Day, Alex - I Hate Mario Kart Wii Lyrics

I feel so confident right now
As my friends all ask me how
They throw an item or utilize the drift
My character of choice is Yoshi
He's good off-road but mostly
I play him 'cause he's cute, I'll admit

The race starts... and I stalled!
I stalled the car again
I held "A" down a bit too early
And all my mates are laughing
As they drive right past me
And at this point I remember why I hate Mario Kart Wii

And now I'm stuck in 12th place
I'm gonna lose this race
Trailing in Donkey Kong's tyre tracks
So I get a power-up
I don't expect too much
But oh my god, Bullet Bill – now I'm back!

In first place in no time
And my mates can't see why
Nintendo would make a game that's so unfair
They're feeling pretty angry
But I'm just princess peachy
I'm winning, so I don't really care

But someone gets a blue shell!
And I crash
The kart flips over again
Why don't they put a wall there!?
Nothing I could do but watch it roll into the sea
And at this point I remember why I hate Mario Kart Wii

I'm still in the lead
But they're catching up to me
I'll get a power-up and I'll be fine
Another banana skin
Upside-down boxes wearing thin
I think I had more fun when I was behind

This is the only game I've played
Where winning just feels lame
And losing is where all the fun takes place
And there are no red shells for me
All I have is apathy
For this never-ending, three-lap funless race

Race ends – and I'm SECOND?!
I lost the race again
How did he get invincibility?
Fucking Waluigi stole my victory
And at this point I remember why I hate Mario Kart Wii

And everybody sings:
Do do do, do do do-do do
Do do do, do do do-do do
Do do do, do do do-do do
Do do do, do
Do do do, do do do-do do
Do do do, do do do-do do
Do do do, do do do-do do
Do do do, do

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Day, Alex I Hate Mario Kart Wii Comments

    watch do the mario

  2. Garrett Pode


  3. Ultra_Pear

    The raw emotion in this song still draws a tear to my eye...

    Just knowing that he is dealing with such horrible things, but they seem trivial from everyone else's perspective within the race. Everyone can relate to all of these horrible, horrible situations.

  4. B H

    I hate second place out of all the positions I can get in this game. As Dale Earnhardt says: "Second place is THE FIRST LOSER."

  5. Alejandro Juarez21

    He hates his life

  6. Rubydaplayer

    Fuckin Waluigi man

  7. lonely whale

    git good

  8. scootachan

    And the day mario kart 8 delux comes out, this song is once again my life

  9. Eddy The Dyna-Goose

    This Song can still apply for Mario Kart 8...

    Sonic XD

    Edward Uh... No the fuck it can't.

    Just Mario Kart Wii.

  10. darkkrow1

    Is there An instrumental?

  11. chelsea

    why does he hate fun

    xHematite Gemx

    +problmdog ikr!!! his doctor who songs are good but everything else is just complaining about how everything isnt the fucking same


    +Hematite Gem The Pokémon one, at least, is supposed to be a parody making fun of "genwunners."

    Adam Kimm

    The only songs I remember him making where he complains, are from this album, 3 songs. He's made way more songs that that. Ignoring chameleon circuit.

    Sonic XD

    chelsea He did not say he hates fun, DF.

  12. HipsterWinchesters

    I know Alex and Charlie are friends with Dan and Phil, I just can't listen to this song without picturing them all playing together.


    @HipsterWinchesters Alex and Charlie aren't friends anymore, and Dan has taken down his collab with Alex so you're dead wrong. Sorry.

  13. KolaCooler

    I honestly love Mario Kart Wii so much, but this song sounds really good

    Sonic XD

    KolaCooler This song sound good because we can all relate to it.

  14. Clover64gaming

    This is my explanation for hating it.

    Sonic XD

    Clover64gaming FINALLY!!!

    I knew I wasn't alone

  15. Migisaur

    kinda remided me of pom poms XD

  16. AjAndJohnCenaHadSex

    The worst mario kart game ever, c'mon bikes??


    shut  up if you dont like it then why are you here?

    Adam Kimm

    someone that dislikes mario kart wii listening to a song called "I hate mario kart wii"? What a shock!!!

  17. micuko vicious

    God, I love this song. :3

  18. Michael Kintobor

    That's weird, I hate Mario Kart Wii too!

