your heart
Sega, learn from your mistakes
Now it's time to sit down and leave out the cutscenes
Cos we don't care anymore

Don't want Silver
Don't want Dark Gaia
Don't want Rouge the bat
Don't want Blaze the cat
Don't want Shadow
Don't want Shadow
Don't want Shadow
Don't want Shadow

Hover skates are not the same as running at the speed of sound
Hover skates are not the same as running at the speed of sound

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Day, Alex Sonic Doesn't Need A Story Comments
  1. Ryan Ducey

    This song predicted the Sonic Movie and why it is going to be so bad.

  2. Dustin Westaby

    Don't want live action

  3. Smozie02

    They really made great levels in adventure 2, backstory and plots aside.

    I like that you can play as some of the villains but I hated that egg man and tails were always in a machine I wanted to swing a giant wrecking ball and fly with tails’ helicopter butt.

    I really do miss Sonic Shuffle too. It was a sonic version of Mario party and it was nice.

    I think they should really stick to making amazing levels and bosses.

    And stop doing Olympic Games and other randomly themed games

  4. GuyWithThePie

    >that 30 year old boomer who hasn't touched a sonic game since the 90s and goes on autistic rants whenever the words "sonic" and "story" are in the same sentence about "sonic being a blue hedgehog fighting a funny fat man" which automatically means it should never have a story of any kind just like mario, despite the fact that the classics (which he doesn't even like) actually did have a story of some sort but he doesn't actually know this because he hasn't played them in decades and only knows about sonic nowadays from unfunny dorkly parodies and the like


    Holy BASED

  5. fsdfds dssadas

    Who was the last character he doesn't want again?

  6. Pink Sena Vercetti

    Don't Want Amy Rose

  7. doctor 77320

    what yall don't get is sonic always had a story

  8. PrincessPandaTube

    The anthem of every Classic Sonic fan

  9. (according to james)

    it was never cool to play Sonic...hate to break it to ya.

    Lunaria Winter

    That's an opinion.

    Andrei Garcia

    (according to james) your parents went wrong somewhere

  10. Dan Romaine Meldrum

    Sonic was never King Arthur!


    He was...

  11. SideQuest

    This mentality doesn't really help sonic either. Sonic having a story isnt the real problem; it's Sega of Japan not making any rational decisions.

  12. WrensthavAviovus

    a whole minute dedicated to "dont want shadow"


    @WrensthavAviovus As it should be.

  13. Jay Klukowski

    REALLY DON'T WANT SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jay Klukowski

    amy rose was a abomanation

    SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Amy was actually made before Knuckles though.

  15. deadman 6151

    The best sonic game has a story (sonic adventure 2)

  16. CrimsonAnomaly

    3:28 does it say fuck you shadow?

  17. CM Co.

    I like how I can kinda hear people booing him when he says "Don't want Shadow"

  18. KolaCooler

    Dont want Shadow?! How dare you! XD

  19. DisingenuousJely

    I agree, Sonic has never NEEDED a story to be fun... but he has ALWAYS had one. Its just got more complicated than "Fat guy does a bad thing and blue rat-thingy runs fast/fixes it"

    (Also i actually dont mind the story/have actually enjoyed every sonic game to come out at least in some small way)


    sanic iz not rat m9 i hedgehugh

    James Bennett

    Rat thing? He's called Sonic The Hedgehog. The clue to what he is is in the fucking name.

  20. Clover64gaming

    Link needs one of these.

  21. Dark Storm

    At least he's not saying everything about the classics is perfect. But the things he doesn't like aren't the bad things. Just the characters, and, if you cut out anything that doesn't have gameplay, only one of them has any sort of personality. And I don't think she's that bad.

    Alex Day is either A: Being funny
    B: Being an ass
    C: Stating his honest opinion
    or a combination of the three.

    I vote for A and B.

  22. Briyanaism

    I love Sonic Heroes. My sisters and I always had hours long competitions.

  23. Ladi Omole

    Tomorrow is Sonic's 23rd birthday!

