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Ayee if no ones told you this today, I'ma tell ya!
You worth it!
It's Dax

You worth it, perfect, see through the surface
A king or a queen be supreme is your purpose I'm certain!
Huh, a don will be formed if you working, the pain is a burden
I'm preaching a service
Let me bring you back
And they gon' tell you this, and they gon' tell you that
That you need to be rich, and you need to be black, huh
Better play a sport and if you can't you better rap
But baby that's trash, fuck Social media
Fuck a blue check and a page on Wikipedia
I been disappointed 'cause society been teaching ya
To idolize these people, fuck 'em they ain't even feeding ya
Man what about the janitors? What about the doctors?
Single moms working two jobs for they daughters?
What about the garbage men and niggas on the bus?
They be fueling our society, but they ain't paid enough
Man I'm fucking fed up with this shit, so I had to come and speak Took a dark ass topic, put it on a happy beat
I know it's different not the average way you probably wanna listen
That's the reason why it's gonna make a difference, huh

You worth it, worth it (so worth it)
So ya perfect, perfect, yeah (so perfect)
You worth it, worth it (so worth it)
So damn perfect, perfect, yeah (so perfect)

Yo, sometimes we don't need the school system to help us (that right)
And we don't need to follow the rules like everyone else does (what)
They boxing us in, we should be aiming to breakthrough (yeah)
Be yourself, let your imagination create you
Don't ever feel constricted, and don't ever conform
They'll step, or get charmed, disable it and sever your arm
I'm writing heaven this palm, and I'm asking for more angels (please)
To be my guardian so the savages won't break through (right)
Don't be scared of taking a leap, it's okay to (yup)
They always gon' doubt when you're doing shit that they can't do (for real)
They ain't gonna understand all the shit that you been through (nope)
Open up your eyes and see all potential that's in you (come on)
You can be a lot more than what you've been (yeah)
Step up out of your comfort zone, and make some more new friends
And you may need to cut them off, because they're loose ends (true shit)
Don't ever be all talk, just prove it, go do shit

You worth it, worth it
So ya perfect, perfect, yeah
You worth it, worth it
So damn perfect, perfect, yeah
You worth it, worth it (so worth it)
So ya perfect, perfect, yeah (so perfect)
You worth it, worth it (so worth it)
So damn perfect, perfect, yeah (so perfect)

Let's make it happen, everybody take my hand
Black, white, gay, bi, boy, girl, every man
Put the hatred to side, yeah it's time to take a stand
What you worth is what you give, not what you got in terms of bands

Look! We gon' say fuck 'em if they don't understand
Just let your middle finger linger as you holding ya hands
Some see they hoping to brand, just to keep us in their control
Follow your heart and do what's in your soul
Just know that you worth it

So worth it, yeah
So perfect
So worth it, yeah
So perfect

You worth it, worth it
So ya perfect, perfect, yeah
You worth it, worth it
So damn perfect, perfect, yeah
You worth it, worth it (so worth it)
So ya perfect, perfect, yeah (so perfect)
You worth it, worth it (so worth it)
So damn perfect, perfect, yeah (so perfect)

And don't you ever forget it!
And if they tell you otherwise, you know what you tell them?
You say "fuck you"
Haha, it's Dax

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Dax YourWorthIt.org Comments
  1. Pwofessa

    *prostitute spidey senses not working*

  2. Aga

    This made me cringe so hard

  3. Tatiana Collins

    This got me through my worst times 😭

  4. Nomaan NABIZADA

    When dads dies dear god and this song will blow up and yeh the second 2Pac 🙏

  5. Raspberry Juice Entertainment

    Dude theres no way theyre dumb enough to not know the your is not right that has to be intentional

  6. BlinKraken


  7. Casey Mclerie

    For real tho.. everyones perfect in their own god damn way.. Don't listen to what socialism thinks you should be, just be YOU!!!

  8. skillgamer19 Marques


  9. WAKE UP!

    Well, I see that there are people that Black Men support. There is one thing I did notice about this video; Black Women are not shown in this video for more than 1 second. At least the racist "White Man" will show a Black Women on screen for 3-seconds or more. See, I am an Editor, so I notice the message that the Artist/Producer is sending.


    The vast majority of their fans are white so that's who they market to. It's not that deep, just monetary.