  19. Timmytimmy123123

    2:31 Dwarf Fortress?

  20. Fae

    So shut up Kirsten

  21. Fae

    I just explained how mArio kart wii is better than 64

  22. Fae

    Good song though

  23. Fae

    Someone in the comments said I think mario kart 64 is better and now I am going to reply just how is that better mario kart wii you actually get 8 cups first of all second can your precious little mario kart 64 pepole ride bikes plus mario kart wii has much better graphics and more courses and people Than MARIO KART 64 so go jump of a cliff and get your facts straight two more things better online and controls and you can play as your own mii in Mario Kart Wii too


    i completly forgot about this and to be honest i don`t care


    Panic I agree with you but you know...there's a reply box just underneath the comment use it next time?


    Panic I agree with you but you know...there's a reply box just underneath the comment use it next time?

    Sonic XD

    TheBrandonMaster2 Thanks, Bro.

    We don't need ignorant DFs like him.

    Sonic XD

    MonoSoul Well, Mario Kart 64 wasn't frustrating like this POS Mario Kart Wii.

  24. Kirsten Newell

    Mario Kart 64 is so much better

  25. Abzu

    I think you mean,

  26. Aetna Gallagher


  27. Colin MacDonald

    3:17 - If my friends started doing that after I lost a race, I'd be pretty pissed

  28. Sophia

    This was amazing at VidCon 2010

  29. Scorpigamer

    waluigi stole your victory? sounds familiar, oh yeah, BIRDO HIT ME WITH A LAST SECOND BLUE SHELL, THREW ME OFF A CLIFF, AND I GOT LAST PLACE.

  30. Cheesus Christ

    If you took out the references to mario kart wee, this would be a tripy ass song

  31. Meraikhi

    I think you mean,


  32. Dan

    S**t just got serious

  33. Dan

    am i the only one who adds additional swearing when listening to this

  34. Dan

    *just* princess peachy

  35. FrenchToast

    I remember mario party 1

  36. Johanne Hansen

    I scream that part every time xD

  37. LemonMigration

    Ending a sentence with a preposition is something with which I shall not put.

  38. MrPandaSan

    Waluigi is a little bitch

  39. WhiteValerus

    All he did was get 1 letter wrong good god calm down.

  40. redtutel

    Yup. And the same goes to me too.

  41. ishacheshi

    Someone's full of themselves. Ever heard of a typo?

  42. Aleah Glory

    I always stall my car!!! It's so annoying

  43. benoah7

    FINALLY! Someone knows correct grammar.

  44. Jacob Golden

    Quotation marks fail... If you are going to insult a person for his/her grammar, please do it correctly. For future reference use a single quotation mark inside of a double quotation. For instance if I quote Bill Whittle saying, "I am reminded of what my father said, 'Son, look close, that's the future,' it always strikes a chord in me," I would need to use both single and double quotations. You're welcome.

  45. Rockman Trigger

    Mario Kart Wii sucks balls. Play the other entries in the series; they're far better and don't feel nearly as unfair.

  46. jpta162

    That's why I play online even though there is rarely small lag and you have to wait between races.

  47. jpta162

    Mario Kart 64 is only good for nostalgia, music and track design. The controls are not very great and controls make Mario Kart what it is and when you use a mushroom in that game the AI speeds up so it actually slows you down. I can get 1st in 64, but it's very difficult. I only played super circuit twice and I loved DS, but I never played the SNES

  48. jpta162

    I personally love Mario Kart Wii. It's my second favorite game to Double Dash. The AI is shit though and the controls suck unless you use the GameCube controller in MKW. What I learned is Super Pro players say the AI is too easy. Average players think it's okay above average players hate it because of rubberbanding. Semi-bad players have a decent time with it and terrible players suck. Online makes it awesome if the players are not much better or worse than you. MK7 is the worst.

  49. purplejellytotPJT

    Let's all just clear this up by starting over :)

    I love the line "they're feeling pretty angry, but I'm Princess Peachy". Pure genius.

  50. kevin steel

    fuckin waluigi....

  51. Katherine Ellen Colvine

    That link is evil!

  52. Needscreen

    agreed I hate it to

  53. MegaAdmiralAckbar

    As much as I love Mario Kart Wii, this song makes some good points.