  24. orangecreme222

    Interesting song :)
    Also: I want silver :o makes me laugh! xD

  25. Spencer Dickinson

    I can't sing this song without smiling. :)

  26. AzuraAnimations

    (is about to shoot the computer screen) SHADOW. FREAKING. HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Micah Lacroix [EosMicah#2679]

    Don't want Shadow.


    tryin' to get on mah nerves eh?


    @MarissaTheHedgehog dont want shadow


    deal with opinions FC.


    @The Eleventh Doctor shhh....this was long time ago...

  27. DrChillin

    I think he hates Shadow

  28. TotallyLisaBackup

    It's like he's pretending to be a classic fanboy in this song.


    I think he is one.

  29. cgstarsscream

    ... Shadows fine but silver just needs a hug and his own game

  30. gabriella rivera

    Yes! Amy Rose was horrible when she first was introduced!

  31. josh long

    i agree with this vid

  32. Noah Hall

    He doesn't want shadow.

  33. TheGreenStreak452

    Sonic, Tails, and knuckles.

  34. TheGreenStreak452

    That's why SEGA is keeping the stories short and simple. And leaving only Donic

  35. chubbygangclang

    wot do u have against shadow

  36. Alexander Cox

    that's not very nice

  37. EmilyTheThompson

    I love shadow

  38. SweatsMusic&Netflix _

    Hey,Shadow's my favorite.

  39. WatashiWaOtaku

    XD Yeah, he uses them all the time for cleaning up. Saves Maria a lot of time...

  40. WatashiWaOtaku

    Tails and Knuckles- Awesome. The games needed something more.
    Flickies- Meh. They were a bit of a waste of time.
    Chaotix- *facepalm*
    Amy Rose- I don't like her, but she added quite a something to the line.
    Shadow- I did not like him. I found no place for him at all, no gaps that he filled, just a bit more useless space.
    Rouge and Blaze: What was the point of them, again?
    Silver: I don't understand...

  41. WatashiWaOtaku

    Err... no.

  42. Ladi Omole

    You shadow hater. Hey haters got to hate, am I right?

  43. Callum Smith

    Sonic rules

  44. Vilu Vector

    I want Chaotix... x143

  45. Ricort Nicolas

    I'm used to all these characters with all the fans-arts that I've saw so I love everybody :D otherwise cool song!

  46. Ben

    Ah you're right, that's my mistake :)

  47. Waffle Warrior

    omg you're right! xD I never noticed!!

  48. PlainIguana

    At 3:25 or so you can hear him screaming obscenities at Shadow faintly in the background....

  49. xxChox

    I want Shadow
    I want Shadow
    I want Shadow
    ... :D

  50. xxChox

    cool song
    but I don't understand what's so bad about shadow?
    I love him :'(

  51. PlainIguana

    I sort of agree with his unpopular opinion on Shadow...

  52. Ben

    Amy Rose was in Sonic CD, which was made before Sonic 2 and Tails.. >_>

  53. zaeed janujara

    And I mean ALOT

  54. zaeed janujara

    The creator of this song seems to dislike shadow..

  55. kingsupershadow1

    WHHHYYYYY!?!?!?!? I wuv Shadow!

  56. ChiroJiart

    I...i want silver...

  57. Riku Amador

    Nope, it's Dark Gaia.

  58. chrystalbeast96

    Is this Retro's anthum yet?

  59. itzsmashley

    It feels weird to repeatedly listen to a song where i disagree with a big percentage of the lyrics. so catchy though!

  60. Kagura95

    Love the song but I really do like shadow so I almost cried. xD But all the same love it!

  61. Nimrod the Great

    Technically there has always been a story just it was in the manuel

  62. wht ever

    I love shadow but u agree with the rest:)

  63. wht ever

    I like sonic knuckles tails and shadowwww

  64. Nommy Richards

    the only bad point for me about this song is that you dont want shadow cos shadow is my fave character! but i get what you mean about the othe characters...

  65. A Bear with a Camera

    I want Shadow. x28

  66. chase johnson

    sliver is actually a cool character with a lot of potential to be work on but Sega made him a winy annoying confuse useless little bitch who believes anybody as u see in sonic 06

  67. chase johnson

    shadow can run alot faster without his Hoover shoes but he needs them to maintain speed n friction

  68. Viceroy

    I didn't mind line up up to 06. Silver and blaze and all those weird characters with shoddy back stories, it just kills it for me. Shadow's alright, but his game was god awful.