  10. Sam David

    What a record keep hit them out the park troops.. hop n dax are nice !!! To me its Like eminem and Royce da 59 or meny other duo killing it .... bad meets evil kinda shit a would love this with dax n hop to do at least one project together .. see them bite 2pac style hear they do guy topic and struggle justice !!! @Dax

  11. Pencellar Ghettofameffect

    I love the beat more

  12. David Scalf Fishing

    2019 here. Well it's at the end

  13. SpongeBob Squarepants

    I’m pretty late but my both fav rappers are making a song together.Dream come true

  14. Amy Stillwell

    3.3K dislikes. People are haters. Only explanation. The message delivered alone is dope. Put Dax and Hopsin on a track and there should be ZERO DISLIKES.

  15. J G

    so fucking bad

  16. boseok choi

    Fuck dax

  17. Jamal antonio

    Dam dax you really inspirational thank you for all of your work and to see hopsin on the super positive level dam has one of my favorite artists as well dam I have the chills right now! Thank you so much your too dope!

    Cameron Shamble

    Jamal antonio he fake

  18. Butters

    class song, would love to see dax feat Hopsin Jon connor and Joey badass

  19. MafiAa ft Manoz


  20. Tasenova

    hey everybody yourthany worthtano here

  21. danyelle allen


  22. Rose Petals

    Before I watched this, if someone would have said that to me, I would have laughed and said, "Yeah I wish"

    After watching this I just...Idk, It feels different, this made me cry. I don't cry. I don't. I still don't feel like I'm worth anything but now I feel like that can change a little bit I guess.


    You're definitely worth it, man.

  23. Troy Bolton

    What about my worth it

  24. NoCapEli

    Ay yo

    This is not good stuff

  25. Corey Johnston

    Court of owls much?

  26. karn rose

    Hey dax my name is karn I listen to your music and also NF I love what youre movement is doing and I was hoping you and NF could do a colab because you to have the same sort of rapping style which has help kids across the globe and it would mean a lot to me and thousands of fans if you could try and do it

  27. Westen Diltz

    Been following your guy's work for a few years now, you're worth it too

  28. Random JG

    2:46 aldosworld?

  29. Jordan Risky

    Anybody here just for Hopsin. You know, the REAL talent

  30. Dorcas Ephraim

    Your songs are so full of inspiration

  31. Flamingpiano

    here you dropped this:


  32. Josiah Gomes

    Perfect you better know your worth it who ever you be real song

  33. mr. highclass

    This song still legendary❤🙏

  34. Skarl Does stuff

    What about my worth it?

  35. Angel Romero

    Just heard it and already have it on repeat.

  36. J Cub

    yOuR wOrTh iT

    Love the song tho honestly 😂

  37. Dyce Slym

    Dax never disappoints🔥🔥🔥 I'm so in loge witg dis hit

  38. Daniel Deutsch

    Dope song

  39. DerpyKiz

    that's the uhh... that's the wrong you're.

  40. slickblad3runn3r _13

    1:01 is where the song starts your welcome 🤗

  41. Datech203

    Jabbawokeez :v

  42. COOL23 MJ


  43. emperor -vic

    Yes buddy, we worth it , ride on buddy

  44. Lulu Dahliah

    I'm getting some afropop vibes. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  45. Robert East

    Dude. I really enjoy this version of Dax. This is that Tupac vibe music. Keep being great my dude.

  46. KKG

    I made a way better song on my channel
    Subscribe= ++Money
    Like= +Money
    Ignore= -Money

  47. Jason Dunbar

    Bad ass!

  48. adreamproductionpwii

    First time hearing this. Absolutely love this.

  49. Robert K

    Dear God this is terrible

  50. Chizzy Riches

    Dax is going to take over the world soon because he is real. Anyone support me?

  51. Faithleap

    Talk all the crap you want about how this is cringey, but this is honestly pretty legit. People don't like hearing things they're afraid of deep down.

  52. Braxton Cooley

    This songs needs more love ❤

  53. Michael Sheftz

    No dis to the song cuz it was fire, but that first chick was bad

  54. Ashley Johnson

    Made me shed tears. Its a beautiful step n im proud!

  55. die ligt

    this shits ass

  56. stalin Guevara

    Cringe af

  57. Andrew Ibona

    Man, this is worth it to all who underestimate their lives

  58. Ethan Timberman

    My fifty year old man said this gave him chills lol 😂 love the beat

  59. FreddieO

    No one saying how he spelled "you're" wrong ahha


    So what you wish u could rap like him still 😂


    Shxrk3 grow up dax ain’t even that good


    No 1 saying nothing about how we are speaking a language thats not ours

    Fade Harley

    Shxrk3y Dax is garbage

    MexicanMamba 1

    Rohit he’s worth it though. And he’s pretty good

  60. Trey Wellf

    i really liked Hopsin bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Matthew Watson

    Thank you this song really helped me change the person i was thank you so much !!