  54. no name

    It would have been a lot more entertaining If he put 'waste of fucking money' at the end :)

  55. YoshiIsAwesome4327

    MKart 64 wat the best

  56. Khloe

    So I heard YouTube is an international community and not everybody speaks English as their first language. What's your opinion?

  57. Fergal Hanna

    Oh the irony. "What is a "prinsess" is."

  58. Ella

    applesauce :)

  59. Srishti

    But mostly because I think he is cute XD Alex roxxxxx

  60. Havorath's Radio Trip

    Wtf marionetemanj

  61. StevePelcz



  62. EJwhiskers

    *applause* xD

  63. bexie1989

    I played Mario Kart Wii for the first time in ages the other day.

    And if it wasn't blue shells, it was red ones, or lightning, or POW blocks, over and over... on 50cc.

    And at that point I remembered why I hate Mario Kart Wii.

  64. Kitty Carnage

    I think YOU mean,
    "I'm sorry, I don't understand what a "prinsess" is. Do you mean "princess"? Is that a new word I have never heard of, or are you just an idiot?"
    You're welcome.

  65. Katie de Haan

    Sophie!!! Gosh oh gosh o gosh! Imma miss you so muchos! haha wed better continue this throughout uni! kay?
    And at this point I remember why I hate saying goodbye :(
    but Im just princess peachy, when I tell you Im coming home November 9.... :) hahaha
    talk to you soooooooooon! espsecially when I get skype and such

  66. Channy Van

    eh you never know!

  67. Noah Topper

    They don't seem like the people that would ask how to throw an item though...

  68. Noah Topper

    You use bad grammar when correcting people about their grammar.

  69. bieberstylinson

    This song describes me perfectly. .__.

  70. crazy4sugar13

    the funny thing is i was playing mario kart wii today with meh little cousin and fucking waluigi stole meh victory and i immediately thought of this song! XD

  71. Imogen Wright

    i love yoshi :D he is so cute!

  72. Channy Van

    Your mates huh? Charlie? Tom? Edd?

  73. iPeace460

    omfg I'm laughing so hard THIS SONG IS SO FUNNY LOOOOOL DGODIFG

  74. nack287

    What's that supposed to mean?

  75. TrainerPlatinum

    It just sounds to me like he hates Mario Kart Wii because he sucks at it...

  76. Jace Alexander

    am i the only one who loves luigi not mario? yeah, oh ok.

  77. JayJerseyMist

    I'm already loving this guy XD maybe sega should let him do a theme song for a game XD

  78. Mary Celine

    I love this song because it speaks all the reasons why I hate this game...

  79. BowTies28

    That's why we have mario kart double dash, to chose both of them.

  80. Ren

    Isn't that why we all pick Toad? :D

  81. Hadley Rhae Parum; Kveylet

    Come on Alex, a never-ending /three-lap/ race? Really? As much as I love you, I can't let that go.

  82. Sarah Bonham

    Oh my god. "I'm just Princess Peachy." Alex, I love you.

  83. LeonaJessica123

    I did just understand the half of the song, because my brother plays Mario Kart Wii... really. F**k U Mario Kart!

  84. Elliot Taylor

    is it not, fucking waluigi stole my victory?

  85. Keelan Pearman

    37 people liked this upside down

  86. George Armstrong

    2:49 onwards sounds like the base music for Written in the Stars by Tinie Temper

  87. samlowlow

    I love the way he says Mario (:

  88. Katie de Haan

    lol lol :)

  89. R1chR0ck37

    my character of choice is the cervix, its good off road but mostly i play it cause it has estrogen , ill admit.

    i cant believe i just wrote that

  90. Katie de Haan


  91. Katie de Haan

    I feel so confident right now, as I learn about the reproductive system
    the test starts and I forget everything, and at this point I remember I hate bio-o-ol-gy

  92. R1chR0ck37

    katie come back here

  93. Kinson Carlin

    No he didn't.

  94. isinBohemianRhapsody

    Mario Kart is just an excuse for me and my cousins to swear at each other. An effective excuse, to be sure, but still.

  95. itsanoutsidejoke

    117% complete get it lol

  96. Crowley

    me :D he's so cute :D i love toad to!

  97. Crowley

    i always stall at the begining! and always come last :D

  98. tobitobide

    Play MK64.