  69. Viceroy

    Has anyone else ever thought it might be cool if they made a game based of the old Sonic cartoon? The one where Robotnik was turning animals into robots and taking over the world? I'd play it.

  70. -98Gamingstar-

    excuse me HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT SHADOW?????????
    thats what the lyrics should have been at that bit

  71. Articuno

    Shadow is cool.

  72. Ricardo Xavier

    Shadow's cool. the rest is right

  73. CyanWolfProductions

    And the one on the wii, 360, and ps3

  74. CyanWolfProductions

    Ive have played the classics but the frist one I played was sonic adventure 2 battle on the gamecube I am not saying that the old ones suck but ive played them on complaitons pack on gamecube I never owned a sega genisis or game gear the frist games I owned were sonic adventure 2 battle and sonic mega collection but sonic 06 is my least faverate sonic game and adventure 2 is my favorate game I encorge them to play the classic from the genisis and game gear

  75. CyanWolfProductions

    This guy is fucking stupid I like shadow, amy, blaze, silver, rouge and other and the cutsences make games like adventure 1 & 2 , Heroes, Shadow the hedgehog, maybe 06, Unleashed, Colors(Colours), and Generations great I have tons of vaild citacims about shadow the hedgehog and 06 but at least I don't piss off alot of people about saying shadow is alful but ive played the classic but I also like the new ones as well this guy can go to hell

  76. NachozRuleCP

    I think that most of the Sonic characters have been a good addition. I mean, sure Big and Charmy are annoying, but characters like Amy, Shadow, and Rouge are awesome. The games slipped a little bit in overall quality for a few years (though I think Colors and Generations brought that back), but new characters weren't responsible for that. Also, I think the stories & cutscenes in the Adventure games were really cool. It made playing Sonic feel epic. And if you don't like them, you can skip them.

  77. momopeach32

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is like, my favorite. Sooorry.
    So addicted to the song "City Escape." I like the evolution of the series, myself. Some of the games are irritating, but not all of them.

  78. epiccarrot88

    What is wrong with this guy: he doesn't say anything about Big the Cat, Storm the Albatross, Omachao or Chris and says he could stand Charmy Bee meanwhile he can't stand Blaze, Shadow, Silver and Rouge?

  79. Schyler Robinson


  80. Corrin Naylor

    I LOVE this song, I'm a Sonic Fanatic [not to the point where I'm fangirl squeely, bleh], and I Love PRACTICALLY EVERYONE IN THE SONIC SERIES!!! But Honestly, I think I KNOW that this song is about that Sonic is THE BEST, and at the same time fans are Bitching about how SEGA has changed The Sonic Series over the years.
    Just stick with the facts! Silver need more attention, fangirls ADORE Shadow, and it was only one game, ONE GAME S

  81. iwilldraw2234

    yeah srry big classic sonic fan lol

  82. Alex Blount

    well that escalated quickly...

  83. iwilldraw2234

    whoever likes shadow should die sonic 2 was the shit

  84. iwilldraw2234


  85. smartcoco

    Fuck u Alex Day

  86. Gideon Winter


  87. EmmettOD

    Shadow is just emo Sonic

  88. Abstract Thoughts

    OK, here's the deal, Shadow's awesome, so is Rouge, Blaze, Amy and the rest of the awesomness that this dick says he doesn't want.

  89. Lord Wipf

    Long live Alex day!!!!

  90. MaybeItsBrandonMabe

    I assume you received permission from Alex, an independent artist, to do this....

  91. Danielsmithishot

    y people like fucking emo sonic i mean shadow

  92. Alex Blount

    i know right? Shadow is my favourite character from the series

  93. kayleigh heath

    This song was brilliant until he said he didn't want shadow >:(

  94. Daniellephant

    I want Shadow and Rouge. Everyone else they could leave out

  95. CHIPS

    That's what I want to say!

  96. epiccarrot88

    HE'S COMPLAINING SONIC HAS GREEN EYES! (explodes into anger)

  97. Memento Mori

    everyone does realize this isn't alex day's account, right?

  98. Brenda Esther

    Hahahahha Ikr! xD