  62. Musically

    this song is fire
    so now I'm confused
    why are there so many dislikes?

    Liam Laidler Laidler

    Musically ' negative people that hate anything with a positive message

  63. Sacred •

    hate to say it but....... you're*

  64. XxXDarkWolfxXx

    this is a real rapper.

  65. The Lonely Vegan

    2 Legends

  66. Big Dog

    U inspired me bro

  67. Fouad El Guebeily


  68. Delia Lazaroiu

    You are such a power! Truly inspiring

  69. Chris Salgado


  70. the cringe masters

    Finally something modivational

  71. Michael Roberge

    Sometimes it's easier said than done but I don't feel like I'm worth it

  72. cookiethe lord

    Is that Dax, and a shirt?
    Oop. Its open, but I guess thats a improvement.

    Yetty Anonymous


  73. ShareSkillsAndKnowledge

    Shit!!!Both of my favourite rappers are damn killing it, damn!!!!!

  74. R3KT LazyPlayz

    The very first game who pulled his mask up is a youtube i used 2 watch him

  75. maxbaba1000

    And here comes the REINCARNATION of Tupac....Damn I am HOOKED

  76. Abayomi Mighty

    DAX!!!!!!!!!! You will REIGN in the world of RAP and will never ever be forgotten... May CHRIST Gene in you PUSH you to Greater Heights!!!!! Heaven First!!!!! Before anything! And I believe so much in the Rap Movement you are starting... We are meeting soon BRO!!!!! @abayomimighty

  77. Mason Medina

    Dax and hopsin do drop some bangers

  78. Isaac Cea


  79. Dizzo Dazz

    That is amazing dax

  80. game time

    Thanks dax

  81. Sihaam Lawrence

    Man you make my day🔥

  82. ChoklitThunda06

    Did I see penny wise

  83. Padima Tshepo

    Greatest feature 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Hopsin and Dax

  84. Jamesxdenzo

    Keep going Dax!
    Already listening your music sinds 2year!
    you getting better and better!

  85. Ohrank


  86. Lynn Eddy

    Been listening to Dax's songs and damn this guy is on fire. ❤ Just became my number one artist in a day🔥🔥

  87. Nicky Van haas

    This is amazing

  88. Dumisani Baleni

    Some how I find myself back in tjis song each and every week, I don't know why ???

    It's HAX

  89. Sethu Mashele

    i c u letn them follow you now , the people as they removed their white masks is it relation to that some of us black man live lyk white people an we should remove their faces an stay real love black be black an lastly theyll follow the new white boys in black #thatsdax #watchingthecomeup #sethu_p_mash

  90. Asad Ullah

    Dax is clearly the best in this business!! He raps for the people going against the grain 👊🏾🔥🔥.. hopsin on the same page 2

  91. satangod

    today teacher just told me that i will be nothing with these grades, thank god for this song 🙏YourWorthIt.org

  92. GEEZY G

    Who is here after Dear God

    Stephen Jennings

    C'est moi

  93. inokiv Zhimo

    Thanks Dax 4 making this I hope so we will meet 1 day


    I love dis song

  95. Tumelo Mxolisi

    damn ........

  96. Morgan Dabbs

    Powerful message forsure. I dig it🔥

  97. Jayson Hixx

    Man no way dude I knew it I just watched your worth r light on I say hop I believe is anothe fellow lightworker himself wonder if he knows it or not?

  98. Dax

    Write “YourWorthIt.org” on all your bills! Visit the website and Join the challenge: http://yourworthit.org/

    Love you guys! Share this everywhere and with everyone you know! Go stream on Apple Music and Spotify too!

    Victor Ramirez

    Dax = musical revolution
    Dax, like if you hear me !!!!!!! Been following since day numero uno ( 1 )

    liam cape

    Your lyrics your flow everything absolutely phenomenal I had a list before you
    Eminem pac biggie big l hopsin
    Now your up there too let's see a song with you and em now
    Imma make sure everyone hears this shit😍


    Dax my name is Antonio Sanchez and I'm a Puerto Rican who wants to run for president and I would like to know if you would like to help push my movement #AntonioSanchez2020


    Wow 🔥💖🔥💖🔥thank you for this!🙏🏽💖🙌🏽

    Dyce Slym

    Beat combination ever. Dax and Hopsin🔥🔥🔥 Legends in the making👏👏👏